ShareFaith: Learn, Stream, Give and Manage you Church

ShareFaith offers a comprehensive suite of software solutions tailored to every church’s needs, aiming to enhance engagement and foster growth. ShareFaith provides an extensive range of church media, including graphics, mini-movies, and worship backgrounds, with an innovative online graphic editor for customization. The Kids Ministry curriculum is designed to inspire and empower, offering 100% downloadable Bible videos, games, comics, and more, along with teacher-friendly and classroom-ready resources. ShareFaith offers an award-winning Church Website Builder with over 250 professional designs for an impactful online presence, facilitating easy customization and engagement tools like sermons, prayer requests, and online giving.

Sharefaith has been on an inspiring journey for a decade and a half, forging partnerships with over 100,000 churches worldwide. ShareFaith’s mission is clear, to amplify the message of Jesus as Lord, King, and Savior. They do it by crafting revolutionary media and technology resources that empower every facet of the ministry team and all platforms to serve and teach with unparalleled excellence. They channel that love through their unique gifts, skills, and rich experience, propelling the Gospel forward driven by the profound Love of Christ. They aim to transform lives, nurturing personal relationships with God through the compelling narrative of His unwavering love.

The Church Management Software (ChMS) streamlines administrative tasks, simplifying online event and group registration, ensuring timely interactions with members, automating workflows, and modernizing Kids Ministry with features like child check-in and background checks. ShareFaith’s Church Giving Software empowers congregations to give conveniently through various channels, including text, online, app, and kiosk, with real-time reporting for valuable insights. The Church Streaming Software allows churches to extend their ministry beyond physical walls, offering tools for scheduling, editing, and archiving, along with a customizable viewing experience for reliable streams on various platforms. ShareFaith stands as a versatile and supportive resource for churches seeking to elevate their digital presence and engagement.

The ShareFaith pricing table is indicated below.

PackageFeaturesPriceMonthly CreditsGraphics EditorKids CurriculumExtras
Starter packagePopular digital + print content, title graphics, worship backgrounds + more!$25/month20Powerful Graphics EditorNoMix and Match across all 100,000+ media assets including Bulletins, Backgrounds, Videos, Social, Graphics. Unused credits don’t carry over and are replenished upon renewal.
Premium KidsEngaging on-demand content + lessons trusted by thousands of churches.$55/month60Powerful Graphics EditorKids CurriculumMix and Match across all media types plus: Activity Pages, Family Devotionals, Comics, & Kids Worship Videos. Unused credits don’t carry over but are replenished upon renewal.
Ultimate AccessUnlock full access to popular media, church graphics, + kids ministry content.$85/month (+120 credits)120Advanced Graphics EditorKids CurriculumMix and Match even more from their library of church + kids ministry media with extra credits! Unused credits don’t carry over and are replenished upon renewal.
ShareFaith SuiteUltimate Access plan + Web, Mobile, and Online Giving$185/month120Advanced Graphics EditorKids CurriculumWebsite & Mobile App, Website Hosting + 3 Subdomains, Drag and Drop, Unlimited Templates, Online Giving. Unused credits don’t carry over and are replenished upon renewal.

ShareFaith Pricing Full Access Features

The ShareFaith’s pricing full access features offer a diverse subscription package tailored for individuals, small churches, and growing congregations. The Starter Package, at $25/month, offers a 50% discount for the first month, providing access to popular digital and print content, title graphics, worship backgrounds, and more, with 20 monthly credits for the powerful graphics editor. The Premium Kids package, priced at $55/month, caters to small churches with kids’ ministries, featuring 60 monthly credits, an advanced graphics editor, kids’ curriculum, VBS and Pre-K lessons, Sunday School Scheduler, and a mix-and-match option across various media types.

