easyTithe: Church and Tithe Management

easyTithe is a comprehensive platform designed for church and tithe management, serving a vast clientele of more than 15,000 churches. The primary purpose of easyTithe is to provide churches with user-friendly digital giving tools that encompass a diverse array of features tailored precisely to their needs. One of the primary advantages of easyTithe is the enhanced simplicity it offers churches in accepting, monitoring, and administrating donations. The utilization of such a system streamlines the procedure of gathering offerings, tithes, and additional contributions.

easyTithe distinguishes itself by its roots, as it was developed by the church specifically for the church. easyTithe ensures a comprehensive understanding of and effective response to the distinctive needs and obstacles encountered by religious institutions. Its unique aspect highlights the organization’s dedication to delivering customized solutions that effectively address the specific requirements of religious institutions.

easyTithe was founded with the primary objective of catering to the needs of the church community and has subsequently emerged as the leading provider of giving services within the specific market segment. The establishment of easyTithe is traced back to a time when the necessity for effective and contemporary procedures for managing donations in churches became apparent. It has expanded and changed over time to become a reliable platform that religious institutions use extensively.

The relevance of easyTithe in the content of Amplify lies in its provision of a streamlined and effective solution for churches to effectively oversee their financial operations and contributions. Amplify has the capability to seamlessly integrate with easyTithe, functioning as a program designed for church management, providing churches with a comprehensive solution that facilitates the optimization of their operational processes. The integration encompasses a range of functionalities, including but not limited to attendance monitoring and financial management, allowing churches to enhance the efficiency of their overall operations.

easyTithe provides a clear and adaptable price structure to meet the various requirements of churches of all sizes. Smaller congregations quickly receive and handle gifts with the help of the $19 per month Small Church plan, which offers essential digital giving capabilities. The $49/month modest to Mid-Size Church plan is an excellent option for growing ministries, as it provides more advanced capabilities for churches that have outgrown the modest size. easyTithe Pro offers Church Management Software (ChMS) connectivity and tools for $75 per month, making it an excellent value for new customers seeking a full solution. easyTithe’s price tiers enable churches of all sizes and financial capacities to use its services by allowing them to select a plan that fits their needs and budget. easyTithe further demonstrates its dedication to aiding churches in their financial management endeavors by providing extra support for churches processing higher volumes or with lengthy records.

easyTithe’s pricing plan is indicated in the pricing table below.

GivingSmall ChurchGivingSmall to Mid-Size ChurchGiving + ChMS + AppeasyTithe Pro
$19 per month$49 per month$75 per month
(For New Customers Only)
3.00% + 42¢ per debit/credit trans1.00% + 42¢ per ACH trans2.6% + 42¢ per debit/credit trans1.00% + 42¢ per ACH trans2.75% + $0.42 per debit/credit trans1.00% + $0.42 per ACH transRecord count is limited to 500

easyTithe Pricing and Full Access Features

easyTithe pricing refers to the fee structure connected with using the easyTithe platform, which is a church management and online giving solution. The pricing includes the costs that churches or other organizations must pay to use and access easyTithe’s features and services. There are three (3) plans or tiers with varying features and prices in the pricing structure, so churches choose a plan that best suits their needs and budget. The price model ensures that churches manage their finances efficiently, accept online donations, and gain access to additional tools and connectors to support their mission and operations while paying rates proportionate to the service they require.

easyTithe provides a variety of price choices that are specifically designed to cater to the diverse requirements of various congregations. The “Giving Small Church” plan is offered for a monthly rate of $19, catering specifically to smaller churches. The plan includes transaction fees of 3.00% + 42¢ per debit or credit transaction and 1.00% + 42¢ per ACH transaction. It is imperative to acknowledge that a monthly minimum of $10 is in effect. The $10 monthly minimum applies to churches that process fewer than $10 in processing fees per month, approximately $300 in transactions, depending on the stipulated fees. They just have to pay the standard processing fees without any additional charges if they handle fees totaling more than $10.

The pricing for the “Giving Small to Mid-Size Church” plan is set at $49 per month, catering specifically to churches of small to mid-size proportions. The plan includes transaction fees of 2.6% + 42¢ per debit or credit transaction and 1.00% + 42¢ per ACH transaction. It has a $10 monthly minimum and is subject to the same processing charge guidelines as the small church plan.

