Kindrid: Increase Your Giving with Church Giving Software

Kindrid is a cloud-based donation solution designed specifically for churches. The platform streamlines receiving and managing donations by seamlessly integrating with church websites, social media platforms, and various campaigns. Notable features include location tracking, creating multiple designations, and providing churches with a comprehensive toolset for collecting contributions.

Members transmit donations through text messages using the distinct giving number that Kindrid assigns to every congregation. Members have the ability to contribute by employing web connections that are accessible from various devices. The solution enables churches to monitor donations from multiple locations centrally.

Kindrid employs bank-level encryption to safeguard donors’ financial information. An overview of donations is presented to users through graphs and infographics. The proposed solution furnishes congregations with personalized videos and slides for promotional objectives. A subscription model provides services with an additional charge for each transaction.

The platform is purposefully crafted for ministry, offering intelligent integrations with Church Management Systems (ChMS) and other beloved software commonly used by churches. Experience comprehensive features for efficiently managing gifts, coupled with regular product updates that are practical and intuitive. Enjoy the convenience of a branded interface that allows easy customization to align with the church’s identity and preferences. Every Kindrid plan comes with a fully-featured church app as an added value, further enhancing the ministry’s capabilities and providing a seamless digital experience for the congregation.

They maintain transparency in their pricing approach, avoiding overwhelming users with fees. The pricing structure is transparent and free of hidden charges, as there are no contracts, batch or reporting fees, customer support or statement fees, or IRS regulation fees. The reporting features they provide alleviate administrative burdens significantly. Canned, transaction, deposit, and auto reports are user-friendly and easily customizable, facilitating improved forecasting and enhancing financial organization through simplified interpretation. Kindrid is cherished by churches for many reasons that enhance their giving experience. 

Churches benefit from secure and convenient transactions with the capability to accept Bank Giving (ACH). The option for Recurring Giving streamlines regular contributions, fostering consistent support. Including a Full-Featured Mobile App provides accessibility and engagement on the go. Unlimited Designations allow for tailored fund allocations, while Multi-Location Tracking accommodates churches with diverse congregations. The platform’s Customizable nature ensures it aligns seamlessly with individual church identities. Bank Level Security guarantees the protection of sensitive information. ChMS Integrations facilitate smooth data synchronization with Church Management Systems. Additional Flexible Add-Ons cater to specific needs, and a Free Trial allows churches to explore the platform risk-free. Custom Videos, Slides, and more enhance the visual appeal, making Kindrid a comprehensive and adaptable solution for churches seeking innovative and user-friendly giving experiences.

Kindred software stands out for its affordability, ensuring that a significant portion of the funds goes directly into the church’s bank account. There’s flexibility to choose a plan that suits one’s church’s needs, with three pricing plans starting at just $19 a month. The platform offers the option for givers to cover processing fees. The tiered rates provide a cost-effective structure where the more people contribute, the less the church pays, making Kindred a financially accessible and efficient choice for churches of varying sizes.

Kindrid’s pricing plan is indicated in the pricing table below.

$19 per month$49 per monthCustom Quote
0-100 Givers101-500 Givers$25k per month in gift volume
Credit/Debit: 3.00% + 42¢ACH/ECheck: 1.00% + 42¢Credit/Debit: 2.60% + 42¢ACH/ECheck: 1.00% + 42¢

Kindrid Pricing and Full Access Features

The Kindrid pricing features three available options depending on the number of givers. Each Kindrid plan comes with complimentary access to MinistryOne, the comprehensive church app with all its features included at no extra charge. Discover the optimal plan for the church with Kindrid. It is an inclusive giving platform offering text-giving, online giving, and in-app giving, all without the burden of contracts, sign-up fees, or hidden costs. 