The Ultimate Access package, priced at $85/month (+120 credits), is the most popular choice for individuals seeking comprehensive access. It includes an advanced graphics editor, kids’ curriculum, VBS and Pre-K lessons, Sunday School Scheduler, Worship Planning DeluxeIdeal for growing churches and kids’ ministries, and the flexibility to mix and match from a vast library of church and kids’ ministry media. The ShareFaith Suite, the all-in-one bundle at $185/month, encompasses the Ultimate Access plan along with web, mobile, and online giving features, making it a comprehensive solution for growing churches. It includes 120 monthly credits, an advanced graphics editor, a kids’ curriculum, a website and mobile app with hosting and subdomains, drag-and-drop functionality, unlimited templates, and online giving options (transaction fees apply). Credits are replenished upon renewal, offering flexibility and value for churches of various sizes.

6 Benefits of ShareFaith

The 6 benefits of ShareFaith are listed below.

  • Church Media: Discover over 100,000 graphics, videos, audio files, and more for use in the church or ministry. Monthly updates include new Sermon Title Graphics, Church Motion Graphics, Worship Media, Social Media Graphics, and more.
  • Church Website Builder: Users quickly and easily create individualized websites for churches using an intuitive website builder that does not involve any coding.
  • Church Giving: Enhance the experience of contributing to the congregation by leveraging Sharefaith’s adjustable giving choices. Members’ contributions are sent quickly and easily to a specified phone number by text.
  • Church Streaming: Sharefaith Giving is the best all-in-one giving option and changes how the congregation gives. It gives people a choice of safe ways to donate from anywhere at any time and gives them more freedom and flexibility.
  • Church Management: Improve live streaming with Sharefaith’s Church Streaming Software, which is easy to use and flexible. Make a plan that looks great and fits one’s needs by using tools that are easy for anyone to use.
  • Kids Ministry Curriculum: ShareFaith Kids is a resource that simplifies the process of communicating the transformative message of the Gospel to children. It is developed with the needs of busy volunteers in mind. 

1. Church Media

ShareFaith’s Media ensures that the congregation hears and witnesses one’s message come to life. Delivering a powerful message deserves an equally impactful presentation. The extensive library offers diverse content for the church service, website, and social media platforms. The innovative online graphic editor empowers the team to customize visuals to their heart’s delight, creating a truly engaging and immersive experience for their audience.

Explore the visual world with Sharefaith Media, the go-to provider for thousands of religious institutions. Dive into a vast library of more than 100,000 media resources, with a flood of new Sermon Title Graphics, Church Motion Graphics, Worship Media, Social Media Graphics, and more added monthly!

Passionately partnering with members to strengthen their efforts to spread the Gospel is central to the platform’s goal. ShareFaith wants to enhance members’ strengths and aid them in doing what they do best: spreading the transformational message of faith through appealing Church Media visuals. 

Unleash one’s inner creativity effortlessly with Sharefaith’s Media customization options. Dive into downloadable JPEGs, PowerPoints, and customizable Photoshop files, allowing users to tailor designs seamlessly using the online design tool. Explore many possibilities with custom designs beyond the basics and personalized videos, empowering users to craft a visual narrative that resonates uniquely with their message and congregation. Elevate one’s creative expression with Sharefaith’s easy-to-use customization features.

The sky’s the limit for one’s imagination with Sharefaith’s flexible Media editing features. Downloadable JPEGs, PowerPoints, and editable Photoshop files provide a blank slate for creating unique designs with the user-friendly online editor. Venture beyond the usual and explore possibilities with bespoke designs and personalized movies, empowering users to construct a visual narrative that uniquely resonates with the message and congregation. The easy-to-use editing tools in Sharefaith help users express themselves more fully.

Increase the worship experience with Sharefaith’s stunning graphics and insightful tale. Experience Worship Motion Graphics that complement one’s messages, with regular updates offering new designs to keep their worship visually striking. Give the congregation a visual experience that enhances worship and creates a transforming and immersive atmosphere. Sharefaith makes every worship moment an artistic expression of faith and inspiration.

