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Easter is a vibrant church season celebrating new life and spiritual growth. Easter Sunday draws in many occasional attendees and first-time guests – up to 25% of your annual visitors. Unfortunately, statistics show that only about 10% of these visitors return.

Following up with these guests post-Easter is crucial to make them feel welcomed and eager to return. In this blog, we’ll share a 5-step follow-up process to help you connect with Easter guests to inspire them to join your church community.

#1:  Send a Thank You Card.

Nothing says “we appreciate you” like a heartfelt thank you card. Add a personal touch by including the guest’s name and expressing gratitude for their presence. To keep the excitement going, share a link to your website, social media, or upcoming events, encouraging them to stay involved. Be sure to reach out within a few days of their visit to leave a lasting, positive impression.

#2:  Give a Gift.

A small, thoughtful welcome gift can make your Easter guests feel thought of. Here are a few ideas for simple gifts you can provide:

  • Have your children’s ministry gift each family a set of Resurrection Eggs.
  • Gift a mug with your church logo filled with Easter candy.
  • Offer an Easter devotional. 
  • Provide a small gift card to a local coffee shop.

If you’re giving the gift after the person has attended, you can even attach a personal note from the pastor or a church leader, expressing gratitude for their attendance.

#3:  Engage Through Social Media.

Social media platforms are perfect for connecting with your Easter guests in a fun and interactive way. Invite your guests to follow your church’s social platform during their visit. Then, keep the conversation going by posting content related to the Easter service, such as photos, videos, or sermon highlights.

Use social media to share information about upcoming events and activities, creating even more opportunities for guests to engage with your church community.

#4:  Share Next Steps.

Let visitors know what the next steps are to get plugged into your church. This could be an intro class or a post-Easter event.

Planning a sermon series that starts on Easter can also create a compelling reason for them to return next week to hear more of the series.

Being intentional about a post-Easter event that provides a connection point can help increase the likelihood of guests returning and connecting with the church.

#5:  Make a Connection with Personal Communication.

A friendly phone call or text from a church leader or volunteer can positively impact your Easter guests. Aim to make these calls within a week of their visit, sharing your gratitude for their attendance, asking how you can pray for them, and offering to answer any questions they may have about your church.

This personalized approach shows your dedication to forming genuine connections and nurturing a supportive community for everyone.

Next Steps

Remember, the key to a successful follow-up is genuine, timely, and consistent. Doing so will foster an inclusive and joyful environment that nurtures vital spiritual growth and lasting friendships. The best way to ensure this happens and doesn’t get forgotten is to utilize your software platform to connect with people.

Using interactions and workflows allows you to provide a personal connection while leveraging the power of software to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Curious how software can help with this? Let’s set up a time to connect and we can show you how!