The pricing includes credit/debit transactions at 3.00% + 42¢ and ACH/eCheck transactions at 1.00% + 42¢, at $19 per month for up to 100 givers. Opt for the $49 monthly plan designed for churches with 101-500 givers, including credit/debit transactions at 2.60% + 42¢ and ACH/eCheck transactions at 1.00% + 42¢. A custom quote tailored to one’s needs is available if the monthly gift volume exceeds $25,000. The plan provides a comprehensive solution for larger congregations, offering competitive rates and personalized service to meet the unique requirements of the ministry. Users need to contact Kindrid directly for a price estimate for larger plans. Contact them to request individualized strategies that are tailored to one’s needs.

Remember that there is a $10 monthly minimum if the monthly processing fees exceed $10. Members only pay the usual processing fees if their fees exceed $10. These suggested ranges are based on successful implementations, and the Kindrid team is ready to collaborate with customers to identify the ideal plan for their ministry. Contact them for personalized assistance. 

Enhance the precision of church statistics by considering the following averages. A church sees an estimated attendance of 75 individuals every week. The figures are calculated based on Kindrid averages regarding annual giving projections. These projections presuppose the implementation of Kindrid on a church’s website, a strategic rollout during a Sunday service complete with slides and video, and an announcement email notifying the congregation of the new giving option. The comprehensive approach is designed to optimize engagement and participation, contributing to more accurate attendance estimations and annual giving for the church.

4 Benefits of Kindrid

The four benefits of Kindrid are listed below.

  • Kiosk Giving: Kiosks boost community engagement and congregational generosity. Their kiosk solution is a smart iPad OS software application that costs $19.00 monthly. The unique application streamlines contact and fosters generosity and community connection by providing a user-friendly and efficient channel for church gifts and interactions.
  • Full-Featured Church App: Such a sophisticated tool allows users to customize it to their needs with unparalleled customization choices. Experience how the robust application brings the congregation together in unexpected ways. Centralize sermons, films, and multimedia assets for easy community access.
  • Web-Based Solutions: Kindrid optimizes an online giving experience with fully personalized Giving Pages that match one’s brand. The tool rigorously analyzes donation totals, campuses, and individual gifts and displays them on a dynamic dashboard for clear insights. Kindrid connects with Church Community Builder, Shelby, Fellowship One, Ministry Platform, Arena, Breeze, ACS, and Servant Keeper for a unified data management approach. Kindrid encrypts and stores financial data and information according to Level 1 PCI requirements to protect sensitive data.
  • Text Giving: The Kindrid platform empowers users to seamlessly send and receive gifts of any desired amount through SMS. Contributors who elect to donate by SMS text their church’s authorized Giving Number. They then get an automatic text message confirming the details of their gift. It makes the giving process easy and clear.

1. Kiosk Giving

Kiosks are designed to facilitate information exchange with a simple touch typically standalone devices. Leveraging a kiosk in a church or organization proves highly beneficial. Think of it as an iPad-like device where any form created is showcased. It means members effortlessly contribute, sign up for events, submit prayer requests, and more. Setting up and maintaining these kiosks is straightforward, and the entire process is secure. Kiosks are an excellent tool to enhance community engagement and foster generosity within the community. Their Kiosk solution is a software application based on iPad OS, accessible for a monthly software access fee of $19.00. The initial application purchase encompasses a one-time cost of $80, plus shipping, for the compatible card reader essential for the Kiosk application. Churches are responsible for procuring their iPads, stands, and related hardware to support the application. 

The Kiosk application is exclusively crafted for Apple’s iPad OS and is inaccessible through the App Store. Users receive the supported card swiper and instructions on downloading the application upon acquiring the Kiosk solution. The Kiosk is currently compatible with iPad models capable of running iPadOS version 13 or higher, including the iPad Pro 12.9-inch (or newer), iPad Pro 9.7-inch (or newer), iPad Air 2 (or newer), and iPad Mini 4 (or newer). Ensure the iPad has at least iPadOS version 13 or greater. The iPads 9th Generation and beyond, equipped with a USB-C port instead of the traditional headphone jack, are incompatible with their Card Readers.