2. Church Website Builder

Step into the realm of professionally designed and ministry-focused websites that transcend expectations. A website isn’t just a digital presence; it’s a captivating journey that wows visitors, engages members, and grows seamlessly with the church’s evolution. Each website is meticulously crafted to empower the ministry in accomplishing its online mission, all while exuding an aesthetic brilliance that leaves a lasting impression. The digital space becomes an immersive experience that meets and exceeds the vibrant community’s dynamic needs with ShareFaith. Craft tailor-made church websites using a visual website builder with no coding required.

Bid farewell to coding challenges and welcome the convenience of complete drag-and-drop functionality with the feature-rich, world-class website editor from Sharefaith Websites. Start the journey with a complimentary trial and uncover a platform that enables anyone to construct a website effortlessly. Creating a visually appealing website specifically designed for a ministry has never been easier. Sharefaith Websites guarantees simplicity and provides essential functionalities such as hosting sermons, collecting registration forms, integrating prayer requests, and administering church media without any difficulties. Enhance online visibility with a website that seamlessly corresponds to the mission of one’s ministry and effectively captivates the community.

Experience the essence of customization with ShareFaith’s drag-and-drop WordPress editor. The premier gallery of church websites harnesses the prowess of Elementor, renowned as the world’s best WordPress editor. Each design is easy to update and ensures a visually stunning presentation on any device. Sharefaith enables users to tailor their church website effortlessly with the flexibility of drag-and-drop functionality coupled with the power of Elementor, offering an engaging and seamless experience for their audience across all platforms. 

Sharefaith’s Site Migration solution makes website migration easy. The platform’s experienced migration team recreates the site’s content on the user’s new Sharefaith website. Transferring content easily while retaining its integrity lets users focus on the exciting possibilities of their upgraded online presence. Sharefaith makes migrating easy, ensuring the website matches the ministry’s mission and excellence.

Immerse The congregation in a dynamic worship experience with Sharefaith’s Audio & Video Sermon Library. Effortlessly share impactful weekend messages through audio and video formats, providing accessibility for download. The websites are designed to enhance the visibility of sermons, making them easy to find, search, and filter. Engage the community with the rich content of the church’s sermons with ShareFaith, fostering a deeper connection and amplifying the reach of the ministry’s message.

Facilitate seamless next steps for the church community with Sharefaith’s versatile forms prioritizing clarity and convenience. The comprehensive range of forms empowers church members to effortlessly register for events, access vital information, and contribute online, anywhere, and anytime. Sharefaith’s forms provide a user-friendly experience, streamlining interactions and enhancing engagement within the church community, whether it’s event registration, obtaining crucial details, or facilitating online giving.

Easy-to-submit prayer requests are a great way to keep visitors’ attention on the site’s primary purpose. Easy controls let users adjust how much information is shared, how people respond, and more. Members have full access to Sharefaith Media to give a church website the “Wow Factor.” Such a benefit ensures that the website always shines, attracting and engaging visitors. The church website stands out and visually wows visitors with Sharefaith Media’s resources, reflecting the ministry’s vitality.

Communicate like a pro with Sharefaith’s powerful suite of communication tools, including blogs, podcasting, and newsletters. Keep the congregation consistently informed and engaged with content that looks great and resonates seamlessly with the audience. Sharefaith’s websites empower users to communicate effectively, ensuring their written and audio content delivers vital information and establishes a strong connection with their community. Elevate communication strategy and keep the congregation up-to-date with the professional touch of Sharefaith.

3. Church Giving

Transform the giving experience for the congregation with Sharefaith Giving, the ultimate all-in-one giving solution. Empower the members to contribute anywhere, anytime, enjoying the flexibility and convenience of various secure giving options. Sharefaith Giving caters to the congregation’s preferences and provides robust tools for efficient donation management and insightful tracking of giving trends. Elevate the giving process with Sharefaith Giving, creating a seamless and rewarding experience for the congregation and ministry.

Experience world-class support at every step of the online giving journey with Sharefaith’s Giving Success Team. Say goodbye to guesswork, as their dedicated team provides free coaching, seamless integration support, and valuable informational resources for the congregation. Sharefaith offers one powerful solution with many options to cater to every giving preference within the congregation. Sharefaith has members covered, whether through traditional methods or innovative approaches, ensuring a comprehensive and tailored giving experience that aligns with the unique preferences of the congregation.

