NCS eGiving: One-Stop Solution to Give Anywhere and Wherever

NCS eGiving is a holistic electronic giving platform that allows customers to make donations or contribute from any place and at any time. NCS eGiving is a digital solution for individuals, organizations, or causes looking for effective ways to collect financial assistance and donations.

NCS eGiving’s major function is to simplify the procedure of collecting and receiving monetary contributions via electronic means. The platform has features such as online donations, fundraising capabilities, and secure payment processing, rendering it a useful tool for several organizations, including nonprofits, faith-based groups, and enterprises.

NCS eGiving’s primary benefit is its capacity to deliver a comfortable, safe, and accessible channel for funding transactions. Clients swiftly make electronic gifts or contributions, enabling a more productive and contemporary method for fundraising and financial assistance.

One unique point of NCS eGiving is its role as a one-stop solution, providing various electronic giving tools and services. It incorporates components that include fundraising campaigns, event ticketing, and other monetary operations, making it a dynamic and extensive interface.

The NCS Services team has been committed to aiding organizations in encouraging generosity since its inception in 2012, with a particular emphasis on providing e-giving alternatives. The organization has successfully cooperated with several groups of different sizes to broaden its scope and effect. NCS Services’ objective involves providing donors with a smooth and prompt experience, stressing simplicity in the giving procedure. The business supplies admins with powerful monitoring and engagement capabilities to help them manage and monitor funding.

NCS eGiving is relevant to Amplify due to its capacity to improve and boost Amplify’s fundraising efforts and financial operations. NCS eGiving aligns with current trends in e-commerce and promotes Amplify’s objectives by providing a simplified route to financial contributions and a modern channel for giving. The synergy is an opportunity to expand Amplify’s and its stakeholders’ effectiveness, scope, and financial administration. NCS eGiving and Amplify are owned by Ministry Brands Holdings as of 2023, and their copyrights are retained by the parent firm. The strategic alignment demonstrates the Ministry Brands portfolio’s cohesive commitment to offering holistic solutions.

The pricing table for NCS eGiving is shown below.

Type of PlanMonthly PremiumTransaction FeeMonthly minimumACH/eCheckInclusions
Advantage$19/mo3.00% + $0.42 Flat$101.00% + $0.42per transactionSecurity Fee, MinistryOne Church App, Texts, Events, Checkout, 30-day Free Trial
Ultimate$49/mo2.60% + $0.42 Flat$101.00% + $0.42per transactionSecurity Fee, MinistryOne Church App, Texts, Events, Checkout, 30-day Free Trial

Organizations opting for the Advantage tier pay a fixed monthly fee of $19. Each transaction is subject to a 3.00% charge and a $0.42 flat cost. A monthly minimum payment of $10 is required to retain flexibility, and an additional fee of 1.00% plus $0.42 per transaction is levied on ACH/eCheck transactions.

Congregations opting for the Ultimate alternative, are required to pay a fixed monthly cost of $49. Every transaction is subject to a 2.60% processing fee and a $0.42 flat fee, in addition to the monthly cost. A monthly minimum payment of $10 ensures flexibility for firms with different transaction volumes similar to the Advantage Plan. The plan charges a fee of 1.00% along with $0.42 per transaction for ACH/eCheck activities. 

NCS eGiving’s Advantage and Ultimate tiers offer a 30-day trial, free of charge, allowing establishments to experience the efficacy of each plan without spending a penny. The option helps organizations to properly select the right plan that suits their identity and supports their agenda.

NCS eGiving Pricing and Premium Features

The NCS eGiving and premium features involve the costs associated with utilizing the online contribution system and the functionalities it offers. NCS Services’ goal of providing a flexible contributing platform is channeled to three unique options that accommodate institutions of distinct sizes and expenses. The tiers include the Advantage Plan, Ultimate Plan, and Free Trial Plan. 

The NCS eGiving Advantage Plan is an extensive answer for companies seeking effective donation administration. The proposal intends to improve the donor and administrator experience by involving features such as improved reporting tools and a more intuitive user experience. It accommodates a variety of business sizes and budget constraints.

The Ultimate Plan is intended for companies that want to increase their giving platform engagement. The plan contains sophisticated interaction tools and extra functions to deliver a first-rate experience for the contributors and administrators. The Ultimate Plan is ideal for companies with broad and developing digital giving demands with its versatility and scalability.

The 30-day free trial enables the clients to study any plan and swap between bundles as necessary. The strategy stresses flexibility and availability for businesses seeking a comprehensive donation solution.

The premium features are listed below.

