Leading Edge Communication Solutions


Enable targeted and authentic communications within your communities by utilizing automated text, email, and voice messages, and increase member engagement with notifications and reminders.


Text Messaging

Send notifications (2-way SMS) to new members, notify your congregation about schedule changes and schedule reminders for events and activities.


Email Communications

Schedule your weekly newsletter, email volunteer reminders and conduct surveys with your members quickly and easily in one interface.


Voice Calls

Automated voice calls can be scheduled to alert members about schedule changes, safety information and facility updates.


Email Instant Mass Messaging for Business, Higher Ed, Government, Non-Profits and Ministries


Weather Monitor

Automated weather alerts from NOAA can be configured to keep your organization up-to-date and safe.


Keyword Opt-in

Engage your audiences by allowing them to opt in to relevant communications from your organization on the topics they care about most.


Quick Capture Forms

Send automated requests to your audience for additional contact information and areas of interest.

Software Solutions Aligned to Your Mission

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