We help purpose-driven churches grow and amplify their impact on the world.

Our platforms, solutions and services help you spend more time elevating the benefits you deliver to your community members and employees.

A 40-year history of empowering churches, parishes, nonprofit and private sector companies to build healthy, safe and efficient organizations.

  • 90K+Customers
  • $6.5BGiving managed annually
  • 42KWebsites built for clients
  • 1.7MBackground checks performed each year

Who We Are

Ministry Brands helps nearly 90,000 purpose-driven organizations grow and increase their impact on the world.

We provide community and organizational leaders with integrated solutions covering people and donor management, digital giving, websites, communications, media, event planning, employee and volunteer background screenings, and more.

Together, our nearly 700 associates help clients transform how they operate and create positive ripple effects that drive the real human impact for which we all strive.


Software Solutions for Churches

  • Churches

    The only end-to-end solution dedicated to empowering the pillars of healthy churches: Community and Discipleship, Communication and Engagement, Staff and Volunteer Effectiveness, Financial Stewardship, and Safety.

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  • Parishes/Dioceses

    Purpose-built for Catholic organizations by Catholics, empowering parishes and dioceses to expand their ministries through an integrated suite of software solutions. More than 9,000 parishes and 185 arch/dioceses trust ParishSOFT to help them improve communication with their parishioners and put time back on their side.

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  • Nonprofit

    Make meaningful connections with your donors and build relationships that last. We designed our CRM and donor management tools for nonprofit ministries, so they're tailored for your organization right out of the box.

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  • Safety

    The leading church background screening CRA in the industry. Serving 35,000 ministries in all 50 states, we know how to keep churches safe. With solutions tailored to met the unique needs of churches, let us give you peace of mind..

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Recent News

e360 Giving

e360 Giving simplifies donations for churches.


Enhancing church giving through simplified digital solutions.


Total church management tailored to community needs.


Advanced church website management systems.

Fellowship One

Comprehensive church management software solutions.


Build beautiful and functional church websites effortlessly.

Catholic Church Challenges

Addressing challenges and taboos within modern religious practices.

Church Fundraising

Innovative fundraising solutions for church projects and activities.

Church Management

Effective management tools for modern churches.

Church Denominations

Exploring the diverse branches within the Christian faith.

Church Membership

Tools and strategies to grow and manage church membership.

Purchase Management

Streamlining procurement processes for church resources.

Church Media

Effective media solutions for engaging church communities.

Church Youth

Programs and activities designed to engage the younger generation.

Church Inventory

Inventory management systems tailored for church needs.

Church Administration

Training and resources for effective church administration.

Church Social Media

Strategies to enhance church presence on social media platforms.

Church Membership Growth

Growth strategies to expand church membership effectively.

Church Finding

Guidance for finding the right church community.

Church Pastoral Care

Support and counseling services for church leaders and members.