E360Giving.com: Empowering Philanthropy for Positive Change

e360 Giving is a digital platform for philanthropy that aims to remove obstacles for churches and nonprofit organizations and make philanthropic contributions easier. The online giving solution simplifies the donation process by providing contributors with simple alternatives to typical payment methods. e360 Giving seeks to enhance the giving experience for consumers while promoting the financial stability of organizations by emphasizing user-friendly features, strong security measures, and excellent customer service.

One of e360 Giving’s main goals is to make charity contributions easier. It is beneficial in increasing tithing and promoting more regular and significant gifts to political, nonprofit, and religious organizations. e360 Giving makes it easy for contributors to set up recurring donation schedules by offering a variety of giving options, including donation applications, kiosks, SMS giving, and online platforms. It helps donors feel less worried about forgetting to donate. Its function dramatically enhances the sponsored organizations’ overall performance and financial stability.

One of the primary advantages provided by e360 Giving is the ease of electronic donations for the general public. The platform facilitates constant contributions from donors by utilizing many channels and technology, which in turn helps the organizations maintain long-term support. The simplicity provided by e360 Giving not only improves the giving experience for contributors but also allows organizations to focus more on their own and their beneficiaries’ needs.

The limitless user feature of e360 Giving is a unique characteristic that makes it stand out. The platform adjusts effortlessly to ministries’ different demands, allowing them to add unlimited donors or members for online giving and form registration without incurring additional fees. Its adaptability adds to the platform’s appeal and usefulness by demonstrating a dedication to diversity and responsiveness to each organization’s particular needs.

The creation of e360 Giving is attributed to an awareness of how the charitable contribution landscape is changing and an intention to use technology to effect positive change. The company was established to completely change the giving experience by making it more secure, easily accessible, and customized to the needs of organizations and donors. The platform’s creators wanted to enable charitable activities to flourish in the digital age while also streamlining the donation procedure.

e360 Giving fits in perfectly with Amplify’s larger goal of advancing giving for positive impact. It helps increase humanitarian endeavors’ reach by offering a cutting-edge and intuitive platform. The platform’s focus on lowering barriers to giving, encouraging consistent contributions, and boosting donors’ confidence aligns with the overarching goal of maximizing the influence of nonprofits so they are able to concentrate on their primary responsibilities and significantly improve the communities they serve.

e360 Giving Pricing Plan is indicated in the Pricing Table below.

Mid-Size Church$49 per month
Debit/Credit Gifts2.6% + $0.42
ACH Gift1.00% + $0.42
Security FeeIncluded
Text GivingIncluded
Monthly Minimum$10/Monthly

e360 Giving Pricing and Premium Features

e360 Giving pricing provides clear and adaptable plans designed to meet the various requirements of churches and charitable institutions. Standard pricing for mid-size churches is $49 a month, making it a cost-effective option for organizations with a donor foundation. The transaction costs are 1.00% plus 42¢ for ACH gifts and 2.6% plus 42¢ for debit/credit gifts. The pricing mechanism ensures that organizations pay based on usage, providing a fair and cost-effective alternative for churches with moderate donation levels.

The $49 monthly cost for mid-size churches is the best value in the category. Organizations take advantage of a full spectrum of tools without paying extra for the bundle’s capabilities. The pricing category is purposefully created to accommodate small and medium-sized churches’ needs, considering their budgetary constraints while giving them access to all of e360 Giving’s capabilities.

A $10 monthly minimum has been set by e360 Giving to preserve flexibility. An organization is subject to the $10 monthly minimum if it processes less than $10 in monthly fees (approximately $300 in gifts based on the given transaction percentages). Individuals exceeding the threshold are solely responsible for the standard processing fees, with no supplementary charges. Financial efficiency is promoted by the transparent price system, which guarantees that enterprises increase their consumption without incurring extra expenditures.

Larger churches that receive monthly contributions over $25,000 are eligible for a tailored quote from e360 Giving. It indicates that the platform knows the unique requirements and possibility for increased transaction volumes of larger enterprises. e360 Giving guarantees that all churches use its advanced capabilities regardless of size while retaining cost-effectiveness by providing a customized pricing model for larger businesses. Churches that fit the description are invited to contact e360 Giving for a customized quote that meets their unique needs.

The features of e360 Giving are listed below.

