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It’s no secret that church attendance usually spikes on Christmas and Easter. So as Easter draws nearer, it’s a good opportunity to ask, “Is my church ready?”

Preparing for Easter involves so much more than lining up a great worship set and outlining a powerful sermon. It starts by keeping the end goal in mind. Is your church’s goal simply to put on a great Easter service? Or, are you praying and seeking the Lord now, asking that He would use your church to draw many people into deeper walks of faith?

When this is your heart, even the smallest checklist items become more meaningful. 

To help, we’ve broken down your Easter preparation into four categories and created checklists for you to use to accomplish each one. 

We’ve also gathered several free Easter resources to help in planning, promoting, and following up. These include:

  • Customizable templates.
  • Event invites and communication resources.
  • Graphics and media.
  • Articles & best practices.

Download these resources and more for FREE here: Easter 2024 Resources

Get the Word Out

It’s hard to impact people if they don’t show up. One of the best ways to prepare for Easter (starting even now) is to get the word out.

Cast a wide net, consider trying new things, and work to involve as many people as possible. 

Remember, the best way to get someone to come is by personal invitation. 

Work through this checklist to amp up your marketing and help get the word out!

  • Start early (AKA now)
  • Update your church website and make sure Easter details are front and center. Be sure your worship times and locations are clear.
  • Reach out to every member of your church (especially irregular attendees). Utilize multiple avenues like text, email, in-person announcements, etc.
  • Contact local newspapers, magazines, radio stations, etc.
  • Don’t be afraid to create Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads. Be sure to include your church’s branding on all marketing materials.
  • Create cards for members to pass out to neighbors and coworkers.
  • Post regularly on social media (consider doing some fun Easter Q&A reels using staff). Encourage church members to like and share!
  • Consider hosting a volunteer rally shortly before Easter. Include a dedicated time to pray for those who will come on Easter Sunday.

Make the Day-Of Experience Smooth

Once you’ve spread the word, it’s time to make sure you are prepped and ready for a smooth Easter. Some of this will need to happen in the moment, but most of it can be done ahead of time so you go into the day confident you’ve done all you can.

Again, make sure everything you do has a purpose and is done with the end goal in mind. Focus your time and attention on the things that may help someone grow in their faith and get plugged in at your church.

  • Start with parking. Designate special spots for visitors, handicapped, and families with young children. Consider recruiting parking attendants to be available to help direct people as they walk towards your building.
  • Recruit extra greeters. One at every door is not excessive! You want to make sure everyone who enters your church feels welcomed.
  • Stock your information centers. If you have outdated brochures or handouts, now is the time to update them.
  • Make staff and volunteers easily identifiable. Consider shirts, lanyards, nametags, or something similar.
  • Don’t ignore the children’s area. It’s a good idea to add extra visible security to give parents peace of mind about dropping their children off. Also, work to make sure your check-in process is streamlined and secure.
  • Triple-check your technology ahead of time. Don’t forget about your livestream, giving kiosks, soundboard settings, children’s check-in areas, etc.
  • Make sure you have multiple avenues set up to collect guest information (QR codes, physical forms, text systems, and more are all great options). This will help you with the next step!

Follow Up

Follow-up starts long before the service is over. Work now to make sure your staff and volunteers have a plan when it comes to following up with those who attend your Easter service.

This, more than anything else, could be what helps someone take the next step to get involved.

  • Before the service is over, make sure guests know how to plug in and what to expect. For example, if they fill out a guest card will they receive a phone call from a staff member? If so, let them know!
  • Send an invite for your next event to everyone who attended (ex. Invite them to a Mother’s Day service).
  • Create a hashtag on social media that people can use to share about their experience or post pictures from the morning. 
  • Share the responsibilities. Don’t expect just one staff member to follow up with everyone. 
  • Invite guests back to receive something. This may be a gift bag, a Bible, or a resource from your church. Gifts are always great incentives to return.


Finally, we know planning for Easter is a lot of work. Yes, it’s Kingdom work, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to plan now to take some time to rest afterward (and help others who served to do the same).

Here are a few things you can do:

  • Check on your staff. After Easter, make it a point to check in with staff and volunteers to see how everyone is feeling and if they have any personal needs you can help meet.
  • Plan to take time off. Your work can wait. Taking a day or two off the week after Easter to simply rest is a good idea.
  • Delegate tasks that are sure to pop up as a result of your Easter service.
  • Don’t jump into the next thing right away. Take some time to pray, reflect, and thank God for all He did.

Next Steps

Hopefully, these checklists help you to start preparing now for an impactful Easter! Remember, keeping the end goal in mind will help to provide direction at every step of the way.

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