The “easyTithe Pro” plan is exclusively offered to new customers, costs $75 a month, and is a comprehensive solution for churches in search of such services. The product provides a comprehensive suite of features encompassing Church Management, Giving, and a Mobile App. The plan comes with transaction fees of 2.75% + $0.42 per debit or credit transaction and 1.00% + $0.42 per ACH transaction. The comprehensive and convenient solution is particularly suitable for churches, offering a record count limit of 500. The $10 monthly minimum for the plan is the same as it is for the other plans. The pricing of all plans is subject to future modifications, so churches must remain informed about any revisions that transpire.

easyTithe’s full access features are listed below.

  • Option to Restrict Credit Card Use for Payments: The Option to restrict credit card use for payments allows organizations to control whether donors pay with credit cards. It gives users the freedom to select which forms of payment are accepted for transactions and donations.
  • Donor Self-Management: Donor Self-Management allows contributors to an organization to be in charge of their preferred methods of donating. Donors do not require administrative support to change their donation frequency, amount, or modes of payment.
  • Donor Profiles and Management: Donor profiles are detailed data kept by organizations for each donor. Donor Profiles and Management contains donor data, including contact information, giving history, preferences, and communication preferences. It facilitates tailored donor interaction and administration.
  • Real-Time Dashboard: A real-time dashboard offers a current summary of important giving and financial information. It enables businesses to monitor donation activities, analyze goals’ progress, and make defensible judgments using up-to-date information.
  • Standard Reports: Standard reports consist of pre-made templates that organizations utilize to create standard financial and reporting reports. These reports include information on donor demographics, donation trends, and other essential data to support financial analysis and decision-making.
  • Report Automation: Report automation automates the creation and distribution of reports at predefined intervals. Report automation helps companies stay current with their financial data by guaranteeing that reports are generated and disseminated on a regular basis without the need for manual intervention.
  • Full-Featured Church App Included: The Full-Featured Church App gives users access to a comprehensive church app, which often contains various features such as event registration, communication tools, sermon streaming, donating options, and more. It gives churches a centralized platform to interact with their members and oversee every aspect of church life.
  • Online Giving Forms: Online giving forms are electronic forms that allow supporters to donate to the organization via the Internet. Donors choose their preferred payment method, purpose, and amount.
  • Mobile App (compatible with Apple & Android): easyTithe Mobile App is a specialized application that allows contributors to use their Apple or Android mobile devices to make donations, manage their giving, and access other church-related data.
  • Text Giving: Contributors make a donation by texting the amount of their gift. It gives fans an easy and quick option to make a donation.
  • Recurring Giving: Donors schedule regular, recurring contributions at predetermined periods, such as weekly or monthly, to give the organization continuous support.
  • Accept ACH Transactions: Accepting ACH transactions allows the organization to handle donations directly from bank accounts utilizing secure and cost-effective ACH transactions.
  • Accept Debit Card Transactions: Accepting debit card transactions allows donors to make contributions using their debit cards.
  • Accept Credit Transactions from Popular Cards like Visa: Accepting credit transactions from popular cards helps organizations to increase giving options by allowing them to take credit card payments, including ones from well-known cards such as Visa.
  • Donor Helps Cover Processing Fees: Contributors choose to pay the processing fees for their gifts, guaranteeing that the entire amount intended is sent to the organization.
  • Highly Rated Customer Support: Excellent customer support makes sure people get in touch with customer service agents who are competent and quick to respond, helping them with any questions or problems they have with the easyTithe platform.
  • Giving Success Coaches and Resources: Success Coaches are professionals who offer organizations resources and advice to maximize their giving initiatives. They provide guidance on best practices and help to make online donating successful.
  • Custom Report Creation: The Custom Report Creation gives customers the freedom to design reports that are particular to their requirements and analysis needs. It gives them the option to show data in any format they choose.
  • Custom Form Builder: The Custom Form Builder gives donors and congregation members a personalized experience by allowing them to create and modify web forms for various uses, including surveys, event registration, and money collecting.
  • ChMS Integrations: easyTithe and other church administration software solutions share and synchronize data easily due to ChMS integrations, which improves data management and productivity.
  • Data Import/Export: The easyTithe platform makes it simple for users to import and export data, guaranteeing data consistency and facilitating data relocation or backup needs.
  • Event and Registration Forms: The event and registration forms make it easier to plan events and keep track of attendance for church events and meetings by allowing users to develop and manage event registration forms.