For Donors:

  • Online Giving: It facilitates direct donations from patrons via the church’s website, cultivating confidence through a branded interface consistent with the organization’s image. Donors give consistently due to the user-friendly setup, which guarantees a simple, safe, and comfortable experience.
  • Text Giving: It enables contributors to support the ministry via text texts, allowing them to donate while on the go. Donors make quick contributions by texting the desired amount and fund to a unique 10-digit number.
  • Kiosk Giving: It enhances event registrations and on-site donations with Kiosk Giving. The platform’s next complete kiosk solution includes various models, chip readers, hardware, software, and swipe options.
  • ACH/Check Processing: It provides a personalized payment experience by taking credit, debit, and ACH (eCheck) payments, letting contributors select the method that best fits their needs.
  • Security & Trust: e360 Giving’s PCI-compliant platform, backed by intrusion detection and SSL transaction security features, gives donors peace of mind regarding protecting their personal data.
  • Payment Options: It gives contributors freedom by taking various payment options, such as ACH (eChecks), Debit, Visa, AMEX, MasterCard, and Discover, to accommodate their preferences.
  • Personal Accounts: It permits contributors to create unique e360 Giving accounts for tracking past contributions, managing tithes, special contributions, or pledges, and scheduling recurrent contributions.
  • Quick Sign-Up: It ensures members have a smooth onboarding experience so they start contributing in three to five days. Assistance is provided to help with the onboarding procedure.

For Admins:

  • Reporting: It easily tracks donations with access to comprehensive data and straightforward exporting. Individual, transactional, fund, and date range reports are custom-made. Data synchronization is streamlined by integrating financial applications like ACS, Shelby, QuickBooks, etc.
  • Forms: It creates and oversees personalized forms to gather data or make payments, then immediately integrates them into the website to facilitate speedy registration. Tailored emails for payment receipts expedited the correspondence process.
  • Dashboard: Use the effective dashboard to get up-to-date donor and donation statistics information. The analysis gives a complete picture of the donor community and considers SMS, kiosk, and internet contributions.
  • Giving Options: It provides members with consistent recurring donating alternatives where they designate their fund allocations, frequencies, and amounts. It leads to a rise in overall donations and stability in budget projections.
  • Support & Resources: e360 Giving is more than just a giving tool; it provides churches with training and resources to help them expand and successfully carry out their missions.
  • Multi-Campus Support: It sets up multiple campuses and integrates ChMS to streamline administration. It creates online giving pages with site-specific funding and the ability to manage gift details for every school.
  • Unlimited Users: There are never any extra fees as the ministry expands. Add a total number of contributors or members to e360 Giving for online giving and form registration.
  • Quick Sign-Up: It focuses on speed and ease of use, allowing churches to begin taking donations in as little as three to five days, with all-inclusive support.

3 Benefits of e360 Giving

The benefits of e360 Giving are listed below.

  • e360 Giving makes it easier for contributors to give online by offering a simple platform that they utilize on a church or nonprofit’s website. The benefit improves accessibility by enabling contributors to contribute regularly and conveniently. e360 Giving helps organizations sustain their financial support by encouraging consistent and secure giving by simplifying the donation procedure.
  • e360 Giving’s comprehensive tracking and reporting capabilities are one of its standout features. Organizations track and evaluate financial data, donor involvement, and gift trends due to their functionality. Customizable reports are produced using a variety of parameters, including people, transactions, money, and time frames. The advantage enables firms to recognize donation trends, make well-informed decisions, and develop long-term strategic plans.
  • The security and reliability of payment processing are prioritized by e360 Giving. Donor information is protected by e360 Giving’s PCI-compliant platform, intrusion detection, and SSL transaction security. Donors are encouraged to give because they do so with confidence, knowing that their private information is secure. Donors choose the option that best fits their preferences due to the platform’s versatility in supporting various payment methods, further improving their experience.

1. Online Giving

Online Giving, as made possible by e360 Giving, refers to donors’ ability to contribute directly through the church’s website. It is an essential platform component that churches and nonprofit organizations use to improve and expedite their fundraising process.

Establishing trust among donors is the main benefit of Online Giving through e360. e360 Giving seeks to establish a recognizable and safe environment for contributors by offering a branded giving platform that complements the church’s identity by combining the logo and matching site colors. Donors are encouraged to contribute consistently to the organization because they feel more confident due to the familiarity.

e360 Giving uses an easy-to-use methodology to accomplish the benefit. A unified online giving experience is created by churches using the software to create an e360 Giving gateway that works in unison with their website. e360 Giving ensures the giving process is recognizable, safe, and simple by providing a platform that contributors easily browse and trust. The customization choices help to achieve the overarching objective of making the online giving experience for donors as easy and reliable as possible. It includes branding to match site colors and logos.