Optional hardware components are available for enhanced functionality in addition to the card swiper. They don’t directly sell or provide enclosure cases, stands, or mounts. They’ve partnered with Mount-it for client’s convenience. Explore their selection at, where users find a Floor Stand priced at $90 (SKU: MI-3786) and a Desk Mount at $70 (SKU: MI-3785). Utilize the coupon code MINISTRY10 for added savings. Newer iPad models necessitate a different stand. The card swiper conveniently connects to the traditional headphone jack, ensuring seamless integration with the chosen setup.

Begin by accessing the Manager Portal within the Giving Platform to initiate the setup process for the Kiosk. Navigate Giving Account Settings by clicking on the configuration wheel icon located in the top right corner of the manager portal. Identify and select the Kiosk card to proceed with the necessary steps for configuring the Kiosk platform. Take the next step by personalizing the Kiosk application within the Kiosk card on the Manager Portal. It involves making selections that tailor the Kiosk to the user’s preferences, including customizing images and user options. 

Easily enhance the visual appeal of the kiosk by incorporating the organization’s identity by adding an organizational logo and background image. Simply browse the computer or utilize the drag-and-drop feature to upload the chosen image files. The customization option lets users showcase their organization’s branding prominently on the kiosk interface, creating a cohesive and personalized user experience.

Activate the “One-time Payments” feature to empower administrators to handle individual, non-recurring payments efficiently. The functionality enables administrators to input a specific dollar amount, swipe the card, and finalize the transaction swiftly, making it particularly useful for transactions such as merchandise sales. Administrators have the flexibility to designate the fund into which these one-time payments are going to be directed, along with the ability to set the percentage for fee coverage within the feature. It ensures a seamless and tailored experience for managing unique financial transactions within the system.

Enable the “Event Registration” feature to seamlessly integrate live event registration forms from your Form Builder into the Kiosk app, offering members a convenient registration experience. The feature handles different forms, but longer registration forms aren’t the best for kiosks because they are less convenient for users. 

Enhance security measures by setting a Security Pin. The unique PIN ensures the kiosk screen remains locked on a specific form or screen. Use the Security Pin to secure the screen on a designated “Camp Registration” form during the weeks devoted to encouraging parents to register for the camp, if the kiosk is located in the Children’s area of the church. The pin provides added control over the kiosk’s functionality, enhancing security and directing user engagement.

2. Full-Featured Church App

Experience unparalleled value with every plan as users gain access to the MinistryOne App, a comprehensive church application that comes included at no extra cost. The powerful app offers unmatched customization options, allowing users to tailor it to their needs. Witness firsthand how such a robust application fosters unprecedented connections within the community, bringing the congregation together in ways never imagined.

Effortlessly centralize all sermons, videos, and multimedia content in one accessible hub for the entire community. Achieve seamless integration with popular platforms like YouTube and Vimeo for real-time syndication. Ensure weekly availability of sermon audio through the podcast feed. The community accesses ministry videos, sermons, and multimedia content with the customized MinistryOne app, fostering a streamlined and engaging experience.

Raise the importance of prayer requests in the church by encouraging members to send them anytime and anywhere. MinistryOne makes it easy to handle prayer requests quickly and effectively by directly connecting to the Church Management System (ChMS). Quickly send the right materials and respond to prayer requests with the direct link, making the ministry a more responsive and helpful place to be.

Bring event registration directly to the fingertips of the church community with MinistryOne. It is the singular platform that enables seamless and efficient connections, registrations, and event payments. Enhance the effectiveness of event management and payment processing by integrating MinistryOne seamlessly with the Church Management System (ChMS). Create an atmosphere of excitement by encouraging members to register for events during services, fostering a dynamic and engaged community experience.

MinistryOne is the go-to platform for making meaningful connections. It simplifies connecting, signing up, and making payments for events, classes, or small groups within the church. MinistryOne makes it easier than ever to connect the congregation and enhance overall engagement, facilitating seamless interactions.

3. Web-Based Solutions

Start by visiting the church’s website and locate a button that prompts giving, a dedicated giving page, or a link that guides one through the donation process to give on the church’s website. Follow the instructions to make a one-time gift or set up an account for recurring contributions. Reach out to the church directly. There are no options for giving available on the website, but they provide guidance on how to proceed. Online donations ensure a direct and coherent system for supporting the church.