7 Benefits of easyTithe

The 7 benefits of easyTithe are listed below.

  • Forms is one of the best features of easyTithe. easyTithe makes it easy for churches to create and handle forms such as registration, donations, etc.
  • The easyTithe mobile app improves accessibility and engagement by allowing churches and their members to organize contributions and make gifts while on the go.
  • Reporting is an essential component of easyTithe since it provides churches with sophisticated reporting tools to track and analyze donation trends and financial data, allowing them to make more educated decisions.
  • The event registration functionalities offered by easyTithe streamline the task of coordinating and overseeing church events, facilitating effortless registration and efficient monitoring of participant participation.
  • Integrations are a fundamental benefit of easyTithe since it interfaces smoothly with other church management systems and applications, ensuring data integrity and efficiency.
  • EasyTithe makes fund management simpler for churches by facilitating the effective allocation and monitoring of finances for various ministries and projects, enhancing financial transparency.
  • EasyTithe makes it simple for church members to set up periodic recurring giving, which gives the organization a reliable and consistent source of income.

1. Forms

Forms in easyTithe are a valuable tool for churches, allowing them to collect essential information and payments while providing a high level of customization and control. The easyTithe forms have been seamlessly included in the church’s website, providing congregants with an accessible interface through which they actively participate in a range of church-related endeavors. The forms provide a notable advantage in terms of their versatility since they are capable of accommodating churches of varying proportions, regardless of whether they are tiny or huge. Churches effectively alleviate administrative costs by facilitating the seamless collection and organization of crucial contact and payment data. It facilitates the enhancement of church personnel’s readiness for subsequent undertakings following events, such as engaging with participants or overseeing volunteer coordination.

The distinguishing characteristic of these forms is their capacity to effectively accommodate a diverse array of church-related responsibilities. The church’s website has customizable forms that enable individuals to conveniently and securely engage in activities such as volunteering, event registration, prayer request submission, and making payments or gifts. The simplicity of use and sense of security that these forms offer to congregation members improve their entire experience with the online services offered by the church.

The software facilitates the attainment of such functionality by equipping churches with the necessary resources to generate and personalize forms specifically designed to meet their requirements. These forms encompass several categories, such as contact information, payment details, event registration, gift section, and other relevant areas. Churches have the ability to establish the structure and visual characteristics of these forms to conform to their branding and specific needs. Congregants readily access and complete these forms after they are embedded on the church website. The program guarantees the secure storage of collected information, enabling the church to access it for follow-up, event planning, or financial administration purposes. The forms feature offered by easyTithe serves to simplify and enrich the church’s interaction with its members and the wider community. The form’s functionality effectively streamlines administrative procedures, fostering a sense of trust and convenience among congregants.

2. Mobile app

The easyTithe mobile app serves as a powerful tool that effectively boosts the convenience of mobile donations for donors. The mobile application is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems, enabling donors to effectively oversee online contributions using their mobile devices. The primary features of the application encompass the capacity to modify payment methods, select particular funds for donations, and customize the frequency of contributions. 

The easyTithe mobile app offers numerous advantages. The platform enables donors to handle single and recurring donations directly from their smartphones, granting them greater control and convenience in their giving activities. The application facilitates individuals’ convenience of making single gifts or establishing regular contributions using the “Make this Gift Recurring” feature on the donation webpage. The adaptability of the approach serves as a catalyst for one-time contributions towards designated funds and fosters a culture of sustained benevolence throughout the year.

The program facilitates these operations by providing a user-friendly interface on the mobile application. Donors conveniently access the application through their iOS or Android devices, ensuring a broad reach and great accessibility among users. The application allows donors to conveniently access and assess their donation records, promoting transparency and empowering them with a sense of control over their contributions. The application allows users to securely store their payment details, facilitating donations during mobile activities. The mobile application effectively consolidates the functionalities of online donation platforms into a portable format, which improves the convenience and efficiency of the act of philanthropy. Incorporating technology streamlines the process of donating, fostering heightened involvement and magnanimity among donors, ultimately yielding advantages for the church or institution it supports.

3. Reporting

The reporting functionality offered by easyTithe is a useful feature that equips churches with the ability to gain insights and perform data analysis. The software enables the production of diverse reports tailored to the church’s specific requirements, encompassing pre-defined and adaptable reporting choices. These reports facilitate the monitoring and analysis of financial data, donation patterns, and other significant indicators inside churches. 