2. Comprehensive Tracking and Reporting

Comprehensive Tracking and Reporting is a critical feature of e360 Giving, considerably adding to the platform’s effectiveness in improving the giving experience for churches and charity organizations. The main benefit is the software’s extensive reporting features, which give users a comprehensive and adaptable understanding of several donation-related topics. The advantage enables businesses to thoroughly grasp their financial situation, promoting openness and well-informed choices.

The advantage of the software is made possible by its sophisticated reporting module, which enables users to generate personalized reports according to particular parameters like individual, transaction, fund, or time frame. The adaptability allows businesses to personalize their reports to their requirements, whether they want to study individual donor contributions, watch transaction patterns, monitor fund-specific performance, or assess financial data within a given timeframe. The control panel offers a user-friendly interface for efficient data management by acting as a central location where users are able to access and examine these reports quickly.

e360 Giving connects various financial instruments, going above and beyond simple reporting features. The program easily syncs data with well-known financial platforms, including QuickBooks, Shelby, ACS, PowerChurch, Servant Keeper, IconCMO, HelpMate, and Church Office Online, due to pre-built data import and export tools. The integration ensures accuracy in financial record-keeping and expedites data transmission by doing away with human labor. e360 Giving’s adaptability is further demonstrated by its willingness to extend compatibility with more financial instruments upon request, albeit for a small price.

e360 Giving’s Comprehensive Tracking and Reporting feature gives organizations the analytical tools they need to analyze giving trends, make wise decisions, and efficiently manage their financial resources. It makes tracking donations easier. The functionality aligns with the platform’s mission to offer churches and NGOs looking to maximize their charitable initiatives a comprehensive and user-centric solution.

3. Secured and reliable Payment Processing

Secure and reliable payment processing is a key benefit of e360 Giving, allowing churches and nonprofit organizations to manage financial transactions with confidence and trust. The significant use is creating a safe and secure giving environment by providing donors and administrators with a smooth and reliable donation experience.

The key advantage of e360 Giving’s emphasis on secure and reliable payment processing is the development of donor trust. Donors confidently donate to their preferred charities since e360 Giving’s PCI-compliant platform protects their sensitive information. The increased level of security instills trust and contributes to the overall success of donation campaigns, as contributors are more inclined to interact consistently when they believe the platform is committed to their privacy and protection.

e360 Giving uses several essential elements to guarantee safe and dependable payment processing. Donors tailor their giving experience by selecting payment methods that suit their needs and preferences; the platform enables ACH and check processing, for example. The software’s security features establish a comprehensive safeguard for donor information, including intrusion detection, PCI compliance, and SSL transaction security. The multi-layered strategy guarantees the integrity and security of critical financial information while protecting donor data from possible threats. A user-friendly and accommodating payment experience that upholds the platform’s dedication to security and dependability is provided by the flexibility of payment methods, including taking various card types and ACH (eChecks).

How to Use e360 Giving?

To use e360 Giving, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Create an account. Make sure to create an e360 Giving account first. It entails giving the pertinent details regarding the NGO or religion. Establish the login information and confirm the identification as instructed by the system to create an account.
  2. Personalize the giving portal. Verify that the donation gateway accurately represents the company’s branding after creating an account. It entails incorporating the colors and logo of the website to enhance donor recognition and foster trust.
  3. Facilitate donor contribution alternatives. Expand the range of giving alternatives available to donors by enabling kiosk giving, online giving, and text giving.
  4. Set up payment options. Customize payment methods to the donors’ inclinations. Various payment options are supported by e360 Giving, including ACH (eChecks), debit cards, and credit cards.
  5. Encourage text giving. Give contributors a special 10-digit number to encourage them to use the text donating option. Donors contribute simply by texting the desired amount and fund selection.
  6. Incorporate kiosk giving. Establish kiosk giving, if applicable, to facilitate on-site donations and event registrations. The following complete kiosk solution from e360 Giving provides more hardware, software, and customization choices.
  7. Use ACH/Check processing. Give donors the freedom to select the payment options that most closely match their requirements by enabling ACH/check processing.
  8. Assure security and trust. Draw attention to e360 Giving’s security features, including its SSL transaction security, PCI compliance, and intrusion detection. It reassures donors that their data is protected.
  9. Encourage personal accounts. Encourage contributors to open personal accounts. It makes it simple for them to maintain their gift history, handle various contributions, and establish recurring donations.
  10. Access admin features. Administrators must use all of e360 Giving’s many control features. It includes using the real-time dashboard to gain insights into providing data, creating custom forms, and accessing comprehensive reports.
  11. Assure multi-campus support. Take advantage of e360 Giving’s assistance in managing multiple campuses, if applicable, to facilitate site-specific funding and customized donor information administration for multi-campus organizations.
  12. Expand with unlimited users. Benefit from e360 Giving’s scalability as the ministry expands. No additional fees apply when adding more contributions or members.
  13. Get support and resources. Use e360 Giving as a resource for development and a mechanism for giving. Utilize the offered training materials to customize e360 Giving to the church’s or charitable organization’s unique requirements.
  14. Commence accepting donations. Members are able to commence donating within a span of three to five days, once all necessary arrangements have been made. The all-encompassing assistance offered guarantees a seamless onboarding procedure for both administrators and donors.