Enhance the experience of giving for the congregation by utilizing Sharefaith’s adaptable giving options. Donations from members are easily transmitted to a designated phone number via text message in a matter of seconds. Mobile giving, on the other hand, lets people give with just a few taps on their computers. Improve website performance to facilitate immediate donations via online giving or bolster member confidence by customizing the giving experience via a unique URL. Utilize kiosk giving to accept digital gifts on-site at the church or special events, and QR scan giving made possible by readily scannable codes for added convenience. Sharefaith guarantees an uninterrupted and diverse philanthropic experience customized to the inclinations of the congregation.

Experience simplicity and convenience with Sharefaith’s versatile forms that open endless possibilities for increasing online giving, maintaining organization, and advancing one’s vision. Members appreciate the ease with which they tithe online, register for events, sign up to volunteer, and engage in various activities, making the giving and participation process straightforward and accessible.

Access real-time reporting and valuable insights with Sharefaith’s powerful giving dashboard. ShareFaith’s giving tools are crafted to evolve with the church, adapting to changing needs. Members have the necessary resources to navigate the ministry’s financial aspects confidently and are equipped to build custom reports, analyze data, and create precise budget forecasts.

Cultivate generosity effortlessly with Sharefaith’s simplified recurring giving feature. Streamline the budgeting process by enabling the congregation to contribute automatically regularly. The process becomes seamless, promoting a consistent flow of support for the ministry with user-friendly tools for administrators and multiple options for donors to set up recurring giving.

Streamline data management with Sharefaith Giving’s seamless integration with leading ChMS platforms, including Sharefaith Connect. Simplify the process of handling donations by automating one’s giving management and ensuring easy access to the data they need. The seamless integration enhances efficiency and provides a centralized solution for effective donation management.

4. Church Streaming

Experience the power of Sharefaith’s Church Streaming Software, designed to elevate one’s ministry beyond the physical walls of one’s church. ShareFaith’s software offers simplicity without compromising on robust features, whether a user is a church plant or a global ministry. Share the services and messages with a wider audience, fostering connection and outreach beyond the traditional boundaries of the church.

Enhance the live broadcasting experience with the Church Streaming Software from Sharefaith, which combines simplicity and customization. Members have the ability to create a visually captivating layout that is customized to their liking using user-friendly tools. Incorporate sermon notes, moderated prayer requests, and real-time conversation to captivate the audience effortlessly. These features are devoid of any advertisements or external branding. Putting a personal touch on the live broadcast has never been simpler.

Gain full control over one’s content with ShareFaith’s robust management tools, putting users in the driver’s seat of their live streaming experience. Enjoy 100% control with the powerful scheduling tool, allowing users to plan and organize their broadcasts seamlessly. Post-live trimming ensures users refine and optimize their content even after it’s aired, and automated archive posting simplifies archiving and sharing past streams. Enhance the ministry-focused streams by including relevant information such as Bible passages and sermon notes, providing the audience with a comprehensive and engaging experience.

Create an extraordinary viewing experience for the congregation with the intuitive editing tools designed to wow the audience. Attendees enjoy a top-notch experience, whether live broadcast, simulated live event, or offline content. Take advantage of features such as pre and post-roll, along with a built-in DVR, enabling viewers to watch any part of the presentation from anywhere, regardless of when they initially tuned in. Elevate the quality of content and engage the audience seamlessly with these powerful features.

5. Church Management

Streamline church operations and focus on the mission with ShareFaith ChMS in the cloud. The innovative solution empowers users to serve their community more efficiently, simplifying daily tasks and modernizing the Kids Ministry. ShareFaith ChMS allows users to move beyond repetitive tasks and concentrate on what truly matters for the thriving success of their church with the ability to lead with excellence.