The reporting feature’s main advantage is its capacity to provide precise, useful data adapted to the church’s needs. Readily accessible standard reports are provided to address typical reporting requirements, streamlining the procedure for getting essential information. The software provides the capability to personalize reports according to specified parameters, including but not limited to date range, individuals, transactions, and funds. The feature offers a high degree of adaptability in meeting distinct reporting requirements. 

The software does the job by offering a user-friendly interface that enables the generation of many report formats. Churches obtain standard reports that have been set to address typical reporting needs. easyTithe provides automated reports that are configured to verify giving activities on a daily, weekly, or monthly frequency and afterward deliver these reports to specified email recipients. Transaction reports allow churches to obtain the latest records of donations, facilitating the issuance of receipts or the initiation of reimbursement procedures as deemed necessary. Deposit reports are essential in reconciling batch deposit amounts with bank account transactions.

These reports provide valuable information regarding the status, amount, and invoice date of deposits, delivering valuable insights into the financial transactions associated with the bank account. Canned reports facilitate the production of personalized reports by allowing users to select specified criteria. The auto-donation reports offer comprehensive data about recurring donors, encompassing details such as the dates of invoices, the corresponding amounts, and the current status of the donations. The generation of donor contribution statements contains all donors or is limited to individual donors, allowing for selecting a desired reporting timeframe.

The reporting tool offered by easyTithe streamlines the task of data analysis and reporting within the context of churches, resulting in time and effort savings that are redirected towards more effective engagement in missionary endeavors. Automating reporting duties and providing insightful information enable churches to improve productivity, make educated decisions, and efficiently manage their finances. The interoperability of easyTithe with various Church Management Software Solutions enhances efficiency by providing seamless interfaces and a comprehensive solution for managing church finances.

4. Event Registration

Event Registration is a feature of easyTithe that streamlines the process of organizing and maintaining church activities. Event Registration enables churches to design and personalize event registration forms, simplifying the process of enrolling members of the congregation in a variety of clubs, activities, and events. 

The key advantage of event registration is its convenience for church administration and congregation members. Event registration provides administrators with the tools they need to easily develop and manage event registration forms. Pre-made templates are available for popular events such as Prayer Requests and Children’s Events, and customization options allow users to add logos, background images, and colors that match the church’s branding. Churches have the capacity to plan an infinite number of events and activities, keep track of attendance and payments, and plan ahead more effectively.

Event registration becomes a hassle-free process for members of the church. They easily register online for events, activities, and groups, making it quick and easy to pay for tickets, registration fees, or even donations to designated funds during the registration. Convenience extends to registration for many activities at once and volunteering, which increases churchgoers’ total involvement.

Church administrators create and modify event registration forms using the software’s user-friendly interface, which helps them meet their unique requirements. Congregation members register and securely pay for events by visiting the church’s website or registration page. The program includes features for tracking attendance and processing payments to make event administration more efficient.

EasyTithe’s dedication to customer service is further demonstrated by its Success Coaches, who offer churches one-on-one training sessions to assist with form setup and platform utilization. Success Coaches provide excellent tools and advice for organizing events, from initial planning to acknowledging guests.

easyTithe guarantees intelligent interfaces with other software platforms, simplifying donor data tracking and providing event-related information. The integration guarantees that information lands where it is supposed to and streamlines data management.

easyTithe’s Event Registration feature makes it easier for churches to have every event contribute to their purpose by streamlining the organization and planning process. Event registration creates a sense of community and unity by allowing church leaders to interact more with congregation members during outreach events. The feature extends beyond Sunday services, bringing churches and communities together through a streamlined event registration and management procedure.

5. Integrations

Integrations pertain to the capacity of the easyTithe software to establish smooth connections and operate in conjunction with alternative church management software solutions. Churches manage and arrange many parts of church administration more easily by streamlining their operations and data sharing through these interfaces.

The main advantage of these integrations is the increased convenience and efficiency they provide for churches. EasyTithe guarantees that churches obtain complete solutions that correspond with their particular requirements by collaborating with reliable vendors of church management software. Church administrators save time and effort by using these interfaces, which streamline data sharing and remove the hassles associated with manual data entry.

