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A Growing Church

Matt Shapton is the Pastor and Mission Developer for The Community Church in southwest Florida. Not only are they a new church in a new city, but they’re currently the only church actively worshiping in their city of 9,000 people. Because of this, they’ve experienced big opportunities to reach those in their community and are growing as a result.

Their Need for a Platform To Grow With Them

From the beginning, Pastor Matt knew that as a rapidly growing ministry, they needed “a platform that would grow with us quickly.” He had used our software at previous churches, and when it came time for him to choose a software for The Community Church, he said, “Other suggestions didn’t make sense…[your platform] was my go-to…We really needed to kick off fast so knowing and being familiar with and comfortable with how user-friendly the software was made it an easy decision for me.”

Their church needed software that:

  1. Allowed them to start communicating with a large group of people quickly
  2. Was user-friendly for pastors, admins, and members alike

Communication and connection were priorities for their church, and it was clear the software they chose needed to prioritize these as well. 

Large-Scale Impacts

When asked how choosing our software impacted the church, Matt was quick to respond, “It has given us the ability to really communicate on a larger scale. But also what’s been so exciting for us is teaching people who have not had exposure to the software how easy it is for us to use.”

Now, not only are staff members connected, but they also have quick and easy access to church information. App users can access the directory, add photos, and even connect with the sermon. Plus, it’s easy to capture guest information securely and efficiently. 

As a previous user of the software, Matt also appreciated the growth of the platform itself.

“The software is also growing. That’s exciting for me! It’s improving and keeping up with needs of consumers. They want information, quickly, cleanly, and now, and the software is helping us get to that point.”

Helping People Plug-In

Because The Community Church is new and a largely mobile church, they needed a tool to help people plug in. Here’s how they do it:

  1. When people attend for the first time, guests are provided with a QR code that takes them directly to the church software. 
  2. Then, guests can enter their information at their own pace and convenience. 
  3. Lastly, this information is stored within the software so staff members can easily access it and follow up. 

Everything is simple, streamlined, and geared at helping people connect.

A Reliance on Software

At The Community Church, this software has become more than just a tool, it’s helped to foster ministry, and for Pastor Matt, the thought of it all going away is “frightening”. 

During Hurricane Ian, the software helped their church stay connected even at the height of the storm. They used mass emails and texts to communicate widely and quickly.

Not only that, but their church members have come to rely on this software day-to-day. Now both local and remote members use the software to tune in and connect. Matt shared that without it:

  • Members would lose touch
  • The church would have to start from scratch
  • And ultimately, they’d lose people

“This software is that important to us. It keeps our church family connected, together, and in step with us each and every day.”

Some Advice

If you’re looking for software that serves as a ministry tool, Pastor Matt would tell you to “jump in, feet first! This software is keeping pace with what’s happening in the world today with organization and communication, and that’s something we need to grab ahold of.”

For The Community Church, two additional factors have made all the difference:

  1. The Support Team here at Ministry Brands. In Matt’s words, They’ve been amazing!”.
  2. And, having a team at your church who also knows and prioritizes using the software.

Matt exclaimed, “We are so grateful that we have the ability to organize and manage all of the content we have in a way that shows we are working hard to grow as an organization!”.


As a new, rapidly growing church in southwest Florida, The Community Church needed software that could keep up and help them prioritize communication and connection. Using our software, they’ve been able to help people plug in, have experienced large-scale impacts, and have used software as a tool to foster ministry.

Next Steps

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