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Making disciples is an essential part of a church’s mission. This can take many different shapes and forms, but nonetheless, most churches are moving in this direction.

Additionally, as digital life becomes more and more the norm, churches need to embrace the right digital tools

The only problem is, most people don’t notice the connection between church software and the discipleship process.

The right software can actually enhance discipleship and help your church grow.

So, let’s learn how software impacts the discipleship process. 

Understanding How Software Assists in the Discipleship Journey

As a church leader, you understand what making disciples looks like at your church. But the question you may have is “How can software help support the discipleship process?”.

First, let’s start with how software can help small groups thrive.

1. Creating and Managing Small Groups with Software

Small groups are designed to foster deep conversations, connection, and growth. But, without tracking this growth and participation, it can be difficult to know if your small groups are struggling or thriving.

Church management software can help you:

  • Track and record attendance.
  • Track engagement from year to year (positive growth means you’re doing well).
  • Measure group commitment over time.
  • Communicate to your leaders easily.
  • Equip your small group leaders with communication tools to build relationships easily.

These features are designed to help churches make disciples by managing and growing their small groups in a sustainable way.

Examples of Church Management Software (ChMS) in Action

With church management software you can:

  • Utilize a small group finder to help people easily join a small group. This software allows people to browse possible groups online and sign up for the group immediately.
  • Automate workflows for follow-up tasks. Whether it’s a group text, personal email, or another follow-up task you don’t want to forget, ChMS can help you automate your workflows and save you time and energy.
  • Use a mobile app for group leader communication. Send reminders, provide updates, utilize trainings, or give resources to all of your leaders inside an easy-to-use mobile app.

Each of these actions can help churches streamline their processes and and prioritize discipleship. 

2. Facilitating Online Discipleship

Why is it important to reach people online?

In today’s world, everyone is online. This means, in order to reach everyone, churches must also be online. In fact, creating a virtual community and pouring into this community can be a powerful discipleship tool.

What does an online community look like?

One example of an online community is people who gather online to watch a church service on Sunday. Church streaming software is essential for seamlessly live-streaming services and meeting people where they are.

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3. Tracking and Monitoring Discipleship Progress

How do you know if discipleship is a priority at your church? How do you know if people are growing?

One way to know for sure is to track progress utilizing ChMS dashboards and analytics. These insights will help you see how engaged each person is and help you ensure every person is getting the connection they need.

Utilize data-driven texts and emails for targeted communication to say the right thing to the right person at the right time.

Every step of intentionality helps build a solid foundation for discipleship.

4. Sharing Your Message Via Live Stream

Reach more people online and invite them into the discipleship journey via live stream.

With live streaming, you can build and grow a healthy church in your own community and around the world.

Whether your members are at home, on vacation, or serving abroad, you can utilize live streaming to stay connected and help your people grow. 

Go and Make Disciples

Now that you know how the right software can impact the discipleship process, you’re equipped to go and make disciples.

Using your ChMS to manage small groups, facilitate online discipleship, and track and monitor growth, will help you equip more believers to follow Christ.

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