The program accomplishes the matter by being compatible with various church administration software systems that are already well-known and established in the industry. Some of these solutions include SimpleChurch CRM, FellowshipOne, Church Community Builder, Shelby (Arena & Legacy), ACS Technologies, PowerChurch, Church Office Online, Planning Center, Rock CRM, Servant Keeper, Breeze, Realm, and TheCity. Churches easily manage and arrange many parts of their operations, such as membership and contributions, event planning, and communication, due to these interfaces.

Churches save a lot of time with these integrations since they reduce the need for human data entry and increase data accessibility. They facilitate the tracking of donations and efficient gift management by guaranteeing that data is correct and easily accessible, streamlining workflow. Administrators effortlessly handle gifts, even without substantial technical or financial knowledge, due to these integrations and sophisticated reporting tools. Integrations make data conveniently available and organized, lessening the aggravation of seeking through disparate systems for information.

6. Fund management

Fund management in easyTithe is a function that allows churches to quickly create, administer, and oversee multiple funds or designations based on their specific financial needs and objectives. Fund management is the central hub for supervising the distribution of donations to various areas of the church’s operations.

The fund management’s key advantage is its ability to support churches in keeping a high level of organization and financial management. Churches create and modify an infinite number of funds, customizing them to meet their own needs. It involves establishing new funds, making changes to already-existing ones, deciding which order donors see them displayed, selecting pertinent fund keywords, and even generating sub-funds and fund numbers. Fund management ensures every donation is distributed fairly and openly, giving contributors and the church clarity.

The software accomplishes the proper distribution of every donation by providing an intuitive and user-friendly interface developed exclusively for fund management. Church administrators easily create, update, and manage funds in real-time by visiting the Fund Management page in easyTithe. The software allows for the formation of an endless number of funds used for various objectives, including seasonal campaigns, building upkeep, summer camps, kids ministry, small groups, missions, and missionaries, among others.

The key feature of the fund management system is the level of control it gives churches. Administrators have complete control over the sequence in which funds are displayed to donors, the ability to hide specific funds from text and kiosk giving, and other customization options. The flexibility guarantees a smooth integration of the fund management procedure with the church’s financial plan and objectives.

7. Recurring giving

Recurring giving is the procedure by which an individual makes a one-time arrangement to schedule automatic donations withdrawn from their credit card or bank account on a recurring basis. Recurring giving facilitates donations and encourages regular financial support, enabling churches to foster a culture of generosity among their members.

The primary benefit of recurring giving is the significant positive impact it has on a church’s financial stability and overall giving. Recurring giving provides a more dependable and consistent source of income by raising the total amount of donations and mitigating seasonal declines in generosity. Churches are more confident in budgeting their money and assigning resources for diverse projects such as missions. Recurring giving builds a base of dependable, year-round contributors who are dedicated to advancing the church’s goals.

The easyTithe achieves recurring giving by providing administrators and contributors with an extensive toolkit. The giving page “Make this Gift Recurring” option is activated by administrators, allowing contributors an easy way to set up regular donations. Churches manage recurring gifts, generate automated reports on donations, adjust fund allocations, and modify payment profiles from the admin dashboard as needed.

EasyTithe offers a variety of alternatives for donors to establish recurring donations. They set up recurring donations via SMS, smartphone, or the church’s website after a one-time setup process. Donors are free to select the desired payment method, the frequency of payments either weekly, monthly, etc., and the gift amount. They have convenience and control since they handle and modify their recurring presents from their chosen device.

EasyTithe goes above and beyond by assisting Success Coaches with practical experience assisting and supporting churches. Success Coaches offer workshops to assist churches in raising the amount of recurring gifts. They provide helpful tactics, creative marketing concepts, and no-cost materials to entice recurring contributors efficiently.

easyTithe supports recurring giving by sponsoring youth activities and other ministry needs with the help of its Youth UpLift initiative. Churches sign up for the program for free, and easyTithe matches their contributions up to $2,000 to encourage more people to sign up for regular giving.

How to Use easyTithe?