4. Text Giving

Start by visiting the church’s website and navigating to the “Give” page to text a gift to the church. Look for the text-giving number, or request it from the church administrator if needed. The dedicated giving number is distinct from the main phone number. Send a text with the gift amount once the number is available, the name of a specific fund, or simply the word “Give” to initiate the gift setup. Fill out a quick, one-time form if it is the first time using the way to safely link the church’s account to the credit card, debit card, or ACH (eCheck). Text gifts in seconds from anywhere once the account is set up. Save the church’s giving number as a contact on the phone for easy access whenever one is inspired to give to make the process even smoother.

How to Use Kindrid?

To use Kindrid follow the steps listed below.

  1. Create an Account. Visit the Kindrid website and create an account. Provide the necessary information about the church or organization to set up a Kindrid account.
  2. Choose a Plan. Select a Kindrid plan that best fits the needs and size of the church. Kindrid offers different plans with varying features, so choose the one that aligns with one’s requirements.
  3. Set Up an Account. Follow the prompts to set up the Kindrid account. It includes linking a bank account for fund transfers, configuring account settings, and providing essential details about the church.
  4. Integrate with the Website. Integrate Kindrid with the church’s website. Kindrid typically provides tools and plugins to smooth the integration process, allowing members to give directly through a website.
  5. Customize Giving Options. Customize giving options based on the church’s needs. Set up different funds or campaigns for specific purposes, such as tithes, offerings, missions, or special projects.
  6. Promote Kindrid. Inform the congregation about the availability of Kindrid for online giving. Utilize various communication channels, including announcements during services, emails, social media, and printed materials, to promote the new giving option.
  7. Train Staff and Volunteers. Train staff and volunteers on how to use Kindrid. Ensure they understand the process of processing online donations, accessing reports, and addressing any questions from donors.
  8. Encourage Communication. Keep communication open with the congregation. Regularly update them on fundraising goals, achievements, and the impact of their contributions.
  9. Monitor and Analyze. Use the reporting and analytics features provided by Kindrid to monitor giving trends, track donor engagement, and analyze the effectiveness of the online giving campaigns.
  10. Provide Support. Offer ongoing support to the congregation. Ensure that resources and assistance are available for questions or issues related to using Kindrid.

How to Login Kindrid?

To login to Kindrid follow the steps listed below.

  1. Visit the Kindrid Website. Launch a web browser and navigate to the Kindrid website by entering in the address bar.
  2. Locate the Login Section. Identify and click on the “Login” section on the Kindrid homepage. It is typically found at the top of the page for easy access.
  3. Enter Email and Password. Fill in the email address linked with the Kindrid account in the designated form in the login section. Enter the matching password next.
  4. Initiate Login. Click the “Log In” button after entering the login credentials. The action is to submit the provided information for verification.

How to Create an Account for Kindrid?

To create an account for Kindrid follow the steps listed below.

  1. Go to the Kindrid Website. Open a web browser and navigate to the Kindrid website by entering in the address bar.
  2. Initiate Free Trial. Locate and click the “Start Your Free Trial” button on the Kindrid homepage. It prompts the account creation process.
  3. Provide Organization Details. Fill in the necessary information, including the complete name, organization name, email address, and phone number. Ensure accuracy for effective communication.
  4. Select State. Choose the organization’s state from the provided options. The process assists in tailoring the services based on regional considerations.
  5. Specify Weekly Attendance Range. Indicate the range of total weekly attendance at the organization. The information helps customize the Kindrid experience to suit the user’s specific needs.
  6. Enter Promo Code (if applicable). Enter the promo code into the designated field if there is one available. The step allows users to take advantage of any promotional offers or discounts.
  7. Agree to Terms of Service. Review the “Terms of Service” agreement thoroughly. Check the corresponding box to signify acceptance of the terms once satisfied.
  8. Initiate Trial. Conclude the process by clicking the “Join Now” button. The action finalizes the trial setup, allowing one to explore Kindrid’s features and services.

