New feature empowers churches to customize mobile app experiences and enhance parishioner engagement

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., Oct. 25, 2023 — Ministry Brands, the leading provider of software and services for faith-based, non-profit and other purpose-driven organizations, today announced the launch of Flex Content, a new platform offering that will enable churches to customize mobile apps and enhance member engagement.

Flex Content will empower church leaders to elevate their digital presence with custom pages, streamlined event promotion, simplified resource access, and stronger congregation connections. This will allow stakeholders to easily strengthen networks and more seamlessly foster meaningful relationships within a church’s digital community.

“With the launch of Flex Content, we are creating a meaningful shift in how churches connect with their members,” said Chris Bacon, Chief Operating Officer. “This will empower churches to tailor their mobile app experience to reflect their distinct identity and mission. This exciting addition also showcases our dedication to expanding what’s possible in the realm of digital church engagement.”

Flex Content makes it effortless for churches to engage with their congregation to reach wider communities that often extend beyond typical communication channels or websites. From invitations to Christmas Eve services to sharing Good Friday and Easter details to launching a new ministry, Flex Content provides church leaders with the tools to effectively create a more tailored digital presence, while allowing users to seamlessly navigate their church’s most important messages.”

At Ministry Brands, we pride ourselves on empowering purpose-driven organizations,” added Bacon. “With Flex Content, we’re extending our legacy of innovation by offering faith-based organizations the tools they need to maximize the reach and impact of their online presence. This is also an extension of our commitment to providing integrated solutions that enable churches to thrive and create lasting positive impacts on the communities they serve.”

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