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Crossing Community Church is a non-denominational church in Wisconsin striving to spread the true words of the Bible to their community.

Nikki Streit started serving at the church in the children’s ministry but transitioned to Office Manager in 2020. 

Software Struggles

As office manager, Nikki knows just how important it is to keep data accurate and up-to-date. Before switching to Ministry Brands, even this was a struggle.

Nikki shared, “It was really difficult to try to train someone when they weren’t used to our system whatsoever.” This meant more work on Nikki’s plate.

Not only was it nearly impossible to train others to use the software, but the software didn’t integrate well with other tools they were using. As a result, Nikki found herself manually adding data to the software.

She knew there had to be a better solution.

Looking for Something More

Once Nikki decided to look for a different software solution, a few key factors stood out to her about Ministry Brands.

She noted how it was:

  • Visually appealing
  • Easy to use
  • Minimal learning curve
  • No hidden fees or secrets
  • Integrates with other software

“[Switching to Ministry Brands] took out almost two hours of my work week since I no longer had to go into different systems to download giving information,” Nikki exclaimed!

What could you do with two extra work hours?

A Churchwide Impact

While Ministry Brands has lightened Nikki’s workload, it’s also made an impact on the church as a whole.

Wisconsin weather is understandably unpredictable, and now, Crossing Community Church has a messaging system that makes it easy to quickly inform people of schedule changes.

Nikki explained how staff and leaders can easily send texts and/or emails right from their phones. 

Crossing Community Church also loves the “click and go” ease of signing up for events and filling out forms. “I can’t say enough good things,” said Nikki.

Lastly, because of the seamless integration, elder and staff weekly reports have become so much easier. They all have peace of mind knowing the information is accurate since the data comes directly from places like the giving module. 


Before switching to Ministry Brands, Nikki Streit, Office Manager at Crossing Community Church struggled with outdated software that was hard to use and didn’t integrate with their other solutions. After making the switch, their church has experienced streamlined processes, updated communication tools, and seamless integrations creating more time to fulfill their mission.

Is Ministry Brands Right for You?

“If you’re on the fence you should definitely check it out,” Nikki said.

One of the best parts is you’re not alone. Not only does Ministry Brands give you access to an incredible customer support team, but there are countless training videos designed to help you no matter the size of your church.

This made a huge difference for Nikki.

If your software isn’t user-friendly, easy to learn, and a single solution, it may be time to make a change just like Crossing Community Church. In Nikki’s words, “I love, love, love this program!”

Take the plunge and get started with your free trial of Ministry Brands Amplify here.