Extend Your Ministry's Reach and Members' Engagement with Seamless Online Streaming.

Engage your congregation with interactive live streams with real-time chat, prayer requests, and sermon notes — no matter where they are in the world.

Did You Know?
Churches that stream typically see an increase in engagement and giving.

Flawless streaming of your worship services and events — anywhere and anytime.

Take command with robust content management tools, effortlessly editing live, simulated live, and offline content. Redefine the future of worship with an innovative solution technology that meets spirituality for an unparalleled connection.

Product Features

Build and grow a healthy church in your own community —and around the world

Whether your members are at home, on vacation, or serving abroad, we'll help you expand your outreach and connect with a global audience.

  • Scalable Cloud Streaming
  • Powerful Management Tools
  • Effortless Editing
  • Customizable Live Stream Layout
  • Stream Anywhere
  • Enhanced Storage
  • Adaptable Software
  • Reliable Support

Scalable Cloud Streaming

Our scalable cloud streaming ensures that regardless of the size of your church, our Content Delivery Network grows with you. You'll enjoy a seamless streaming experience no matter your viewer's internet connection or screen size.


Powerful Management Tools

Take control of your content with our powerful management tools, including scheduling, post-live trimming, and automated archive posting. You can also include ministry-focused stream information like Bible passages and sermon notes, making it easier to organize and manage your content.


Effortless Editing

Edit your live, simulated live, and offline content with ease, implementing features like pre- and post-roll and built-in DVR so viewers can watch from anywhere in the presentation, regardless of when they tuned in. Attendees will enjoy a world-class viewing experience with our enhanced streaming features.


Customizable Live Stream Layout

Our customizable live stream layout includes effective tools and embedded navigation links to keep your audience engaged. You can include sermon notes, moderated prayer requests, and chat with your congregation in real-time without ads or outside branding, making it easier to create a seamless experience for your viewers.


Stream Anywhere

Stream your worship services and events to multiple destinations, including your website or church app, and simultaneously utilize third-party streaming through major platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Apple TV, RTMP feeds, and more. Our real-time transcoding frees up your bandwidth, making it easier to connect with your congregation and expand your reach.

Enhanced Storage

We provide more than just video storage. With our unique Powerful Sermon Management Tool through Sermon Cloud, you can experience an enhanced streaming and storage experience.


Adaptable Software

Our software is adaptable for all viewers, no matter the size of your church. Our Content Delivery Network grows with you, from a congregation of 10 to 100K. Regardless of the viewer's internet connection or screen size, our adaptive bitrate provides a seamless streaming experience.

Reliable Support

Count on our full support, available 7 days a week with live, expert support and performance monitoring. You'll receive valuable analytics about your audience, giving insight into who is watching, from where, and how long they were viewing.

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