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Amplify, Streamline, and Elevate Your Donation Management.

Optimize your gift handling and missionary efforts with specialized tools designed for efficiency and accuracy, ensuring every donation and pledge enhances your mission.

Product Features

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Donor Management Simplified.

Amplify+ HQ Donor streamlines your donation collection and pledge management, making it easy for you to focus on what matters most—your mission. With tools designed for multi-tiered Denominational Headquarters, we help you manage complex financial relationships and enhance operational efficiency.

  • Online Donation Collection
  • Gift and Pledge Management
  • Missionary Sponsorship Management
  • Sub-Donor Account Tracking
  • Customizable Gift Entry
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Integration with Financial Systems

Online Donation Collection

An intuitive interface that allows for easy and efficient online tithes and gifts, improving donor accessibility and satisfaction.

Gift and Pledge Management

Simplify the management of gifts and pledges with automation that tracks and integrates payment collection effortlessly.

Missionary Sponsorship Management

Enhance the management of missionary activities with robust tools for sponsoring, tracking income, and managing expenses, ensuring accountability and support.

Sub-Donor Account Tracking

Manage financial relationships across various organizational levels with ease, thanks to our specialized sub-donor account tracking.

Customizable Gift Entry

Tailor the input fields to capture essential information for specific campaigns or projects, aligning with your unique operational needs.

Comprehensive Reporting

Generate detailed and customizable reports to meet the exact data needs of your organization, enhancing transparency and oversight.

Integration with Financial Systems

A seamless integration with HQ Financials and other financial systems provides a unified view of financial data, eliminating data silos and enhancing financial management.

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  • Amplify+ HQ Financials

Amplify+ HQ Arena

Amplify+ HQ Arena brings together all aspects of church management into one platform. From detailed membership databases to sophisticated reporting tools, HQ Arena is designed to manage memberships, facilitate mission trip organization, and improve overall church administration efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Integrated Mission Trip Management: Track and schedule participants efficiently, enhancing the organization and impact of your missions.
  • Superior Reporting Tools: Leverage detailed reports for better strategic decision-making and operational oversight.
  • Simplified Membership Management: Centralize member profiles to enhance engagement and maintain up-to-date information
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Amplify+ HQ Financials

Amplify+ HQ Financials provides an unparalleled financial management experience specifically designed for the complexities of denominational headquarters. Offering customizable financial controls, integrated purchasing management, and comprehensive tools for handling payroll, accounts payable and receivable, and general ledger operations.

Key Features:

  • Integrated Purchasing Management: Tailored for hierarchical religious organizations to enhance control and efficiency.
  • Customizable Approval Paths: Ensure compliance and streamline financial processes across your organization.
  • Robust Financial Reporting: Gain strategic insights with detailed financial reports that support decision-making and compliance
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