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Strategies and Secrets for an Impactful Kids Ministry — This Summer and Beyond!


The busy summer season is here and there's no better time to evaluate your Kids Ministry than right now!

Jessica Moore and Kristen Foster share secrets from their success in Kids Ministry and guide you through strategies to make sure you're making an impact during the summer months and all year long.

We provide helpful tips and resources on:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Empowering Your Volunteers
  • Maximizing Engagement Opportunities

Jessica Moore

Education Manager, Ministry Brands

Jessica Moore has been a part of the Ministry Brands team for five years in Client Experience and Education. She is passionate about increasing generosity in churches by fostering financial transparency in ministries.


Kristen Foster

Client Success Specialist, Ministry Brands

As a Client Success Specialist, Kristen finds the most joy in being of service to others. Having worked in full time worship and events ministry for several years in her early career, she has learned to appreciate the hard work that goes into running a church and the true meaning of 'being the church.'

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