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Meet Marcia Phillips

Marcia serves as the Office Administrator at St. John Bible Church, and like most office administrators, that means she often wears different hats. 

St. John Bible Church was founded in the Pandora/Bluffton area over 100 years ago, and since then they’ve become an independent congregation and experienced significant growth.

Marcia works closely with the pastor and associate pastor, assists with welcome and assimilation ministries, and works to keep everyone connected so that no one slips through the cracks.

For Marcia, software is more than just a tool, it’s a means to help her fulfill her role and help St. John Bible Church continue to grow.

A Positive Impact

Several years ago, St. John Bible Church made the switch to Ministry Brands. Over and over, Marcia described the change as “easy, seamless, and user-friendly.” At their church, they use software to:

  • Assimilate new people
  • Keep track of members
  • Communicate regularly and efficiently
  • Offer online giving options
  • Keep clean records
  • Set up workflows

When asked how this software has positively impacted Marcia’s role, she was quick to respond, “How has it not?!” 

Simplified Communication

Communication is crucial when it comes to keeping people connected. And for Marcia, having software that’s “easy to use” proved to be a game changer. In fact, her favorite features are the mass communication tools and workflows!

Marcia shared how now, she can communicate with church members anytime, any place.

This means when things like urgent prayer needs come in, she can quickly get them out whether she’s sitting at her computer at the church office, or if she’s on her phone, using the app at home. 

“[Because of Ministry Brands] we are able to be connected to the church body.”

Easy Online Giving

Communication isn’t the only simplified process.

For members at St. John Bible Church, online giving is also streamlined and easy. Donors love that it means they can give and support the church whether they’re sitting in the pew or not. 

When they first made the switch, even the bookkeeper said, “Wow, this is so easy!”

For staff, the seamless integration made all of the difference. Now, giving records are in the same place as everything else, making reporting and tracking easier than ever. 


For Marcia Phillips, Office Administrator at St. John Bible Church, Church Management Software is more than just a tool, it’s a means to help her fulfill her role and help the church continue to grow. Ministry Brands has helped her to communicate effectively, keep track of people, promote online giving, and streamline processes.

If You’re On the Fence…

If you’re on the fence about making the switch to Ministry Brands, in the words of Marcia, “Do it!… It’s going to get you to where you want to be.”

Marcia even shared how she passionately recommended the software to her sister-in-law who is also serving in ministry. 

If you’re ready to take Marcia’s recommendation and explore Ministry Brands Amplify, you can start a free trial or schedule a demo here.

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