The Healthy Church Hub

Intro & Background

Winfield Community Church in Dover, Ohio, has grown over their 100+ year history. While the church has looked different over the year, their mission is to equip, edify, and unify Christians to build the Kingdom hasn’t changed.

Software Challenges

In 2019, Lisa Limbaugh joined the team at Winfield Community church as the administrative assistant. She realized an opportunity to revamp their church management software, online giving, and website. As she began to explore potential solutions, she was recommended solutions offered by Ministry Brands.

Making a Change

The church moved forward with church management software, online giving, and websites with Ministry Brands. These tools have helped to connect and communicate with people, especially the mass communications feature.

“Mass communication has become a standard practice which has greatly improved meeting attendance and notification of events and any changes that may occur.”

The software’s also helped better connect with people in the community. They recently had a fundraiser where they invited their community to order ahead and fill out their purchase online. The app helped to streamline the process and made a significant impact due to the technological improvements the church had made. 

Additionally, the app has been used to help build connections among church members by using the software as a directory and providing a way for them to find contact information.

Customer Support That Empowers Church Staff

Upon adopting the software, Lisa took the initiative to learn everything she could and loved connecting with Ministry Brand’s customer support team. With the help of tutorial videos, articles, training sessions, and direct access to the customer support team, she could address any immediate issues.

“The customer support has been phenomenal! There are several different ways to learn about every aspect of the system. There are tutorial videos, expert lead video training sessions, articles for every aspect of the system, and a customer service phone line for more immediate issues. The ability to reach a person and speak to them individually about a question or issue is a rare gift today.”

Today, she’s empowered and has gained the knowledge and skill to manage both software fully.

Next Steps

For other churches or organizations seeking solutions to their technology, specifically their website and church app, Ministry Brands is available to help them find the right solution for them. 

If you want tools that help empower healthy churches and allow church staff to focus on serving and caring for those within their community, Ministry Brands is here to help. We’d love to connect with you and see how we can help. Schedule a free demo at