How to Login e360 Giving?

To login to e360 Giving, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Go to the page to log in to e360 Giving. Launch the browser and go to the login page for e360 Giving. The official e360 Giving website has a login page.
  2. Enter the email and password. There are fields for inputting the email address and password on the login page. Fill in the “Email” form with the email address linked to the e360 Giving account. The “Password” field must then be populated with the password.
  3. Click on the “Forgot Password?” link for forgotten password. It usually asks for the email address. The email must contain password reset instructions.
  4. Select “Login With MinistryID” if the MinistryID is connected to the e360 Giving account. It necessitates additional procedures, such as inputting the MinistryID credentials or validating the identity securely.
  5. Finish the login process. Click the login button to continue after providing the credentials or logging in with MinistryID. Modify the donations, view reports, and access other features from the e360 Giving account dashboard if the information is correct.

How to Create an Account for e360 Giving?

To create an account for e360 Giving, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Click the sign-up link for e360 Giving. Launch the browser and navigate to the e360 Giving registration page. It is available on the official e360 Giving webpage.
  2. Enter the personal data. Enter the contact information, such as the phone number, email address, and first and last names. These particulars are critical for effective account administration and communication.
  3. Details about the organization. Choose the state from the list of selections and enter the organization’s name. Select the proper range (100 or less, 101 to 250, 251 to 500, or 500+) to represent the firm’s weekly attendance.
  4. Choose a plan. Select a package that best meets the requirements of the company. The options usually include various price levels based on the quantity of features and services provided. A plan costing $49 per month plus a 2.60% transaction fee is mentioned in the example.
  5. Put in the promo code, if any. Enter the promotional code, if applicable, into the designated field. Promo codes provide savings or special deals, increasing the value of the chosen plan.
  6. Details about referrals. Describe the experience learning about e360 Giving. The organization better comprehends its marketing reach and develops its promotional plans with the use of the information.
  7. Accept the terms and conditions. Examine the e360 Giving Terms of Service. Check the box or click the designated checkbox to indicate agreement with the terms and conditions.
  8. Click the “Get Started” button after entering all the necessary details and agreeing to the rules. The process of creating an account begins with the action.
  9. Observe the account setup guidelines. Additional steps are required to set up the account on some platforms, such as entering more information, connecting the company’s bank account, and selecting preferences.
  10. Verification and obtaining entry. Obtain a confirmation email after finishing the registration procedure. Follow any prompts offered to validate the account and obtain access to the newly created e360 Giving account.

How to Organize an Online Giving with E360 Giving?

To organize an Online Giving with e360 Giving, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Make a user account. Create an e360 Giving account by entering the required payment, organization, and personal information.
  2. Go to the dashboard. Navigate to the e360 Giving dashboard after logging in. Manage every facet of the online philanthropic endeavors from the location.
  3. Set up the organization’s settings. Navigate to the settings section to configure the organization’s details. Ensure the company’s name, logo, and other relevant company information are appropriately displayed.
  4. Decide on a payment method. Choose the payment methods that donors must be able to use. e360 Giving accepts several payment options, such as ACH/eChecks and credit/debit cards. Make sure the company’s bank account is connected for smooth transactions.
  5. Personalize the donation forms. Make donation forms unique so they complement the logo of the company. The form is customized to adapt the aesthetics of the corresponding website by incorporating the logo, choosing color schemes, and such.
  6. Describe the giving categories. Sort possibilities for giving according to particular campaigns or funding. It lets donors control their donations by letting them pick where the money goes.
  7. Make recurring giving possible. Enable recurring gifting choices if desired. Donors use it to set up recurring, automated gifts. It’s a great feature for ensuring a steady flow of funds.
  8. Include forms on the web page. Create embed codes for the personalized donation forms and add them to the organization’s website. It guarantees the donors a flawless online donation experience.
  9. Encourage online donations. Make a concerted effort to publicize the online giving platform via newsletters, social media, the website, and events. Effectively convey the advantages and simplicity of use to stimulate engagement.
  10. Keep an eye on and evaluate. Get up-to-date insights by frequently visiting the e360 Giving dashboard. Keep an eye on new donors, donation trends, and other pertinent data. Use the information to inform the future fundraising plans.
  11. Show appreciation. Express gratitude and acknowledge the donors. Thank them for their contributions with notes or think about implementing recognition programs.
  12. Offer assistance. Ensure the support staff is prepared to help contributors with any problems or questions with online donations. The donor experience is improved with timely and supportive assistance.
  13. Keep informed. Stay up to date with the latest e360 Giving features and upgrades. The platform rolled out improvements that maximize online charitable endeavors.

