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A Church in Need of Change

Demetri Chambers is an Elder at North Houston Church of Christ, but that’s just one of the many hats he wears. He also works as an attorney in the area and spends a lot of his time “putting out fires”.

That’s why a software solution designed to simplify the day-to-day tasks and help him easily stay connected with people in his church made such an impact.

North Houston Church of Christ was built in 1953 and has experienced growth and change over the years. About the time COVID hit, they knew yet another change was needed: they needed a software solution designed to meet their needs. 

A Need for More

Demetri explained, “When COVID hit, we were very concerned with losing connection, especially with our older people. Having one place with updated information, especially phone numbers, was very important to us.”

That wasn’t all they needed though. Demetri set out to find a platform where they could:

  1. Easily send out mass messages 
  2. Stream services and send out videos 
  3. Keep up with the sick and shut-in members in their congregation
  4. Make calls and stay connected with people

These were no longer just wants, they were necessities under the circumstances. Demetri said, “Being able to go into my cell phone and call somebody and pray with them and maybe give instruction to one of our deacons at the snap of a finger was very important.” 

A Powerful Impact

With this in mind, North Houston Church of Christ set out to find a platform that, in Demetri’s words, could help them know “who your people are and where they are.” That’s when they discovered Ministry Brands.

Now, elders at North Houston Church of Christ can stay connected with people simply by accessing updated information on their phones.

They’re more efficient than ever when it comes to knowing about how to meet the needs of people in their church.

A Smooth Transition

Change is never easy, but an easy-to-use platform and the right people helping out make it much easier. After switching to Ministry Brands, Demetri questioned how he would get everyone on board.

“When I signed up for this, the scary thing was how am I going to get my people trained and comfortable enough to:

1. Authorize us to continue to use it and

2. Actually use it so we can get the value out of it.” 

But his fears were quickly put to rest after experiencing how smooth the transition was in reality. Ministry Brand’s customer service team was available and ready to help.

Demetri explained,

“What I really like and appreciate is your customer service. We had some things we had to learn and understand, and the people who helped us with that were very patient and helpful in making that happen. We were able to get up and running quickly because of that.”

A Focus on What’s Important

For Demetri, effectively connecting with people to allow for more ministry to happen was always the goal. 

He shared about a particular phone call with a Ministry Brands employee that was focused on people and connection, not about profit. It was then and there he knew Ministry Brands was the right fit. “I’ll never forget that,” he said. 

When asked what else Demetri would want other churches to know, he shared 3 things that are important to him about Ministry Brands:

1. Excellent customer service 

2. Affordability and easy-to-understand pricing structure

3. Simplicity 

“That’s what’s keeping me here: the simplicity and the customer service,” shared Demetri. 

Next Steps

Our guess is connecting with people is critically important for your church, too. If you’re ready to experience a platform designed to simplify processes and prioritize people, don’t wait to try your free trial of Ministry Brands Amplify here. 

Have questions about how this might serve your church? Schedule a demo with our team who’s standing by ready and willing to help! 


Demetri Chambers and the elders of North Houston Church of Christ needed a way to easily stay connected with their people. Switching to Ministry Brands gave them the access and information they needed.