LENOIR CITY, Tennessee – December 5, 2019 – Ministry Brands, the leading provider of church software and online giving, announced today a 34% increase in transactions and a 7% lift in gift size over last year, as processed through its platforms for the 2019 Giving Tuesday event.

These significant increases reflect giving across all of the religious organizations combined that use Ministry Brands’ platforms. Catholic congregations in particular saw a large increase of 45% with a surge in gift size of 13%. Ministry Brands provides online giving software to over 27,000 churches, parishes, and ministries in the United States.

“We have seen the rapid adoption of online giving platforms across churches and ministries of all denominations and traditions,” said Carrie Gregg, Ministry Brands’ General Manager for Giving Platforms. She continued, “Online platforms are especially valuable for Giving Tuesday, since members can give directly from mobile apps, websites, and social media without physically having to be at the church.”

According to GiveUSA, religious givers contributed over $124 billion dollars in 2018 , by far the largest block of charitable donations in the United States. To help manage and grow their gifts, churches have increasingly utilized online platforms to spread generosity across their congregations. With many churches now using some form of online giving, and 30% or more of members utilizing these platforms, online giving allows churches to better cultivate recurring giving and manage one-time gifts. Nearly 30% of the gifts given in 2019 for Giving Tuesday came from recurring givers.

About Ministry Brands

Serving more than 80,000 customers, Ministry Brands is the leading provider of SaaS platforms for churches, parachurch ministries and other faith-based organizations in the United States and Canada. Under the leadership of a kingdom-driven management team, the company seeks to equip the 21st-century church with technology that empowers pastors, church executives, technology professionals and administrators to proactively carry out their biblical mission with excellence, reverence, and efficiency. Ministry Brands’ suite of solutions includes church management, giving, mobile applications, website development, background checks, content, and messaging.