The report aggregates recent findings on how churches and non-profits can bolster online charitable giving

Knoxville, TN – October 23, 2023 – Ministry Brands, the leading provider of software and services for faith-based, non-profit and other purpose-driven organizations, today released a new report to help churches and non-profit organizations improve the online donor experience, titled, “Seven Steps to Improve Online Donations.” 

According to recent M+R Benchmarks for 2023 non-profits, only 19% of people who visit a donation page follow through. This means more than 80% of users who visit the donation page encounter distractions or abandon their giving endeavor. 

The Seven Steps guide leverages online donor conversion data to reveal key insights and strategies that remove friction and make the giving process as streamlined as possible.  By enhancing the online donation experience, churches and non-profits can bolster user engagement, and most importantly, secure the vital donations that sustain their services and allow them to better fulfill their mission. 

Key highlights from the Seven Steps data include:

  • Simplify the Process: Make links stand out and reduce the number of clicks needed to complete the transaction. One click is best.  
  • Improve the Experience: Optimize homepages for desktop and mobile; reduce the steps to donate. 
  • Convey your Value: Provide a clear and strong value proposition that gives supporters a reason to donate, as well as messaging on how donations will be used.
  • Remove Distractions: Create a single call to action (rather than several) and reduce the number of available choices.
  • Reduce Security Concerns: Show the complete form upfront and reduce anxiety by showcasing a padlock or visual representation of security (encryption) as well as language about transaction security.
  • Maximize Recurring Giving: Lead with the option to donate on a recurring basis and provide a compelling reason for doing so. Include a value proposition for how recurring giving better supports the ministry and mission.
  • Connect with your supporters: Share personalized messages with supporters. Use customized email templates tailored for first-time donors, recurring donors and donors who reach giving milestones.

“At Ministry Brands, we’re honored to provide the churches and non-profits we serve with the best technology, services, and industry insights to support their growth,” said Chris Bacon, Chief Operating Officer, Ministry Brands. “This white paper is simply the most recent example of our ongoing commitment to helping them more effectively engage with their communities, increase generosity, and achieve their mission.” 

About Ministry Brands 

Ministry Brands helps more than 90,000 churches and non-profits organizations grow and increase their impact on the world. The company provides integrated solutions covering member and donor management, digital giving, accounting, websites, mobile apps, communications, media content, event planning, employee and volunteer background screenings, and more. Together, their nearly 700 employees help clients transform how they operate and create positive ripple effects that drive the real human impact for which we all strive. With over $6.45 billion in charitable giving managed annually, they exist to help mission-focused organizations thrive.