50+ years of Church Management Accounting,
and Giving Technology
Built for the Catholic Church

1 out of 2 Dioceses and Parishes
use Catholic Solutions by Ministry Brands for church management software.

Powerful. Easy-to-Use. Integrated.

Focus on your mission.

Stay focused on your Parish and Diocese while Catholic Solutions from Ministry Brands keeps everyone organized, so nothing falls through the cracks. The integrated platform can streamline the most frustrating, time-consuming, and inefficient church tasks. Think of it as an extension of your staff that automates systems and keeps you focused on serving and improving the quality of your church engagement. So, whether it’s our calendar tool, giving platform, attendance tracker, member engagement, workflows, forms, or other features, we’ve got your back.

Communicate with your community.

Phone. Text. Email. Do it all from a single location in seconds. Keep your Parish and Diocese connected using various contact methods from within the platform. Schedule messages or target specific groups in the manner they like best.

Manage people and groups.

A smart church management platform is more than just a member database. It’s a vehicle for leaders and parishioners to engage with each other. You can connect your community by organizing people into unlimited groups. Send communications to small groups, track class attendance and metrics, manage volunteers and teams, and more. It’s people and group organization optimization!

Flexible and convenient check-in options.

Desktop. Mobile. Kiosk. Convenient, secure, and safe church check-in allows adults and children to sign into groups, classes, and events. This makes attendance reporting and volunteer management a breeze and ensures that everyone is as safe and secure as possible while in your building. With smart check-in, there is no guessing. Instead, you’ll know that people are where they’re supposed to be.

Stay connected.

The free mobile app that comes with your church management platform will encourage your staff and community to stay engaged any day of the week from wherever they are. The mobile app has powerful features for parishioners, including giving, multimedia, events, prayer requests, and much more. Your staff and volunteers also get a church management mobile app to easily accomplish daily tasks, such as viewing member profiles, inputting attendance, sending messages, managing outreach, and more. As a result, it’s never been easier to connect with your parishioners!

Seamless online giving.

Pass the virtual basket and make donating as easy as possible with options that include online giving, text giving, kiosk giving, and recurring gifts. Flexible giving options provide many ways for parishioners to give, with total control over the cadence and source of their giving. Meanwhile, your admin team will be empowered to record giving transactions automatically and accurately.

Manage your church accounting from anywhere at any time.

Meet the financial record-keeping requirements of your church and your governing boards with real-time financial management, all from a single dashboard. In addition, you will get compliant and complete accounting software built for your church so that you can spend more time doing ministry.

Protect your ministry for security and peace of mind.

Protecting your ministry is crucial. Save time and money while reducing risk with integrated protection and compliance. In addition, your church will gain a centralized view of setting, tracking, viewing, and reporting on all background checks.

Single source of truth for events and scheduling.

Create a comprehensive parish-wide calendar that shows all events and activities in your facilities. Choose which events can be viewed by specific staff. Search for all events that took place at a particular location or on a specific day – PLUS much more.

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