Is it possible to find Church Volunteers with E360 Giving?

Yes, it is possible to find church volunteers with e360 Giving by strategically utilizing its features and tools. e360 Giving indirectly encourages volunteer engagement through various channels, even if its primary goals are to streamline online donations and handle financial matters for churches and charity organizations. Churches improve their attempts to recruit volunteers by utilizing the platform’s capabilities. For instance, churches use reporting and dashboard tools to find donors who are actively giving and already care about the organization’s purpose. Volunteer sign-up forms are created using e360 Giving’s customizable forms, enabling members to indicate their interest in assisting with particular church events or activities. e360 Giving is not a platform designed explicitly for managing volunteers, but it helps find and mobilize volunteers within the church community because of its interaction with other church management tools and its capacity to collect and analyze data. Combining e360 Giving with other church management techniques allows for a comprehensive strategy to encourage contributions from the congregation and active volunteerism.

What to know about e360 Giving?

The things to know about e360 Giving are listed below.

  • Phone: (877) 452-0015
  • Fax: (214) 206-9143
  • Email: info@e360giving.com
  • Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (Pacific Standard Time)
  • Company Merge: e360 Giving expanded its capabilities and reach by strategically partnering with Amplify, effectively expanding its breadth and efficacy in the religious financial management market.
  • Address Information: 10133 Sherrill Blvd # 120, Knoxville, TN 37932

What are the Integrations with e360 Giving?

The integration with e360 Giving is listed below.

  • Church Accounting Integration: The integrated church accounting system from e360 Giving improves financial operations by tracking donations in real time and guaranteeing accurate and current financial records. The interface reduces the need for manual data entry, reduces errors, and makes reporting procedures easier, all promoting transparent financial management and compliance.

1. Church Accounting Integration

Church accounting integration integrates an accounting system with administration and contribution procedures to give churches and charitable organizations an effective financial workflow. “Integration” means data quickly moves between accounting systems and gift records. It ensures that all financial information is always correct and up to date. Administrators begin integrating Church Accounting with e360 Giving by going to the platform settings and selecting the preferred accounting application. Administrators authenticate the connection by providing the required credentials as instructed. The link offers automatic contribution data transfer to the accounting application, encouraging improved financial management through increased transparency, decreased administrative complexity, and conformity to accounting standards.

Does e360 Giving belong to Amplify?

No, e360 Giving does not belong to Amplify; rather, it was carefully added to the company’s extensive platform through an acquisition procedure. Amplify, a respectable business that provides dependable digital solutions to churches and charity organizations, teamed up with e360 Giving to complement each other’s advantages. Amplify is an expert in full-service church administration, while e360 Giving is a leader in donation processing and financial management systems. The goal of the strategic integration is to provide a single service that successfully attends to a wider range of demands related to church leadership. The merger marks a substantial breakthrough in resource management for churches and charitable organizations, boosting platform capabilities and giving a more complete set of management tools to ease their operations.

What is the Term and Privacy Policy of Using e360 Giving Software?

The terms and privacy policy of using e360 Giving Software define the constraints and terms of use. Personal data is gathered and managed by Ministry Brands Holdings, LLC and its affiliates via ministrybrands.com and other websites. The purpose of the policy is to make clear how user-generated content, photographs, videos, audio recordings, location data, payment information, affiliations, and contact details are collected, used, and protected. It focuses on the gathering of data from customers and users automatically when they use services. The privacy policies pertaining to personal information received through the websites are not the responsibility of the clients. The policy’s goals include monitoring and analyzing user activity, improving user experiences, and assuring the sites’ security and improvement through the appropriate use of personal information.

What is the Customer Support Number of e360 Giving Software?

The Customer Support number of e360 Giving software is (877) 452-0015, and it is linked with Amplify. Support services are offered from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time) Monday through Friday. Use the email address info@e360giving.com to get in touch with the Support Team. Fax them at 214-206-9143.