To use easyTithe, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Sign Up and Log In. Create an account on the official website to begin using easyTithe. The user is asked for their organization name, contact information, and their selected plan. Log in to the website using the credentials supplied after signing up.
  2. Create a Church Profile. The basic details about the organization or church, such as its name, address, phone number, and logo, are included in the church’s profile. It facilitates personalizing the giving process. Complete the church’s profile with the correct information. Upload the church’s logo for branding purposes.
  3. Personalize the Giving Pages. Giving pages are the places where members of the congregation donate. One matches the donating experience to the church’s branding by personalizing them. Customize the giving pages with easyTithe’s customization tools.
  4. Establish and Handle Funds. Funds indicate many categories or reasons for church donations, such as tithes, missions, or building initiatives. Set up and oversee funds according to the requirements of one’s organization. Funds for various ministries or campaigns are established, both general and targeted.
  5. Permit Recurring Giving. Members of a church arrange for automated, recurring donations through recurring giving. Set up the giving pages to allow recurring donations. The amount and frequency of recurring gifts, either weekly, monthly, etc., are up to the donors.
  6. Promote Giving. One must advertise giving opportunities to the congregation to raise funds. Inform members about the availability of online giving through various communication methods, such as social media, email newsletters, the church’s website, and announcements made during services.
  7. Monitor Donations and Reports. easyTithe offers resources to monitor and oversee contributions, produce reports, and learn more about the financial well-being of the church. Check the easyTithe dashboard frequently to keep track of donations. Create reports that are analyzed to provide financial data and trends for well-informed decision-making.
  8. Organize Activities and Registrations. One must plan, advertise, and oversee church activities and registrations with the help of easyTithe’s event management tools.
  9. Integrate with Church Management Software (ChMS). easyTithe provides interfaces to facilitate data sharing between platforms if the congregation employs a church management software (ChMS). Set up integrations with the ChMS, if applicable, to ensure seamless data transmission between systems.
  10. Provide Support and training. Provide training and support materials to help the members and congregation get the most out of easyTithe. Use the assistance materials provided by easyTithe and, if offered, arrange training sessions with their staff. One must consider offering workshops or materials to teach the congregation how to use easyTithe for contributing.

How to Login easyTithe?

To login to easyTithe, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Visit the easyTithe website. Launch a web browser, type “https://www.easytithe.com” into the address box, and hit Enter to access the official easyTithe website.
  2. Find the “Login” button. Go to the easyTithe homepage and look for the “Login” or “Sign In” option. Click on it to continue.
  3. Enter the credentials: One’s username and password are entered in the areas on the login page. Enter the password and registered username correctly.
  4. Click the login button. Click the login button to submit the credentials to access the easyTithe account. 

How to Create an Account for easyTithe?

To create an account for easyTithe, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Visit the easyTithe website. Launch a web browser, type “https://www.easytithe.com” into the address box, and hit Enter to access the official easyTithe website.
  2. Find the Sign-Up or Register button. The button for signing up or registering is usually found on the website’s navigation menu or on the home page. Search for a button or link labeled “Sign Up,” “Register,” or a similar phrase. Click on it to begin the registration procedure.
  3. Select the account type. Select the type of account that best fits one’s needs. One must select either a “Church” or “Giver” type of account.
  4. Give the necessary information. Provide correct information when completing the registration form. It includes the name, phone number, email address, and other pertinent information. One must enter the information of the church or group if one is to register on their behalf.
  5. Create a Password and Username. Choose a secure yet easily remembered username and password. Observe any password guidelines that were sent upon registering.
  6. Accept the Terms and Conditions. Carefully read the terms and conditions or user agreement upon registering. Check the box or press the button to accept the conditions to agree with them.
  7. Complete the registration process. Completing the registration procedure requires the user to adhere to any on-screen instructions. Users must click on a verification link that is sent to their email inbox to confirm their email address.
  8. Access the new account. Enter the username and password that one used when creating an account to log in. The functions of easyTithe for online giving and church administration are now available for use.

How to Organize an Online Giving with easyTithe?

To organize an online giving with easyTithe, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Log In to the easyTithe account. One must log in to the easyTithe account as a church administrator or authorized user before one sets up online giving. Go to the easyTithe website and enter the user’s login and password to access the account.
  2. Navigate to the Giving Management Dashboard. Go to the dashboard’s giving or donation management section in the easyTithe account. It is the section where users configure the features for online giving.
  3. Choose and configure giving methods. easyTithe accepts credit/debit cards, ACH transfers, and SMS giving as forms of payment. Decide the donation options the user wants to provide to the church. Set up options such as donation frequency, one-time or recurring, payment processing costs, and other relevant options.
  4. Create giving forms. EasyTithe allows users to create and modify donating forms. They customize the forms to fit the church’s identity and messaging, add fields for donor information, and designate funds.
  5. Allow recurring giving. Turn on easyTithe recurring giving function. Provide donors the ability to select the frequency of their donations, either weekly, monthly, etc., as well as the frequency and amount of their contributions.
  6. Promote online giving to the congregation. Encourage and inform the congregation to embrace online giving by using a variety of communication platforms, including the website, social media accounts, newsletters, and church announcements. Emphasize the platform’s security and ease of use.
  7. Monitor giving activity. Monitor incoming donations by routinely checking the giving management dashboard. Create reports to learn more about donor engagement and giving trends.
  8. Offer assistance and support. Ensure volunteers or church employees are on hand to help anyone who needs help setting up online giving or troubleshooting any issues.

