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Have you ever found yourself grappling with contrasting ideas on leadership? In a world full of differing perspectives, it’s important to return to the core principles of effective leadership.

These principles suggest that true leadership involves putting others before ourselves, practicing humility, serving others, and being open about our flaws, knowing that we can learn and grow from them.

Sometimes, when we’re deeply involved in serving the church, we can be swept up in the belief that the more we do, the more faithful we are. While the intention behind this is good, we might need to adjust our motivation.

We need to remember that our role is not to lead out of necessity but out of a genuine desire to serve.

Understanding the Impact of Your Actions

Measuring our impact can be tricky, especially when it comes to intangible aspects like personal transformation, relationships, and spiritual growth. Yet, difficulty shouldn’t dissuade us from attempting to understand the value of our actions.

When we neglect to acknowledge these invaluable elements, we risk overlooking their significance. We should not shy away from these challenging-to-measure aspects but rather try to find simple ways to appreciate their worth.

Avoiding Burnout: Keeping Your Energy High

Have you ever felt perpetually “busy” with the hope of rest around the corner? Many of us, especially those in leadership roles, can get caught in this non-stop cycle. It’s crucial to reassess and alter the demands of our lives regularly.

Continuous exertion can lead to stress, distance from loved ones, and even burnout. Consider these three adjustments to avoid that:

  1. Be self-aware: Keep tabs on your “busyness” level and adjust accordingly.
  2. Ask yourself: “Am I living the life I’m meant to lead?”
  3. Seek accountability: Have trusted friends who can remind you to pause when needed.

Remember the importance of personal health and family. Our well-being should not be compromised for our work or cause. It’s essential to maintain a balanced lifestyle, taking care of physical, mental, and spiritual health. We are not limitless; learning to say no and reevaluating our commitments can be vital.

Checking in with Yourself

Sometimes, fatigue runs deeper than merely needing a physical break. In such times, a profound internal check is necessary to fully reset and heal. It’s crucial to understand and identify what brings you inner peace and satisfaction.

One essential question to regularly ask yourself is, “How am I really doing?” This self-reflection can help you understand the true state of your inner well-being. By seeking deep healing, we find the path to peace, rest, and rejuvenation.


“I was having a hard time wrestling with these dueling ideas of leadership. But Jesus is the greatest leader. No one ever has influenced the world like Jesus has.” - Alan George
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“I think many leaders are in that place where they’re running at an unhealthy pace. They just think it’s normal because for them it is, but it doesn’t have to be.” - Alan George
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“We need not shy away from the things that are hard to count and figure out a way to articulate that and find value.” - Alan George
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