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In this episode, we sit down with Patrick Weikle, the lead youth pastor at United City Church in Humble, Texas, and co-owner of Simply Strategic Ministry. We delve into the nuances of reaching Gen Z and the effective use of technology in ministry.

Episode Highlights:

  • Why Youth Ministry Needs to Evolve.
  • How to Personalize Church Assimilation Processes.
  • Why Technology, AI, and Short-form Content Are Crucial.
  • Why Authenticity and Self-Awareness Are Essential In Ministry.
  • How the Church Can Engage and Empower the Next Generation.
  • Why Personal Growth and Self-Discovery Matter.

Key Discussion Points:

  • How to Automate Personal Interactions: Discover how automation can enhance personal interactions within the church, making engagement more meaningful and continuous without feeling impersonal.
  • How to Engage Gen Z with Technology: Learn strategies for using technology to connect with Gen Z, making ministry relevant and impactful.
  • How to Address Societal Issues in Youth Ministry: Understand the best ways to tackle pressing societal issues that today’s students face.
  • Why Involving Younger Generations in Church Decisions Matters: Explore the benefits of involving Gen Z and Gen Alpha in church decision-making processes to foster empowerment and active participation.

Join us as we dive into Patrick Weikle’s insights on reaching Gen Z and using technology in the right ways. 

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