Is it possible to find Church Volunteers with easyTithe?

No, it is not possible to find Church Volunteers with easyTithe. easyTithe has no features or tools specifically for recruiting or overseeing church volunteers. easyTithe is a platform for online giving and church administrative tasks. Volunteer management software or other church management systems specifically intended for such purposes are often required for volunteer recruiting and management, even while they provide useful services for handling church finances and donations.

What to know about easyTithe?

The things to know about easyTithe are listed below.

  • Contact Information: easyTithe is reached at +1 888-778-4843 for assistance and inquiries.
  • Operating Hours: easyTithe’s customer support is available Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST.
  • Email Address: Email easyTithe at info@easyTithe.com for inquiries and support.
  • Website: The services and information provided by easyTithe are available on their website at https://www.easytithe.com.
  • Company Size: easyTithe has a workforce ranging from 501 to 1,000 employees.
  • Address: easyTithe is located at 10133 Sherrill Blvd # 120, Knoxville, TN 37932, US.
  • Founded: The company was founded in 2005, and it has been serving churches and nonprofit organizations with its online giving and management solutions since then.
  • Company Merge: Amplify acquired easyTithe as part of the firm merger process to expand its digital solutions for churches and nonprofit organizations, boosting the total services and options offered to its clientele.
  • Price Plans: EasyTithe offers several pricing tiers, with small churches starting at $19 per month, mid-sized churches at $49 per month, and churches with special needs at $75 per month for the Pro plan, in addition to custom pricing options.
  • Online Giving Options: easyTithe offers a variety of online giving methods, including credit/debit card payments, ACH transfers, text giving, and a mobile app, allowing donors to contribute in a variety of ways.

What are the Integrations with easyTithe?

The integrations with easyTithe are listed below.

  • Church Accounting Integration: Church accounting integration refers to the seamless link between easyTithe and church accounting software, allowing for the automatic transfer of financial data, including donations and contributions, from easyTithe to the accounting system. Accuracy is guaranteed, and the integration streamlines financial record-keeping. easyTithe integrates with a variety of church accounting software packages, such as QuickBooks, Aplos, ACS Technologies, PowerChurch, Church Office Online, Shelby (Arena & Legacy), Breeze, and others, to help churches streamline financial record-keeping.
  • Church Media Integration: Church media integration entails integrating easyTithe with media and presentation tools used during church services. Church media integration enables the display of donation information, announcements, and other pertinent items to be synced during church presentations. EasyTithe is integrated with various church media programs, such as ProPresenter, MediaShout, and EasyWorship.
  • Church Management: Church management integration refers to the connection between easyTithe and church management software (ChMS), which provides a full solution for managing many areas of church operations, such as member data, events, and donations. The integration ensures data consistency and effective church administration. EasyTithe facilitates smooth data sharing and effective church administration through connections with a wide range of church management software solutions, such as SimpleChurch CRM, FellowshipOne, Church Community Builder, Planning Center, Rock CRM, Servant Keeper, Realm, TheCity, and many more.

1. Church Accounting Integration

Church accounting integration entails a seamless connection between easyTithe, an online giving platform, and church accounting software. Church accounting integration allows automatic data transmission from easyTithe to the church’s accounting system, including contributions and donations. It guarantees accuracy and optimizes financial record-keeping procedures by removing the need for human data entry.

The main advantages of integrating church accounting are decreased administrative work and reduced human mistakes. Churches keep accurate and current financial records by automating the transfer of financial data. Church accounting integration saves time and improves the openness and accountability of financial transactions, ensuring that donations and contributions are recorded correctly.

