Mobile App

Empower Limitless Engagement with Your Church, Creating A Deeper Connection with God.

Our Mobile App Builder is dedicated to weaving God and your Ministry into the fabric of daily life, keeping your members spiritually connected.


Transform Your Ministry into an Immersive Journey with a Seamless, Enriching Mobile Experience.

Churches want a mobile app that just works, without having to understand what an API is, or hiring expensive external IT consultants. Seamlessly manage your member data, donations, check-ins, and content delivery with ease—personalized push notifications help foster deeper engagement.

Product Features

Empower Your Team & Engage Your Congregation Wherever They Are

  • Built-in Online Giving
  • Prayer Requests
  • Events & Groups
  • Child Check-In
  • Live Streaming
  • Push Notifications
  • ChMS Integrations
  • On-Demand Media
  • Custom Branding
  • Design Templates
  • Flex Content
  • Mobile Interactions

Built-in Online Giving

Empower your congregation to give anytime, from anywhere. Your members can setup both one-time and recurring giving directly from the application. With the ability to use forms, church administrators can create special giving for holidays, missions, or designated funds.


Prayer Requests

Make prayer requests a more active part of your ministry and encourage members to make requests anytime from anywhere. With a direct connection to your ChMS, you can assign appropriate resources, capture and act on prayer requests faster than ever.


Events & Groups

Encourage participation by helping your community to quickly and easily connect, register and pay for events, classes, or small groups. Seamlessly integrate directly to your ChMS to manage events and payments more effectively.


Child Check-In

Parents can use the app to check in their children on their way to church, and then it's just a quick scan to print their badges at a kiosk when they arrive. Volunteers can check-in the same way. It's quicker, lines are shorter, and you still get all the benefits of secure check-in. Safely managing children checking in and out of your church's activities just got easier.


Live Streaming

Broadcast your services live to keep your community engaged. Go live on your website, in your app, and on social media. Live videos will load right in the app and users and watch, learn, give, and remain a vital part of your church's community — no matter where they are.


Push Notifications

Use push notifications and in-app messaging when your community just has to know what's going on. Don't let your communications get lost on social media or ignored in an email newsletter. Send alerts instantly or schedule your messaging in advance. You can share links to events or registration forms, send an encouraging prayer update, share the latest news, or make sure your community gets any urgent weather alerts.


ChMS Integrations

Have your member information move seamlessly and securely from your church app to your church office.


On-Demand Media

Effortlessly provide all of your sermons, videos and other media in one place, making your content easy to access for your whole community. Seamlessly integrate with YouTube, Vimeo, and more for real-time syncing and syndication. In addition, sermon audio is available every week using your podcast feed. By providing inspirational content every week you can continue to inspire your congregation throughout the week.


Custom Branding

Use a custom branded church app to broaden your reach and increase brand awareness. Match the app icon to your church's brand, customize the app name, add your image to show up while the app is loading, and direct people to your page in the app store.


Design Templates

Great looking templates to match your church's color palette, upload your logo and branding to create a tailored experience for your members. No code, design or layout skills needed — simply customize to your needs with our easy-to-use app editor.


Flex Content

Enhance the user experience through personalized pages with images and icons that seamlessly link to other modules or pages. Communicate information for holidays and special occasions with temporary event pages. Streamline access to your church's resources and ministries.


Mobile Interactions

Mobile Interactions empowers you to assign tasks, monitor progress, and get notified when projects are done — all from the convenience of your mobile device.


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