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The Problem:

New Covenant Church was stuck using time-consuming, bulky, and ineffective church software. 

The Solution:

Transitioning to Ministry Brands not only helped to free up valuable time but also led to an increase in giving and ministry impact. 


New Covenant Church was established in 1978. Since then, the church has experienced steady growth meaning more ministry, more outreach, and more generosity. Kelley Austin faithfully serves as the Director of Finance, ensuring the church stewards donations, budgeting, and spending well.  

A Time-Consuming Problem

Before transitioning to Ministry Brands, Kelley struggled with software that didn’t integrate well and the time-consuming tasks of having to manually input and format data. There were often duplicates created, extra steps needed, and frustrations when her tools simply didn’t function as she needed them to function.

“Whenever someone asked for a report, I couldn’t just go print up a report really quick…it was very time-consuming.”

She knew change was needed. Kelley was looking for a solution that:

  • Integrated well with other software (ChMS, accounting, etc.)
  • Made transitioning easy
  • Was cost-effective
  • Offered excellent customer service

An Easy Transition

As Kelley started exploring Ministry Brands software, she quickly decided this was the transition New Covenant Church needed to make so they would continue to experience ministry growth.

The transition was easy and streamlined to the point where the people who were already giving online didn’t notice or have to take any extra steps. Kelley said, “I didn’t have the normal complaints!” (Anyone else know what a big deal this is?!)

Transitioning to Ministry Brands also provided a great opportunity for New Covenant Church to emphasize the importance of giving to members of their congregation. 

A Huge Impact

However, the impact was far greater than just a smooth transition and a renewed emphasis on giving. Kelley explained:

“Some people who have never wanted to give online are giving. We have new givers… jump right in and start giving.”

More people giving means more ministry impact. 

Not only has New Covenant Church experienced an increase in people giving, but they have also seen the benefits of streamlined processes. Now, it’s easy for them to monitor registrations (even from multiple sources) and accurately keep track of payment activity.

“It takes less time for us to track things down!” 

More Than Just Software

New Covenant Church didn’t just need another tool. They needed a software solution made specifically for churches; a solution designed for every aspect of their ministry. 

Kelley explained how Ministry Brands software is both “very robust” and “very simple to use”. She loves how everything from giving and reporting to registrations and attendance is all linked together in one centralized place. In addition to the ease of use and powerful integration, Kelley experienced customer support that goes above and beyond.

“The customer support makes it all worth it. I feel like I’m friends with my rep now!”

Whether it’s answering questions, finding solutions, or quickly getting her the help she needs, Kelley’s found customer support to always be there for her.

Next Steps

Are you looking for a way to reduce manual work and streamline your processes? We’d love to show you how Ministry Brands Amplify solves that and so much more. You can schedule your free demo here.