Enhance the church’s connectivity with ShareFaith’s must-have Church Management Tools. Easily create a comprehensive church directory beyond expectations, incorporating personalized profiles enriched with photos, family relationships, group affiliations, and more. Importing church members becomes a seamless process, allowing users to use the software immediately and ensuring they have the ultimate church directory for all their needs. Stay connected with ease through ShareFaith’s powerful and user-friendly tools.

Streamline the event management process and provide accessible next steps for the congregation using ShareFaith’s Event Registration & Planning tools. Arrange and share events using an integrated calendar. Real-time registration and attendance tracking lets users stay informed and involved with their community. The direct link with online giving enables a quick and effective handling of payments and donations, providing a complete solution for event management needs. Provide the congregation with easy-to-use tools that streamline the overall event experience.

Communication is paramount in effective church management, and ShareFaith recognizes the value of keeping one’s congregation connected. Reach out to the community with ShareFaith’s Communication options, which include mass email, voicemail, and text messaging. ShareFaith provides a uniform system that streamlines communication with leaders, small groups, volunteers, and other stakeholders. Track and manage conversations in real-time, ensuring that the church’s communication initiatives are efficient and structured and promoting genuine connections.

ShareFaith empowers churches to modernize their Kids Ministry with streamlined processes and enhanced security measures. The process becomes seamless and convenient with user-friendly check-in stations or the option for parents to check in via the church’s mobile app. Parents pick up their children’s nametags as they enter, ensuring a smooth transition. ShareFaith integrates Protect My Ministry, allowing churches to order background checks directly through the Community Admin and enhancing safety and trust within the Kids Ministry environment.

Streamline the church’s engagement and communication processes with the Automated Workflows from ShareFaith. These robust instruments guarantee that no critical information is overlooked. Automated Workflows from ShareFaith streamline one’s outreach strategies by performing various tasks such as routing personalized phone calls to individuals who have not attended in four weeks, sending welcome texts to new members and first-time visitors, and reminding VBS registrants about the summer start date. Such functionality enables the team to concentrate on significant connections while imbuing each interaction with individuality.

Transform the giving experience for the church community with ShareFaith’s Online Giving Integrations. Streamline the generosity process, offering members a seamless and convenient way to contribute. Keep a close eye on giving trends and donations, with the flexibility to generate reports based on specific events or date ranges. ShareFaith’s Online Giving Integrations empower the church to navigate the realm of generosity effortlessly, fostering a culture of giving that aligns with its mission.

6. Kids Ministry Curriculum

Elevate the Kids Ministry with ShareFaith Kids, offering nothing but the best in Kids Ministry curriculum. Bid farewell to boredom and frustration as the resource-rich platform provides an extensive library of on-demand digital resources. ShareFaith Kids is designed to convey the life-changing message of the Gospel to children effortlessly. Bible lessons remain fresh, engaging, and exciting, ensuring an impactful and dynamic Kids Ministry experience with a continuous influx of new content each month.

ShareFaith Kids is the best option for kids’ ministries because it has everything they need. Explore the huge collection of downloaded materials, which are added to and updated every month. Check out popular school items, like interesting lesson videos, fun Bible quizzes, interesting comic books, moving praise videos, exciting PowerPoint games, fun activity pages, and more. Start a life-changing journey today with a free trial, which gives users access to over $150 worth of valuable Kids Ministry tools.

Start an in-depth study of the Bible with ShareFaith Kids, which has more than 150 digital Bible lessons for kids. Animated Bible videos, interesting slideshows, carefully made ready-to-teach curriculum, and many interactive activity pages change the minds of young people. The all-around resource ensures the experience is lively and rewarding, bringing the Bible to life like never before. Explore the world of digital lessons that use the timeless stories and lessons of the Bible to teach and captivate young hearts.

Foster meaningful connections between parents and children with ShareFaith Kids’ Online Family Devotionals. Elevate the learning experience by encouraging families to delve into the Bible together. These devotionals offer a seamless extension of classroom teachings, featuring the same captivating Bible videos, thought-provoking discussion questions, guided Scripture readings, and engaging elements. Empower families to embark on a shared journey of spiritual discovery, creating opportunities for meaningful conversations and a deeper understanding of the profound teachings found in the Scriptures.