How to Organize an Online Giving with Kindrid?

To organize an online giving with Kindrid follow the steps listed below.

  1. Create a Kindrid Account. Visit the Kindrid website and sign up for an account. Users must provide necessary details about their church, such as its name, location, and contact information.
  2. Configure the Account Settings. Navigate to the account settings once the account is set up to customize preferences such as donation categories, communication preferences, and receipting options. Tailor these settings to align with the church’s specific needs.
  3. Integrate with the Church Management System (ChMS). Integrate a Church Management System (ChMS) with Kindrid for streamlined data management if the church uses it. Such an integration ensures that donor information and giving history are synchronized between the two platforms.
  4. Set Up Giving Categories. Define giving categories based on the church’s needs. It includes options like tithes, offerings, missions, or special projects. Clear categories make it easy for donors to allocate their contributions appropriately.
  5. Embed the Giving Form on the Website. Kindrid provides tools to embed giving forms directly onto the church’s website. The process allows members to make contributions easily without leaving the site.
  6. Promote Online Giving. Actively promote online giving within the church community. Utilize various communication channels, such as emails, social media, and announcements during services, to inform members about the convenience of Kindrid’s online giving platform.
  7. Encourage Recurring Giving. Highlight the option for recurring giving, allowing members to set up automatic, scheduled donations. It enhances consistency in contributions and supports financial planning.
  8. Provide Clear Instructions. Communicate how members use Kindrid for online giving. Provide step-by-step instructions for accessing and using the platform through sermons, informational materials, or the church’s website.
  9. Offer Support and Assistance. Be available to assist and address any members’ questions or concerns about online giving. Providing support and guidance fosters confidence in using the Kindrid platform.
  10. Express Gratitude. Acknowledge and express gratitude for online contributions. Regularly communicate the impact of these donations on the church’s mission and projects to keep the community engaged and informed.

Is it possible to find Church Volunteers with Kindrid?

No, it is not possible to find church volunteers with Kindrid. Kindrid is largely focused on delivering solutions for managing online giving and donations to churches and other nonprofit organizations. Kindrid has tools that make communication and engagement with members easier, but it does not offer a unique tool dedicated to finding church volunteers.

What to know about Kindrid?

The things to know about Kindrid are listed below.

  • Address: Pompano Beach, Florida, USA
  • Contact Information: (616) 419-8812
  • Email Address:
  • Price Plans: There are three plans available for the church. The pricing plan starts at $19 monthly, $49, and the custom quote.
  • Security Standards: Kindrid encrypts and stores all financial data and information entered, ensuring adherence to Level 1 PCI standards to safeguard sensitive information.   
  • Flexible Giving Options: Kindrid offers various giving options, including bank giving (ACH), recurring giving, and the ability to receive SMS gifts. The adaptability accommodates the different tastes of churchgoers.

What are the Integrations with Kindrid?

The integrations with Kindrid are listed below.

  • Church Accounting Integration: Accounting integration automates financial operations, streamlines fund allocation, gives real-time information, and improves compliance. A tool saves churches time and resources, letting staff focus on strategic financial management rather than manual administrative work. 
  • Church Media Integration: Churches provide members with a more comprehensive and interconnected digital experience by integrating the ability to give beautiful multimedia material through church media integration.
  • Church Website Integration: Integration helps churches create a uniform online presence, encouraging more people to get engaged and donate and streamlining the giving process.

1. Church Accounting Integration

Kindrid’s Church Accounting Integration is a sophisticated feature facilitating seamless communication between Kindrid, an online giving platform, and church accounting software. It automates the transfer of financial data, synchronizes with Church Management Systems (ChMS), and ensures accurate financial reporting. The integration streamlines fund allocation, automates financial processes, provides real-time insights, and enhances compliance. Churches benefit from time and resource savings, allowing staff to focus on strategic financial management tasks rather than manual administrative work with such a tool. The integration promotes efficiency, accuracy, and transparency in managing the church’s financial information.

