New Offering Enables Uninterrupted Donation Experience

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. , Aug. 14, 2023 — Ministry Brands, the leading provider of software and services for faith-based, non-profit, and other purpose-driven organizations, today announced the launch of a significant enhancement aimed at providing nonstop donation processing while safeguarding donor contributions. The new service, DonorShield, is proprietary technology which will be integrated into the company’s portfolio to enhance robustness and continuous service, regardless of any downtime with the processing servers.

The addition of DonorShield will bolster the reliability of Ministry Brand’s payment processing systems, offering critical safeguards against unforeseen disruptions caused by intermittent third-party outages. Additionally, launching this new service is part of the company’s overall efforts to elevate Ministry Brands Amplify, an all-in-one solution dedicated to providing clients with the tools they need to efficiently run their ministries.

Key Features of DonorShield Include:

  • Elimination of Duplicate Payments: DonorShield identifies and prevents duplicate payments caused by intermittent third-party failures. This feature mitigates the risk of erroneous transactions, safeguarding both donors and organizations from potential financial discrepancies.
  • Transaction Queuing for Outages: In situations where third-party partners experience complete outages, DonorShield supports transaction queuing. This means that once the payment processing system for donations encounters an outage, DonorShield diligently checks for system recovery every few minutes. Once the system is operational again, it automatically processes the queued donations and promptly notifies donors with confirmation emails, affirming the success of their contributions.

“We understand the importance of maintaining uninterrupted and seamless donation processing for our clients,” said Pat O’Donnell, CEO at Ministry Brands. “DonorShield has been meticulously developed to secure donors’ contributions during unexpected outages, offering peace of mind to faith-based, non-profit, and other purpose-driven organizations who rely on donors. This innovative technology not only protects sensitive payment information but also ensures a steady flow of revenue for churches and other organizations, enabling them to focus on their mission without worry.”

With the integration of DonorShield, Ministry Brands continues its commitment to delivering a comprehensive suite of secure software and services that empower faith-based, non-profit, and purpose-driven organizations and enable them to thrive.

About Ministry Brands:
Ministry Brands helps nearly 90,000 purpose-driven organizations grow and increase their impact on the world. We provide community and organizational leaders with integrated solutions covering people and donor management, digital giving, websites, communications, media, event planning, employee and volunteer background screenings, and more. Together, our nearly 700 associates help clients transform how they operate and create positive ripple effects that drive the real human impact for which we all strive.