Use the Sunday School Scheduler and Planner from ShareFaith to make scheduling easier for the church. The useful tool saves time and gives users full control over their calendars. The complete answer lets users easily manage tasks, including scheduling teachers, making lesson plans, running classes, and planning events. Make an effective schedule in just a few minutes that boosts productivity and ensures the Sunday School program runs smoothly and is well-organized.

Enhance the effectiveness of the Kids Ministry by utilizing ShareFaith’s extensive collection of resources, which features a wide variety of immersive materials. The comprehensive collection comprises engaging digital comics, dynamic worship videos, interactive Bible quizzes, and captivating PowerPoint games. Everything one needs to elevate their teachings to the next level. Captivate the children’s interest and enthusiasm by skillfully incorporating these imaginative components into the academic programs, ultimately motivating and inspiring them to further their spiritual development. It is a foolproof method to ensure the success of the Kids Ministry, which the children and the volunteers praise.

Secure a victorious summer for the church with ShareFaith’s On-Demand Digital Vacation Bible School (VBS). Gain unrestricted access to various thrilling 5-day VBS Adventures as a member. These programs are engaging and conveniently downloadable, providing all the essential resources to seamlessly prepare, promote, and deliver an unforgettable VBS experience. Equip the team with the tools needed to make the summer’s VBS the best one yet, fostering a memorable and impactful time for participants and volunteers.

How to Use ShareFaith?

To use Sharefaith effectively, follow these general steps below.

  1. Create an Account. Start by creating an account on the Sharefaith platform. Visit the Sharefaith website and look for the “Sign Up” or “Create Account” option. Provide the required information to set up an account.
  2. Explore Resources. Explore the extensive collection of resources available on Sharefaith once logged in. It includes church media, graphics, videos, worship resources, and more. Navigate through the categories to find content suitable for the church’s needs.
  3. Customize Designs. Sharefaith offers customization options for its designs. Utilize the online design tools or downloadable files to tailor the designs to fit the church’s style and message, whether the user is working on sermon graphics, social media posts, or church presentations.
  4. Access Church Websites. Explore Sharefaith’s website builder to create or update the church website. Utilize the drag-and-drop editor to customize the design according to personal preferences. Choose from various templates and ensure the website reflects the ministry effectively.
  5. Engage with Media. Enhance the worship experience with Sharefaith’s worship media. Use motion graphics and visuals to complement one’s messages. Stay updated with new releases to keep the worship visuals fresh.
  6. Utilize Church Management Tools. Explore the features that streamline administrative tasks. Manage church directories, events, communications, and more from one platform.
  7. Implement Online Giving. Set up the system to empower the congregation to give conveniently. Explore the different giving options, track donations, and utilize the reporting features.
  8. Access Support and Resources. Take advantage of Sharefaith’s support resources. The platform provides resources to help users make the most of its features whether they need assistance with technical issues or want to explore tutorials and guides.
  9. Stay Updated. Regularly check for updates and new content on Sharefaith. The platform often releases fresh resources, and staying updated ensures that the church’s media and presentations remain current.

How to Login ShareFaith?

To access the ShareFaith account, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the ShareaFaith Website. Open the preferred web browser and navigate to the Sharefaith website by entering in the address bar.
  2. Go to the Login Section. Find and click the “Login” section on the ShareFaith homepage. It is usually positioned at the top of the page for easy visibility.
  3. Enter Email and Password. Provide the email address associated with the ShareFaith account and enter the corresponding password into the designated fields in the login section. Ensure the accuracy of the information to authenticate the account successfully.
  4. Click Sign In. Click the “Log In” button after entering the login credentials. The action submits the provided information for verification, and upon successful authentication, users gain access to their ShareFaith account.

How to Create an Account for ShareFaith?

To create an account for ShareFaith follow the steps below.

