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A Proven Giving Solution That Amplifies Generosity.

Ministry Brands Amplify Giving helps drive over $6.4 billion in annual donations, empowering your ministry, mission, and members while helping you amplify the greatest Story ever told.

Did You Know?
Churches that combine our people and giving solutions typically 2x their Giving.

Unlock Transformational Giving Capabilities for Your Church

Our flexible giving options provide many ways for members to give. With total control over their giving, your members will experience greater freedom to give. Meanwhile, your admin team will be empowered to automatically and accurately record giving transactions.

  • Easy for your donors with intuitive and flexible giving options
  • Easy on your staff with accurate and Insightful Reporting
  • Easy on your ministry with a centralized platform and multiple options to help you maximize donor contributions
Product Features

Online Giving Made Easy for a Healthy Church

  • DonorShieldTM
  • Recurring Donations
  • Custom Payment Forms
  • Text Giving
  • Detailed Reports
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Virtual Terminal
  • Secure Data
  • Multi-Church Support
  • Automated Check Deposit
  • Stock & Crypto


Unforeseen disruptions caused by intermittent third-party outages can significantly affect your donations, particularly during high-transaction periods. DonorShield is designed to mitigate these effects by safely holding payment information, even during partner disruptions. Once service is resumed, your transactions are completed.


Recurring Donations

Provide your church with the option to automate giving. Donors complete a one-time set up, and gifts are automatically given.


Custom Payment Forms

Create donation forms for every kind of contribution imaginable. Customize extensively for your unique needs.


Text Giving

Provide your donors with a familiar and frictionless giving experience from their smartphone.


Detailed Reports

Harness the power of data to drive decisions. Craft and share in-depth reports based on specific timeframes, individual contributors, and other factors.


Bank Reconciliation

Out-of-the-box deposit reports make reconciliation a snap no matter how many donations.


Virtual Terminal

Manage transactions, customize reports, give on behalf of the donor in Virtual Terminal, allow donors to help cover processing cost, and more.


Secure Data

We go above and beyond to protect your data. We meet the highest standards for security set forth by card brands.


Multi-Church Support

Enjoy dedicated features and support for managing multiple campuses or a large organization.


Automated Check Deposit

Streamline check deposit procedures, saving valuable time, financial resources, and energy with an integrated cloud-based solution.


Stock & Crypto

The giving landscape is shifting. We're here to help you meet donors where they are and maximize generosity to grow your ministry.

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