Begin by accessing the manager dashboard to initiate the API integration process. Locate and click on the Settings Gear icon in the top banner, then select the Integrations card. It leads users to the integration settings, where they configure and manage the API integration for their needs.

3. Church Media Integration

Kindrid’s Church Media Integration is a complete feature designed to incorporate multimedia content into the church’s digital ecosystem easily. Churches now easily use media like movies, slides, and bespoke graphics within the Kindrid platform, due to the connectivity. Churches boost engagement tactics during services, events, and online engagements by syncing media content with Kindrid. Kindrid is not only a dynamic platform for presenting impactful visual and audio messages, but the integration additionally provides a centralized location for organizing donations. Churches provide members with a more rounded and interconnected digital experience by fusing the ability to give attractive multimedia material.

4. Church Website Integration

Kindrid’s Church Website Integration is a sophisticated feature designed to integrate the Kindrid platform easily with the church’s website, delivering a uniform and user-friendly online experience. Religious institutions have online giving forms readily available to their congregations by incorporating the feature at the click of a button. Kindrid ensures uniformity in branding and user experience by syncing with the church’s website to create a unified digital space for online giving and research. The integration helps churches present a unified front online, which in turn encourages more people to get involved and give to their cause, in addition to streamlining the process of making a gift.

Does Kindrid belong to Amplify?

Yes, Kindrid belongs to Amplify. Kindrid and Amplify are software giving and donation solutions under Ministry Brands. These platforms focus on providing online giving and donation management solutions for churches and ministries. A church’s online giving app or solution aims to present a simple and easy way for members to donate financially to the church’s mission and ministry. These solutions enable members to make donations, tithes, and offerings using a simple digital interface, removing the limitations of conventional in-person giving.   

What is the Term and Privacy Policy of Using Kindrid Software?

The terms and privacy policy of using Kindrid software are available on their website. The terms include the Giving Solutions Specific Terms. The utilization of the Giving Solutions is governed by the terms outlined in the Terms of Service (the “Agreement”) and the additional terms presented herein. Any capitalized terms hold the meanings ascribed to them in the Agreement unless otherwise defined in the context.

 “Giving Solutions” refers to the cloud-based software-as-a-service giving and donation solutions offered under various brands, including but not limited to Amplify, EasyTithe, ParishSOFT, Simple Give, Faith Direct, MinistryOne, WeShare, FellowshipOne, Clover Give, E360 Give, eGive, Giving Base, Giving Kiosk, Kindrid, Ministry Linq, Bluefire, Bridge Element Giving, Church Office Giving, EFT Plus, eGive USA, eGiving by NCS Services,, Elexio Giving, E-Zekiel Giving, Faith Highway, Giving Help Desk, My PayCast, Rocket Donations, Sharefaith, Shelby Next, Simple Church, Site Organic, and mogiv. It includes any corresponding mobile or other applications provided by Ministry Brands.

The Privacy Policy outlines how Ministry Brands Holdings, LLC and its affiliated companies collect, process, and safeguard Personal Information through their websites. Personal Information includes details that identify or relate to individuals. The data collected includes information provided directly, such as names, contact details, payment information, and information obtained automatically through online tools. Such information is usually used by Ministry Brands to improve user experiences, provide client services, process payments, and communicate about products and services. The disclosure of Personal Information occurs to subsidiaries, affiliates, business partners, and service providers and complies with legal requirements. Users have choices to manage their information and opt out of marketing communications. The policy addresses security measures, retention practices, and considerations for children’s privacy. It provides data for California residents and users outside the United States. The Policy is subject to modification at the discretion of Ministry Brands, with continuous usage suggesting acceptance of changes.

What is the Customer Support Number of Kindrid?

The customer support number of Kindrid is (616) 419-8812. It is merged with Amplify. Call their hotline from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday EST. Email them at They answer emails within a few hours. They are always available through their chat channel to answer any questions. Visit their website to get started. All questions and inquiries are promptly answered through their different channels.