  1. Visit the ShareFaith Website. Open a web browser and go to the ShareFaith website at
  2. Locate Sign-Up or Account Creation. Look for a “Sign Up” or “Create Account” option on the website. It is typically found in the top right corner of the homepage.
  3. Start the Registration Process. Click on the “Sign Up” or equivalent option. Users then are directed to a registration page.
  4. Provide Required Information. Fill out the registration form with the required information. It often includes the user’s name, email address, and contact number. Press the next button after providing the needed pieces of information. 
  5. Provide additional information. Provide the credit card’s number, expiration date, and CVV. Choose from what country and indicate the postal code. Create a password. 
  6. Agree to Terms and Conditions. Read through ShareFaith’s terms of service and privacy policy. Check the box or take any required action to indicate one’s acceptance.

How to Organize an Online Giving with ShareFaith?

To organize an online giving with ShareFaith follow the steps listed below.

  1. Visit the ShareFaith Website. Go to the ShareFaith website at
  2. Explore Products. Navigate to the “Products” section or look for features related to online giving on the website.
  3. Select Online Giving Service. Identify the specific online giving service or solution offered by ShareFaith. It is listed as part of their suite of church management tools.
  4. Learn About Features. Explore the features of ShareFaith’s online giving service. Look for capabilities such as customizable donation forms, payment processing options, and tools for managing and tracking donations.
  5. Sign Up or Log In. Sign up for an account if the user is not yet a member. Log in to a ShareFaith account if the user is an existing member.
  6. Choose a Plan. Select a pricing plan or subscription level that aligns with the needs of the church or ministry. Plans vary based on the size of the congregation and the features one requires.
  7. Set Up an Online Giving. Follow the platform’s instructions to set up an online giving system. It involves customizing donation forms, linking to the user’s bank account, and configuring other settings.
  8. Integrate with the Website. Integrate the online giving system with the church website if applicable. ShareFaith provides plugins, widgets, or code snippets to embed donation forms on the site seamlessly.
  9. Promote Online Giving. Encourage the congregation to use the online giving platform. Share information about the convenience, security, and benefits of online donations through ShareFaith.
  10. Monitor and Manage. Regularly check the online giving dashboard provided by ShareFaith. Monitor donation trends, generate reports, and manage additional settings or features to ensure smooth operation.

Is it possible to find Church Volunteers with ShareFaith?

No, it is impossible to find church volunteers with ShareFaith. Sharefaith doesn’t have a feature that enables users to find church volunteers using the platform. Sharefaith is an all-encompassing platform that offers a diverse array of tools and resources that are tailored exclusively for the use of congregations and ministries. It provides an extensive array of services to assist congregations in augmenting their digital footprint, enhancing worship encounters, and optimizing administrative operations.  

What to know about ShareFaith?

The things to know about ShareFaith are listed below.

  • Address: The address of the Sharefaith headquarters is 860 Ohare Pkwy Ste 200, Medford, Oregon 97504, in the United States of America.
  • Contact Number: Contact ShareFaith at 888-317-4018.
  • Email: Reach ShareFaith by sending them an email through

What are the Integrations with ShareFaith?

The integrations with ShareFaith are listed below.

  • Church Streaming Integration: The advanced platform lets users create plans that are visually appealing and fit their needs using tools that are easy to understand. Provide the audience with a carefully planned experience by combining sermon notes, moderated prayer requests, and real-time, interactive talks that don’t have any annoying ads or outside branding. 
  • Church Media Integration: Bring the congregation a visual experience that grows worship and provides an immersive atmosphere. Every worship moment is an artistic expression of faith and inspiration with Sharefaith.
  • Church Website Integration: Integration helps churches create a uniform online presence, which encourages more people to get engaged and donate and streamlines the giving process.
  • Church Management: The unique solution simplifies daily activities and modernizes the Kid’s Ministry, helping member serve their community better. ShareFaith ChMS lets members focus on what matters most for the church’s success by leading well.