  • Events: The Events component of NCS eGiving allows groups to coordinate and gather donations for various events, enabling effective and integrated fundraising during meetings, conferences, or various events. The e-giving platform includes an Event Manager platform for accepting donations, taking registrations, and signing up volunteers online.
  • Mobile: The Mobile function of the online platform allows contributors to make contributions using their mobile devices, stressing ease of use and versatility in contributing and responding to the growing trend of mobile-based operations. Mobile phones access a full-featured church app for donating, sermon viewing, prayer demands, event registration, push notifications, and more.
  • Promote: The Promote element of NCS eGiving offers tools and tactics to help organizations advertise and promote their giving campaigns, boosting donor involvement and engagement. NCS supplies the resources and tools required to maximize the giving potential and reach contributors.
  • Forms: The Forms feature makes it easy for clients to create and customize donation forms, easing the giving procedure for contributors while supplying organizations with an adaptable instrument for collecting particular details or funding for stated objectives. Users utilize the functionality to build several Forms needed from scratch, replicate an existing form, or utilize a prepared template.
  • Texts: The Text component of NCS eGiving takes advantage of the growing acceptance of text messaging to allow institutions to connect with contributors rapidly. The service provides the opportunity to contribute directly to the members by allowing them to text donations from their mobile phones.
  • Kiosk: The Kiosk feature allows groups to set up specialized kiosks for in-person contributions, using the congregation’s iPad, the kiosk software, and card readers. It boosts the entire giving experience and gathers contributions during on-site activities.
  • Checkout: The Checkout feature enables a quick and safe transaction, improving the donor experience during online purchases and reducing friction in the donating process.
  • MinistryOne Church App: The reach of NCS eGiving is broadened by offering a platform for congregants to donate within the app by integrating with the MinistryOne Church App. It creates an integrated strategy for church management and donor interaction.

5 Benefits of NCS eGiving

The 5 benefits of NCS eGiving are listed below.

  • Event management: The event management function of NCS eGiving simplifies the planning and collection of contributions for various events. The platform provides tools to quickly organize, carry out, and improve fundraising efforts at various events, improving the experience for organizers and contributors.
  • Online giving: The online giving feature of NCS eGiving offers organizations a strong and secure platform for taking digital donations. The feature caters to the current demand for electronic operations, assuring donor accessibility and ease while broadening the reach and effect of fundraising initiatives.
  • Mobile giving: NCS eGiving’s mobile giving functionality recognizes the popularity of mobile devices in the modern digital ecosystem. Organizations leverage the increasing prevalence of mobile transactions by improving the contribution experience for mobile users. The feature allows donors to give effortlessly and quickly from their smartphones or tablets.
  • Embed forms: The embed forms provided by NCS eGiving give a robust and adaptable platform for developing donation forms, helping several congregations. The feature allows simple integration of donation forms into various online systems, web pages, or communication avenues, providing donors with a user-friendly and consistent giving experience across several touchpoints.
  • Kiosk giving: The Kiosk giving benefit of NCS eGiving, allows organizations to put up real donation booths, which improves the in-person giving experience. The tool is especially helpful for events, meetings, or services where contributors donate on-site. It creates a quick and simple method to aid the cause.

1. Event management

Event management in NCS eGiving alludes to a complete range of tools and capabilities to help organizations organize, execute, and optimize fundraising events or campaigns. Event management includes event-related components such as collecting and handling donations, tracking participant involvement, and delivering a smooth procedure for organizers and donors.

The primary benefits of event management in NCS eGiving include easier fundraising event planning and execution, increased involvement with participants and contributors, and the opportunity to maximize fundraising efforts. The feature provides a single platform for event planning, streamlining administrative procedures, and boosting the success of fundraising activities.

The event management procedure entails creating, promoting, and managing fundraising events using the tools provided by NCS eGiving. The process begins by creating event pages, specifying campaign goals, and employing capabilities such as real-time donation monitoring and participant participation afterward. Post-event actions, such as assessing performance metrics and donor comments, are included in the method to continually improve and polish future events. NCS eGiving’s event management has an extensive and user-friendly system for organizing successful fundraising events.

2. Online giving

Online giving refers to the capacity for donors to send financial contributions or gifts to companies through digital channels, such as the Internet. The process entails using safe internet operations to boost fundraising efforts, enabling contributors to give simply and safely using electronic alternatives.

The benefits of giving online with NCS eGiving are numerous. It provides contributors with a handy and accessible option to contribute, making cash contributions at any time and from any location with an internet connection. Online donating is a secure and efficient method that ensures operations are handled safely, boosting donor trust. The feature allows organizations to broaden their donor reach by appealing to a larger audience that favors digital and hassle-free methods of contributing to charity causes.

Organizations create secure and user-friendly web platforms within NCS eGiving as part of the online donation process. Donors utilize the platform, choose the cause or campaign they are interested in helping, and make financial contributions using different payment options. The method is intended to be simple, empowering contributors to participate effortlessly and add to the organization’s fundraising initiatives. The ongoing evaluation and enhancement of the online donating procedure add to its efficacy of aiding the business’s monetary objectives.

3. Mobile giving

Mobile giving pertains to making financial contributions or gifts to organizations via handheld gadgets such as smartphones or tablets. The strategy employs mobile technology to provide a simple and easy option, supporting causes and philanthropic projects via digital operations.

