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Elevate Your Worship Experience with Seamless Integrations

Transform your worship planning and execution with our comprehensive suite of integrations. Designed to optimize your service planning, volunteer coordination, and safety measures, our solutions ensure a streamlined, efficient workflow that fosters smooth transitions and enhances connectivity with the tools you rely on most. Experience an enriched service planning process that elevates every aspect of your worship experience.

Simplify with Amplify:

At the heart of our integration suite is the native incorporation of Service Planning into Amplify. This critical integration with Ministry Brands Amplify's People Module eliminates redundant data entry and streamlines the management of your volunteers' faith journey. It's about more than just saving time; it's about enhancing the spiritual journey of your community with efficiency and grace.


Proclaim Your Worship:

Elevate your service presentations with our integration with Proclaim Church Presentation Software. Transitioning from worship planning to dynamic slide presentations has never been more seamless. With our integration, your team can access and compile slides effortlessly, regardless of the program used. Our innovative system recognizes your song mappings, automating slide creation to fit your specific worship flow.

Connect with Confidence:

Beyond Proclaim, our integration ecosystem extends to a variety of platforms and tools, ensuring your service planning is as comprehensive and efficient as possible. Whether you're syncing with SongSelect® for the perfect hymn, coordinating community efforts via Church Community Builder, or drawing inspiration from Spotify and YouTube, our integrations bring your favorite tools together under one roof. With varying levels and types of integration, our platform is flexible to meet your unique needs.

Integrated Solutions Include:

  • SongSelect®
  • Church Community Builder
  • OnSong App
  • LifeWay Worship
  • Spotify
  • YouTube
  • Amazon

Safer Services:

Protect My Ministry is the standard for safer churches. As a part of the Ministry Brands family and our end-to-end suite of solutions, it is the perfect addition to your Service Planning and Volunteer Managment process.

Let us help you provide a safer place for your staff, volunteers, and members to worship and amplify their faith.

  • Background Checks
  • Child Safety Training
  • Continuous Criminal Monitoring
  • Education Verification
  • Driving Records

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