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About Us & Our Mission

Our mission is to empower churches, ministries, and faith-based organizations with leading technology solutions so that they can succeed in their mission to serve others and their communities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to improve the way churches and ministries operate, communicate, and engage by providing transformative tech solutions that enable growth and success in the digital age.

Who We Are


Ministry Brands has over 25 solutions and services that support more than 90,000 faith-based organizations throughout North America.

We provide technology for church administration, worship planning, accounting and financials. Our solutions also include online giving, payment solutions, background screening, websites, live streaming and communications.

The Ministry Brands team is made up of passionate professionals who also serve as worship leaders, youth pastors, ushers, volunteers, and more. We have proven through our passion for the church and technology that we are stronger together, which allows us to serve better.

Our Leadership

The breadth of our technology and services enables ministries to administer their membership, collect and manage donations, foster engagement and expand the Gospel through cutting-edge content.


Pat O'Donnell

Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer of Ministry Brands, Pat is responsible for the growth and management of all solutions that power faith-based organizations.

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Peter Feret

Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer, Peter is responsible for the finance, strategy, and financial operations of the Ministry Brands portfolio.

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Daniel Simmons

EVP, Operations

As the EVP of Operations, Daniel provides support to senior leadership for the overall business operations of Ministry Brands.

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David Chambless

EVP, Sales

With over 15 years in sales leadership, David is responsible for sales and sales operations at Ministry Brands.

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Pradeep Khandelwal

EVP, Total Ministry Solutions

As the EVP of Total Ministry Solutions, Pradeep is responsible for leading our Church Management solutions business.

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Andy Meadows

EVP, Payments

As EVP, Andy is responsible for the Giving operations within Ministry Brands, having spent over 18 years in electronic payments and financial technology.

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Josh Weis

EVP, Protection Services

As the EVP of Protection, Josh is responsible for the management, operation, and expansion of protection services within Ministry Brands, which include background screening and communications.

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Jesse Craycraft

EVP, Specialty Solutions

As the EVP of Specialty Solutions, Jesse is responsible for leading our Website, Content, and Streaming teams to create enthusiastic advocates of our products and services.

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Eddie Frederick


As the SVP of R&D, he leads multiple technology teams to deliver software and technology solutions across all brands and serves as a partner to the product teams to execute on product themes and roadmaps.

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