1. Church Streaming Integration

Elevate the quality of a live broadcasting endeavor through the Church Streaming Software offered by Sharefaith, seamlessly blending simplicity with unparalleled customization. The sophisticated platform empowers users to craft visually captivating layouts tailored to their preferences, employing intuitively designed tools. Immerse the audience in a meticulously curated experience by seamlessly integrating sermon notes, moderated prayer requests, and real-time interactive discussions, all free from intrusive advertisements or external branding. Unleash one’s creative vision and personalize the live broadcast effortlessly, as the software ensures a refined and polished presentation, setting a new standard for broadcasting excellence.

2. Church Media Integration

Sharefaith Media is the go-to source for many faith communities; take a visual journey with them. Explore a library of over 100,000 media assets, which is regularly updated with fresh Sermon Title Graphics, Church Motion Graphics, Worship Media, Social Media Graphics, and more.

3. Church Website Integration

Sharefaith’s Site Migration service simplifies the process of switching hosting providers. Member’s old site’s content is re-created by the platform’s skilled migration staff and uploaded to the new Sharefaith platform. The potential of the revamped web presence is fully realized once they’ve transferred their content without losing its quality. Sharefaith simplifies the transfer process, guaranteeing that the new site is up to par with the ministry’s standards.

4. Church Management

ShareFaith ChMS is a cloud-based church management system that helps members streamline their operations and concentrate on their mission. Such a cutting-edge method streamlines everyday operations and brings the Kids Ministry into the modern era, allowing members to serve their community better. ShareFaith ChMS empowers users to flourish as church leaders by freeing them from mundane administrative responsibilities so that they focus on what matters for their congregation’s health and growth.

Does ShareFaith belong to Amplify?

Yes, ShareFaith belongs to Amplify. ShareFaith and Amplify are essential parts of Ministry Brands, and they provide powerful software solutions designed for churches and ministries. They focus on improving online giving and donation management under the Ministry Brands umbrella. ShareFaith and Amplify play a big role in advancing how churches handle administrative tasks, offering user-friendly tools to make giving and donation management easier for churches and ministries. Their main goal is to empower these organizations with efficient solutions for better handling donations.

What is the Term and Privacy Policy for Using ShareFaith Software?

The Terms of Service of ShareFaith Software are under Ministry Brands and outline the user’s rights and responsibilities as a user of the products and services. Members enter into a legally binding agreement with Ministry Brands Holdings, LLC, using their services. Members accept these terms on an organization’s behalf and confirm that they have the authority to bind that entity to these Terms. These Terms are effective when members first use or access the Services. Refrain from clicking “I agree” and using the Services if members disagree with these terms. These terms include an arbitration clause, meaning that disputes are resolved through mandatory binding arbitration, and participation in class-action lawsuits or class-wide arbitration is waived, except for certain specified disputes.

The Privacy Policy of Ministry Brands Holdings, LLC outlines the collection and processing of Personal Information through their websites, including Personal Information includes data identifying or relating to a particular consumer or household. The information collected includes details provided directly by users, such as names, contact information, payment details, and affiliations. The policy addresses the automatic collection of information through online tools like cookies and tracking technologies. Ministry Brands obtain Personal Information through their clients, organizations using their services, and interactive features or third-party integrations on their sites. The policy clarifies that specific sites have additional privacy disclosures.

Ministry Brands uses Personal Information for various purposes, including facilitating user experiences, improving site security, providing client services, processing payments, and sending communications. The disclosure of Personal Information occurs to affiliates, clients, and service providers, and complies with legal requirements. Users have choices regarding their Personal Information, such as opting out of marketing communications. The policy emphasizes the security measures in place and highlights the retention of Personal Information for specific purposes. It addresses children’s privacy, provides information for California residents, and acknowledges global data processing. Users are advised to review updates to the policy, and any continued use of the sites implies acceptance of the changes. Users are encouraged to contact Ministry Brands for inquiries or complaints.

What is the Customer Support Number of ShareFaith?

The customer support number of ShareFaith is 888-317-4018. Reach them through 8:00 am to 5:00 pm CT, Mondays to Fridays. ShareFaith has merged with Amplify, and all concerns are addressed on their website. Users have the option to create a support ticket with their concerns. Simply visit the website and submit a request on the website’s support section.