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Empower Your Headquarters. Amplify Your Mission.

Integrated Solutions for Financial, Donor, and Membership Management Tailored for Your Denominational Headquarter

Amplify+ HQ is designed to streamline financial management, enhance donor relationships, and simplify membership oversight. Leveraging ShelbySystems' over 40 years of expertise in church management solutions, Amplify+ HQ offers a robust platform that integrates critical functions into a seamless experience, empowering you to focus more on your mission and less on administration.


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Amplify+ HQ Donor

Designed for intricate donor management needs, Amplify+ HQ Donor module simplifies the complexities of tracking and managing donations across multi-tiered organizational structures. Seamlessly integrating with HQ Financials, HQ Donor offers precise tracking and reporting to ensure financial integrity and enhance donor relations.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Sub-Donor Tracking: Manage donor accounts with precision across different organizational levels.
  • Customizable Gift Entry: Tailor the system to fit your unique fundraising efforts and donor management processes.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Detailed views of donations ensure transparency and facilitate strategic planning.
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Amplify+ HQ Arena

Amplify+ HQ Arena brings together all aspects of church management into one platform. From detailed membership databases to sophisticated reporting tools, HQ Arena is designed to manage memberships, facilitate mission trip organization, and improve overall church administration efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Integrated Mission Trip Management: Track and schedule participants efficiently, enhancing the organization and impact of your missions.
  • Superior Reporting Tools: Leverage detailed reports for better strategic decision-making and operational oversight.
  • Simplified Membership Management: Centralize member profiles to enhance engagement and maintain up-to-date information
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Amplify+ HQ Financials

Amplify+ HQ Financials provides an unparalleled financial management experience specifically designed for the complexities of denominational headquarters. Offering customizable financial controls, integrated purchasing management, and comprehensive tools for handling payroll, accounts payable and receivable, and general ledger operations.

Key Features:

  • Integrated Purchasing Management: Tailored for hierarchical religious organizations to enhance control and efficiency.
  • Customizable Approval Paths: Ensure compliance and streamline financial processes across your organization.
  • Robust Financial Reporting: Gain strategic insights with detailed financial reports that support decision-making and compliance
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End-to-end solutions empowering your ministry, mission, & members

Introducing Ministry Brands Amplify +

A Smarter Way to Empower and Amplify Healthy Churches.

All the solutions, services, and insights churches need to go beyond their walls and Sundays — empowering their Ministry, Mission, and Members to help amplify the greatest story.

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A Smarter Way to Understand & Engage with Your Members.

Get the impactful insights and automation that empower you to go beyond "engagement" and truly understand your members, guiding them along their faith journey, and helping amplify the greatest story ever told.



A Proven Giving Solution that Amplifies Generosity

Ministry Brands Amplify Giving helps drive over $6.4 billion in annual donations, empowering your ministry, mission, and members while amplifying the word of the lord.

Did you know? Churches that combine our people and giving solutions typically see 2x their Giving.


Mobile App

Empower Limitless Engagement with Your Church, Creating A Deeper Connection with God.

Our Mobile App Builder is dedicated to weaving God and your Ministry into the fabric of daily life, keeping your members spiritually connected.

Seamlessly manage your member data, donations, check-ins, and content delivery with ease—personalized push notifications help foster deeper engagement.

Transform your ministry into an immersive journey with a seamless, enriching mobile experience. Let devotion thrive in the palm of their hands.



Websites Designed to Amplify Your Church and the Greatest Story Ever Told.

Craft websites that effortlessly empower your community and amplify the word of the lord with ready-to-edit templates and custom-built solutions. Explore our user-friendly drag-and-drop builder and WordPress's Elementor-driven design, or opt for a fully custom website designed by our experts. Manage multiple websites seamlessly in one account, amplifying your church's reach.



Extend Your Ministry's Reach and Members' Engagement with Seamless Online Streaming.

Engage your congregation with interactive live streams with real-time chat, prayer requests, and sermon notes.

Our adaptable streaming solution ensures flawless viewing and participation of your worship services and events anywhere and anytime. Take command with robust content management tools, effortlessly editing live, simulated live, and offline content. Redefine the future of worship with an innovative solution technology that meets spirituality for an unparalleled connection.


Service Planning

Plan it. Schedule it. Enjoy it.

Empower your worship and volunteer teams to effortlessly deliver services and events that impact your ministry, mission, & members.



Church Accounting that Makes Sense and Saves You Cents.

Your church needs healthy finances to fulfill its mission. Our integrated accounting solution by Shelby Systems has been helping churches be the best stewards of their finances for over 40 years.

Seamlessly manage budgets, payroll, and purchasing with an intuitive interface. Unlock customizable reports and innovative features like Expense Amortization and Fixed Asset Management. Consolidate financial tasks effortlessly. Elevate your church's financial clarity and efficiency, making every cent count.



The Standard for Safer Churches.

Your church staff, volunteers, and members deserve a safe place to worship and amplify their faith. Enhance your ministry's safety with our industry-leading background screening solution.

Trusted by 35,000+ ministries nationwide, we grasp the unique needs of churches, ensuring your congregation's peace of mind. Our robust features, including thorough background checks and real-time criminal monitoring, empower churches to foster safety and shield their community from potential threats.



Church Media Designed to Amplify Your Ministry and Mission Your Way.

Ministry Brands is revolutionizing the landscape of church media by bringing together the leading providers in church motion graphics, media, and kids' curriculum with CMG and ShareFaith.

Whether a church plant or multi-campus, empower your Ministry to shape a unique brand and voice, authentically reflecting your mission and Amplifying the greatest story ever told.



Your Church Needs the Chatter that Matters.

In today's dynamic environment, where schedules change, events unfold, and safety is a priority, our leading-edge communication solution empowers your church to connect and inform your congregation of the information they need when they need it.

Our communication solution goes beyond the conventional, providing not just messages but meaningful connections that strengthen the bonds within your congregation.



Empower Your Ministry, Mission, and Members to Succeed.

Beyond cutting-edge technology, our Success Team offers a wealth of expertise and tailored knowledge to propel you, your staff, volunteers, and members toward unprecedented achievements.

Whether you're a dynamic church plant, a thriving mega-church, or integrating new staff, our success team ensures a seamless journey with Ministry Brands Amplify+. Experience the transformation as your church adapts and flourishes under our guidance, fostering health and empowerment at every stage.