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It can be a challenge for many churches to engage their communities and reach unchurched people fully. Barna data states that “28% of the adult population has not attended a church event, including services in the last six years.” The church is the hope of the world and we are called to reach those around us. Ken Thomas, Founder and President of Connect Ministries sat down to share the Kingdom opportunities that can happen when churches partner alongside their ministry to fully engage the community. 

History and Impact of Connect Ministries

Created with the mission to unite communities with the local church, Connect Ministries began when Ken Thomas saw an opportunity to help churches reach “the unchurched”, those who may not have had church on their radar. 

This all began by first holding local events to engage the community and quickly turned into churches seeing this as an opportunity to partner with Connect Ministries. Connect Ministries created a scalable way for churches to meet new people by hosting events and assessments, making the church the hero, and helping to connect those who are unchurched with the local church body.

Not everyone in your community is thinking about church. You can reach people outside your church walls by creating common ground with your community.

Why Camps Are Way More Than Just “Something For The Kids To Do”

Hosting Summer Camp goes far beyond just “something for the kids to do.” When it comes to reviewing the positive impact that camps can have on a community there are endless opportunities to engage with others, whether it’s subtly behind the scenes or through more direct communication. Here are a few:

  1. Churches experience growth over time as a result of engaging the community
  2. Churches experience life change and see people accept Christ.
  3. Churches have the opportunity to follow up with campers and parents.

How Events And Camps Are Catalysts For Connection

For many churches, hosting events and camps are just the beginning when it comes to forming connections with people in their community. Here are three ways that events and camps have been a catalyst and changed the way churches engage their communities.

  1. After churches engage their community, they see the need to expand their walls and move their ministry to the front of their church. As a result, they change their strategy to be more community focused.
  2. After an event or camp experience, volunteers are equipped and have the opportunity to serve all year round with the local church.
  3. By hosting events and camps, churches learn the processes and assimilation to do more big events year-round.

Common Mistakes Churches Make When Planning for Camps and Events

There are two important things many churches have learned about connection when it comes to planning to engage the community. Here are two catalytic questions to ask yourself when planning for events and camps within your community: 

  1. What is our main strategy for this event and how does it fit into our overall church strategy? Finding alignment will allow you to have one focus, clear goals, and be able to evaluate success.
  2. How can we ask for help? Many times churches think they have to do it all on their own, but delegation is important. Offloading responsibilities and partnering with an organization can alleviate the stress and pressure the church and volunteers may be feeling. Don’t try to do it all by yourself.

How Churches Can Develop Growth Opportunities for Young Leaders

There are many benefits for churches when they partner with Connect Camps. One benefit is the catalyst it can be for future leaders to grow.

Many times, some young leaders are serving as volunteers to assist with the camp. By getting the experience of serving and leading, the young leaders get placed in a pipeline where they see the mission and vision of the church more clearly. They understand ministry, get experience sharing the gospel and seeing lives changed, and get connected with the local church. For many, this creates a desire to continue to serve year-round and be more involved with their local church.

Camp can be a catalyst to develop and transform young leaders into key volunteers who serve throughout their lifetime because they have caught the mission of the church. The future of the local church stems on this next generation being in love with the ministry and seeing God move in it. Connect Ministries sees this as an opportunity to do its part to help churches succeed in building their pipeline of young leaders to lead and serve the church.

Final Five:

Book: A Legacy That Lasts – Trudy Cathy White
Last Thing Listened To: 80’s Music – 38 Special
Tech: Radar Gun – Baseball/Softball
Quote: “Do unto others as you’d like for them to do unto you.” Treat others how you’d like to be treated.”
One Thing to Communicate to Church Leaders: We believe the mission of the local church is the hope of the world and we’d love to partner with you.