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A Smarter Way to Understand & Engage with Your Members.

Get the impactful insights and automation that empower you to go beyond "engagement" and truly understand your members, guiding them along their faith journey, and helping amplify the greatest story ever told.

Did You Know?
Churches that use automation enjoy more efficiency in administrative tasks.

Serve Your People

Every record you enter (and metric you measure) is tied to a real person in a faith journey. Our useful, supportive features help you focus on building your community—because your software solution should be simple.

Product Features

Streamline the Logistics and Details of Your Community

  • Member Management
  • Calendar & Scheduling
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Communications
  • Mobile App
  • CRM

Member Management

Our integrated solution allows churches and faith-based organizations to collect, track, and engage with all of their key constituents.


Calendar & Scheduling

Track and manage volunteers, children, and staff, across multiple campuses and oversee church events with ease.


Reporting & Analytics

Access church attendance, directories, giving reports and more to make insightful and informed decisions.



Targeted communications can be sent to members and volunteers to ensure you are reaching the right audience.


Mobile App

A customized mobile app designed for your organization's specific needs allows access to actionable information on the go.



The comprehensive management system gives visibility into all the data and interactions for everyone involved in your ministry.


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