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Introduction and Background

Cross City Church has spanned many generations since they opened their doors in 1904. The church focuses every ministry (preschool through adults) on making a Kingdom impact while reaching people within the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.

Chris Muckleroy joined the church in 2006 and eventually came on staff in 2019 to serve as the finance and administration Executive Pastor of Finance and Administration.

Finding A New Platform

Cross City Church began utilizing online giving in the early 2000s and in 2022, under Chris’ leadership, they began looking for a new platform to help them best steward their resources.

“Different platforms focus on different solutions, but we wanted to focus on stewardship and be the best stewards of every dollar that comes in the door.”

– Chris Muckleroy

There were two things that Chris liked most about the Ministry Brands platform. First, he believed it best-increased stewardship compared to other software. Second, the user experience was easy to use and offered increased capabilities and features.

For example, in the past, users had to complete multiple transactions for multiple gifts. The Ministry Brands software allowed them to make one transaction with multiple designations. Through the software, giving was simple, easy, and more user-friendly.

Support In Making The Change

One of the benefits Chris discovered was working with the Ministry Brands team. From the initial demo to the data migration process, Chris was supported along the way. He found that the support team was constantly there for him and always available to troubleshoot any problems that arose.

“Your team  worked tirelessly and we were all very much appreciative of the effort they put together.”

– Chris Muckleroy

Chris was able to walk through data migration, data integrity, and ask all the questions he needed to upfront. 

The Impact

By focusing on how to steward the church’s finances best, Cross City Church has seen a reduction in cost by using the Ministry Brand software. In doing this, they’ve benefitted the other departments within their church and allowed them to focus solely on the work of ministry.

“The more that people who are in my role are able to be good stewards and reduce those costs, the less conversations we have to have with ministries to say ‘alright we have to squeeze here or we have to cut here’ We don’t have to have those conversations, and we can let the ministry go do their thing, and we can focus on stewardship on our side.”

– Chris Muckleroy

Sharing The Vision

As the church began to communicate directly with its members about the new software, conversations of stewardship naturally started to happen. Chris and his team are able to send communication around what the church is doing, why they are doing it, and how the congregation can help.

By communicating the purpose in this way, they have increased awareness among their congregation and created excitement about the true impact the congregation can make.

Next Steps

Are you looking to be the best steward of your resources? Have you wondered about the impact of improving your online giving experience? If so, we’d love to help.

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