We came together to help churches thrive with great technology solutions

We started in 2012.

In 2012, Ross Croley and Ben Sealey met while attending Farragut Christian Church in Knoxville, Tennessee. Ben had recently created SimpleGive, an online church donation platform, along with his partner Jason Butler. The three quickly bonded over their knowledge of software and their passion as Christians. The result became a shared vision to serve churches and faith-based organizations with a technology epicenter: Ministry Brands, LLC.

The Here and Now

Today, Ministry Brands, LLC is a family of Christian software companies across North America helping more than 115,000 churches and faith-based organizations thrive in a digital world. Our team is made up of brilliant people who are also passionate Christian servants: worship leaders, youth pastors, ushers, volunteers, and more.


We believe we’re better together than alone. Our brands are able to share knowledge so that our partners get the best possible software through a brand that is built specifically to support their unique needs. This ultimately drives better development, integration options and more affordable pricing.

“We believe we are stronger together than any one of us could be alone.”

Moving Forward

Our mission remains the same as the day our founders developed the groundbreaking concept of Ministry Brands, LLC. We strive to empower all churches, ministries, and faith-based organizations with leading technology solutions, so that they can carry out their Biblical mission with excellence, relevance, and efficiency.

With this always at the forefront, we are giving our customers of every size the most holistic software solutions possible. Through our work we envision the leaders we serve will worry less about running an organization and focus their passion more on building stronger Christ-centered communities in the 21st century.

Together, we will shape the solutions that will support the church for years to come.


Our brands are actively listening to their church and ministry partners to help us to roadmap the future of faith-based technology.

Our Products

  • church-management_icon

    Church Management

  • church-websites_icon

    Church Website Services

  • online-giving_icon

    Online Giving

  • mass-communication_icon

    Mass Communication

  • background-screening_icon

    Background Screening

  • church-leadership_icon

    Church Leadership Development

  • church-finances_icon

    Church Financial Accounting

  • mobile-apps_icon

    Mobile Apps

Living the Mission

Our vision to grow the church doesn’t end with game-changing software. Across the country, our teammates join together to spread God’s love through local and international Christian outreach programs. From coat drives, to guiding at-risk youth, to cleaning up our community streets, the Ministry Brands, LLC family supports and leads a wide variety of service initiatives.

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