Churches usually take a few essential procedures to achieve accounting integration. They must first choose accounting programs compatible with easyTithe and interface with it. The church must configure the required settings and data mappings after choosing the integration. Accounts in easyTithe must be linked to matching accounts in accounting software. Churches must test the integration to ensure information is transferred correctly between the two platforms. The integration makes it easier for the church to manage its finances by enabling automatic and error-free data transfer after properly configuring.

2. Church Media Integration

Church media integration seamlessly integrates presentation software and media with easyTithe during services. Church media integration announcements, content, and donation details are to be synced on screens or displays.

Church media integration provides a greater connection with the congregation by enabling them to observe essential announcements, real-time donation updates, and engaging material alongside the church service. It improves the overall worship experience.

Churches usually must choose compatible media software, set up settings for donation display, and ensure that media content is seamlessly synced with the live church service to integrate church media with easyTithe. Church media integration involves consulting with technical specialists and regular testing to ensure a seamless integration that improves the worship experience.

3. Church Management

Church management integration refers to the process of linking easyTithe with church management software (ChMS) to support the smooth interchange of data between the two systems, allowing churches to easily manage their members, events, and financial information in one integrated platform. EasyTithe and the ChMS automatically synchronize information about donations, events, and donor data due to the integration, which decreases the amount of manual data entry and increases accuracy.

The fundamental advantage of integrating church management is simplified church administration. Churches centralize their member and financial data by integrating easyTithe with a ChMS, making managing and retrieving important information simpler. Church management integration improves productivity in duties such as tracking donations, managing member information, and arranging events, resulting in increased operational efficiency and higher congregational involvement.

Churches conduct procedures to integrate easyTithe with church administration software. They start by locating a ChMS that is compatible and has integration features. They initiate the integration process by connecting easyTithe and the selected ChMS, frequently using both systems’ integration settings or APIs. They guarantee precise data mapping after the integration is configured, facilitating the efficient exchange of information. The functionality of the integration must be regularly verified through testing and monitoring. Churches train staff members on using the integrated system to manage the church more successfully.

Does easyTithe belong to Amplify?

No, easyTithe does not belong to Amplify. Ministry Brands owns easyTithe, and Amplify functions as an affiliate of Ministry Brands. Amplify focuses on offering digital services to the same industries as Ministry Brands, including easyTithe in its digital solutions portfolio for churches and nonprofits. easyTithe and Amplify are two different companies inside the Ministry Brands group, with easyTithe being one of the solutions Ministry Brands offers to meet the particular requirements of churches regarding online giving and church administration.

What is the Term and Privacy Policy of Using easyTithe Software?

The Terms of Service for using easyTithe software govern the use and access to the services provided by easyTithe, which is now a part of Ministry Brands. These conditions have the same legal force as a signed agreement and take effect as soon as users click “I agree” or equivalent buttons while registering or using the services. Users who accept these terms on behalf of organizations such as churches or faith-based groups must be legally authorized to do so. The terms stipulate that users bind their employer or other entity to these terms by clicking “accept.” Users must not click “I agree” and must not use the services if they do not agree to these conditions. Users are encouraged to speak with the project owner for more information to ensure these terms are followed.

The Privacy Policy of Ministry Brands Holdings, LLC and its family of companies, including easyTithe, defines how personal information is collected and processed through their websites, which include ministrybrands.com and connected websites. The purpose of the Privacy Policy is to be transparent about the gathering, handling, and safeguarding of personal data that is acquired via these websites. It seeks to support consumers in choosing wisely when utilizing the services offered on these websites. 

The policy acknowledges that further privacy disclosures apply to certain personal information gathered through websites that are part of the Ministry Brands family, such as background screening services. Users engage with the relevant areas on the specific sites and are presented with these additional disclosures. The project owner must be consulted for additional information on any specific data privacy and security elements. Users are recommended to read the Privacy Policy in its entirety to fully understand how their personal information is handled.

What is the Customer Support Number of easyTithe?

The customer support number of easyTithe is 1-888-778-4843, and it is merged with Amplify. Users get help with questions, technical difficulties, and any other help they need about easyTithe’s online giving and church administration services by calling the dedicated support line. Support is available from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) Monday through Friday.

The merger with Amplify has resulted in improved customer support and service capabilities, which are consistent with Amplify’s reputation for providing dependable digital solutions to churches and nonprofit organizations. The dedicated support line enhances a pleasant user experience, which guarantees access to informed and helpful assistance when using easyTithe’s online giving and church management platform.