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Welcoming new visitors is a pivotal moment for any church, as it’s the opportunity to make a first impression with people. However, it’s not just about the first visit; it’s about creating a lasting connection.

How do you ensure that guests feel welcomed not only during their initial visit but also in the days and weeks that follow?

Additionally, how do you empower your congregation to all participate in welcoming guests?

1. Simplify the Connection Process

In the digital culture we live in, it’s essential to leverage technology to make connections easier. Digital forms, QR codes, and text keywords offer ways for guests to learn more about your ministry and allows you to gather their information.

This digital approach not only simplifies the process but also makes it more inviting for guests to engage with your church.

In addition, it increases your ability to collect accurate information and delegate to staff or volunteers to take action.

2. Ensure A Warm In-Person Welcome

While your front door now lives online, the hope is that eventually, people visit in person. When this happens, first impressions matter.

Being greeted with a warm welcome and a willing heart to serve can significantly impact a guest’s experience.

Being clear about where to go and how to participate in the service gives guests clarity on their next steps.

Enhancing this experience with a text message thanking them for their visit and directing them to other resources further personalizes their experience.

3. Craft Intentional Follow-Up Strategies

The guest experience shouldn’t end when the service does.

Developing a thorough follow-up plan is vital for maintaining engagement with people. This includes outlining the follow-up frequency, delegating responsibilities, and ideally, automating the process with workflows to ensure no one slips through the cracks.

For example, utilizing a system like Ministry Brands Amplify can streamline this process so that people are engaged quickly and thoroughly. It uses the power of technology to still empower a human connection.

4. Learn How People Hear About Your Church

Asking guests about their connection to the church, such as who invited them or how they heard about the church, can better help you understand the most effective invite strategies.

This helps you clarify and strengthen your strategy and double down on the most effective ways that people hear about the church.

Regardless of what the method is, understanding what brought people to the church is a crucial part of the guest experience.

Next Steps

Welcoming visitors is a continuous process that extends far beyond their first visit. It’s an always-evolving process as you learn what is effective and what isn’t.

By embracing digital tools, personalizing the welcome experience, and fostering strong community ties, your church can create a welcoming atmosphere that encourages both guests and members to deepen their engagement year-round.

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