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Small Starts and Big Growth

Ten years ago, Restoration Community Church was made up of four faithful people with a desire and vision to reach the people of Hanahan, South Carolina. Today, over 600 people call Restoration their home church and the community impact is visible. 

Through diverse and growing ministries, the church has been able to minister to people of different socio-economic groups and backgrounds who all live nearby.

Not only has this led to church growth, but it’s also led to life change. Ultimately, Restoration Community Church’s goal is to reach each person with the Gospel. 

From the beginning, the church sought to pursue excellence with humility, trusting that God had big things planned.

When discussing their ministry impact, Executive Pastor Justin Cabit shared, “I feel like we do ministry with kingdom-minded focus. We do things for our local body but are also very mission-oriented, going out into the community.” 

However, with this growth came organizational and logistical challenges for the staff.

“Everywhere and Nowhere”

As a young church, Restoration Community Church was all over the board when it came to software. It didn’t take long to realize that this wouldn’t work as a long-term solution. They struggled with:

  • Segmentation
  • Different applications for giving, church management, registration, etc.
  • Using Excel spreadsheets to keep track of everything
  • The time it took to keep it all updated

Adam described their software as “everywhere and nowhere at the same time”.

So, after two years, the staff decided it was time to make a change.  

A Needed Change

Restoration Community Church started looking for a solution that prioritized easy, seamless integration. Once they made the switch to Ministry Brands, the positive changes were noticeable for staff and members alike. 

Justin exclaimed, “This truly transformed how we operated as a staff!” One of the biggest benefits for staff is efficiency. Now, they have nearly immediate access to accurate information so they can make timely ministry decisions. 

“With an integrated platform, we’ve been able to create efficiencies so now I don’t have wasted time between me and the staff,” Adam shared. 

The staff aren’t the only people benefitting though. Members have also loved how user-friendly everything from filling out a first-time visitor card to signing up for events is. It’s not just about ease, it’s about engagement.

Justin recognizes that “the simplicity pushes [our people] to stay engaged.” 

Stories From the Ground

For a church, the right software is about so much more than ease and accessibility, it’s about truly enabling ministry to happen. Adam shared how one man’s life was changed by this.

Joe* walked into Restoration Community Church unsure about God, church, and really why he was even there. However, he filled out a first-time visitor card that went straight into the church’s software system which triggered a series of events using workflows. 

Joe received an email from Adam, was assigned to another staff member to make a phone call, and then received an automated follow-up email sent to first-time guests. Thanks to all of this, he didn’t feel like just another face in the crowd, he felt seen and known.

Ultimately, Joe ended up receiving Jesus and his Lord and Savior! That’s not the end of his journey though. He filled out the form on Restoration Community Church’s website to be baptized which triggered more workflows ultimately getting him plugged into their new member’s class. Joe is now inviting his family and sharing the love of Christ with them, too.

Software and ministry should go hand in hand. 

Ministry Impacts

When discussing the way software has impacted ministry at Restoration Community Church, Justin shared, “This platform really takes into account ‘if you don’t measure it, it doesn’t matter.’ [Thanks to our software] we’ve been very good at measuring what God has given us, and I think it communicates that it matters to us and it matters to the Lord.”

For their church, integration and ease have changed everything including staff roles, church discipleship, and even generosity. Over and over Adam emphasized the value this software has had on the people they reach. 

Adam wants other church leaders to know, “This is kingdom work and this is efficiency in the kingdom.”


Restoration Community Church in Hanahan, SC went from disjointed systems and tools to one platform to manage their church. The results led to more efficiency among the staff and increased effectiveness in making disciples.

Next Steps

Do the early struggles Restoration Community Church experienced sound familiar?

Are you spending more time updating spreadsheets and keeping track of multiple software solutions than you are on actual ministry? 

If so, it’s time to explore Ministry Brands Amplify. Learn more, start a free trial, or schedule a demo here: Explore Ministry Brands Amplify

*Name has been changed