Accounting Software for Churches

Church Accounting that Makes Sense and Saves You Cents.

Your church needs healthy finances to fulfill its mission. Our integrated accounting solution has been helping churches be the best stewards of their finances for over 40 years. Spend time where it matters most — turning crowds into disciples.

Did You Know?
Churches that use a program created for ministry not only streamline financial processes and actions, but also reduce administrative work and improve efficiency.

You didn't get into ministry to spend your time in spreadsheets and databases. We make your numbers easy to understand in one place.

Consolidate financial tasks effortlessly and seamlessly manage budgets, payroll, and purchasing with an intuitive interface. With Ministry Brands Amplify Accounting, you can unlock customizable reports and innovative features like Expense Amortization and Fixed Asset Management.

Product Features

Accounting Software That's Actually Built to Work for Your Church

Use our tools to elevate your church's financial clarity and efficiency, making every cent count.

  • Budgets/Financial Reporting
  • Payroll
  • Purchase Management
  • Expense Amortization
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • A/P & Receivables

Budgets/Financial Reporting

Use general ledger monthly budget reports and the easy-to-use custom report builder to manage your financials and gain critical financial insights.



Manage your payroll including gross wages, withholdings, taxes, printing checks, forms and W-2s, and more.


Purchase Management

Our software provides all the functions necessary to ensure your purchasing workflow runs smoothly.


Expense Amortization

Our bookkeeping tools can amortize prepaid expenses over a period of time rather than at the time of payments.


Fixed Asset Management

The Fixed Assets application allows users to catalog fixed assets, conduct periodic inventory of tags and create depreciation entries which update the general ledger.


A/P & Receivables

Pay bills and manage vendors all in one interface.


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