Mobile giving has numerous benefits for both contributors and organizations. It offers a handy and on-the-go alternative, permitting contributors to donate from their mobile devices at any time and location. The ease of access increases donor involvement and promotes impulsive contributions. Mobile giving platforms interact with numerous payment methods, keeping the donation process easy and intuitive. Adopting mobile giving offers new channels for fundraising for groups. It allows them to reach out to tech-savvy donors who favor mobile-centric engagements.

Organizations that deploy NCS eGiving solutions for mobile devices are involved in the mobile donating process. Contributors use their mobile devices to navigate such mobile-optimized portals or apps, select the particular cause or campaign they are interested in helping, and finish the gift. The procedure is intuitive, offering a smooth and quick experience for contributors who make donations by smartphone or tablet. The mobile giving process’s efficiency and adaptability to changing donor choices are enhanced by continuous enhancements and updates.

4. Embed forms

Embed forms in the NCS eGiving platform are the insertion of contribution or donation forms directly into a company’s web page or digital platforms. The feature enables visitors to communicate with and contribute without being transferred to separate domains.

Including donation forms on a nonprofit’s website has various advantages. It improves the donor experience by offering an uninterrupted and familiar interface, which reduces the occurrence of donor returns during the donation process. The seamless connection supports the company’s brand and messaging while generating credibility and confidence. Embedded forms speed up the donation process, making it easier for users to give without leaving the organization’s website. Companies have more freedom to modify the look and placement of the forms to match the aesthetic and arrangement of their web page.

Organizations use NCS eGiving’s functionality to generate unique donation forms as part of their procedure. Such forms are integrated directly into a company’s web page or digital systems using certain tools or code snippets. Website visitors quickly navigate and finish the donation procedure without being diverted to external pages. The embedded forms are created to be visually consistent with the organization’s website, providing contributors with a seamless and cohesive experience. Regular evaluation and adjustment of embedded forms help to enhance the donation experience and efficacy.

5. Kiosk giving

 Kiosk giving in NCS eGiving entails the usage of interactive self-service kiosks located at physical church or organizational premises. Individuals use such kiosks to give contributions or gifts easily and safely on-site.

Kiosk giving has several benefits for both organizations and contributors. It gives a physical point of contact for individuals visiting services or events, enabling them to offer input in actual time. Kiosks improve the donating experience by providing a user-friendly interface that makes the donation procedure easier. The strategy is especially useful for people who value in-person operations and are hesitant to use the internet alternatives. Kiosk giving supports the organization’s fundraising strategy by expanding the routes through which contributions are collected.

The procedure entails placing real kiosks with intuitive controls and encrypted payment processing capabilities in strategic locations throughout the organization’s grounds. Donors approach such kiosks and make their contributions by following simple instructions. The kiosks are intended to safely accept payments, issue receipts, and interact with the larger NCS eGiving platform for more efficient financial administration. Ongoing upkeep and evaluation guarantee that kiosk giving remains effective and reliable as a component of the giving plan.

How to Use NCS eGiving?

To use the NCS eGiving, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Make an account. Create an account on the NCS eGiving platform. Fill out the registration form and get access to a range of resources and features. Visit the NCS eGiving website, choose “Sign Up” or “Create an Account,” and follow the prompts to provide essential information, such as contact information and organization information.
  2. Select a Plan. NCS eGiving provides various options with differing features and prices to meet the demands of various organizations. Browse the different plans, analyze features, and choose the plan that best meets the business’s needs and budget after establishing an account.
  3. Establish the Payment Methods. Setting the payment methods requires connecting bank accounts or other financial options to make the donation procedure easier. Go through to the payment settings section to guarantee secure and reliable transactions. Enter the necessary financial information, and complete the verification stages.
  4. Personalize Giving Pages. Charities develop a customized and unique online setting for contributors by changing their donation sites. Utilize the platform’s customization options to change the look of the giving pages, such as inserting logos, photographs, and personalized greetings.
  5. Market One’s Giving Platform. Promotion entails proactively persuading donors to make contributions using the NCS eGiving platform. Employ the marketing instruments supplied, such as email templates and social media connections to educate and persuade the community to donate through the platform.
  6. Use Extra tools. NCS eGiving includes extra tools such as managing events, mobile giving, and forms that improve the whole giving experience. Investigate and employ the extra functions according to the needs of the organization offering donors various convenient contributing alternatives.
  7. Monitor and Analyze. Monitoring entails checking transactions regularly while evaluating data to acquire insights into gift patterns and engagement. Utilize the reporting and analytics tools within NCS eGiving to monitor donation trends, evaluate campaign success, and make educated choices to improve fundraising efforts.
  8. Offer assistance and education. Providing guidance and instruction ensures that contributors know how to use the platform and seek assistance if necessary. Actively communicate with contributors, offer educational materials, and supply customer service channels to respond to questions or issues immediately.

How to Log in NCS eGiving?

To log in to NCS eGiving, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Visit the NCS eGiving Website. The first step in logging onto the platform is to visit the official NCS eGiving website. Open a web browser and type the NCS eGiving website address, “,” into the address bar.
  2. Find the Login Section. The login area is where users enter their NCS eGiving account details. Look for the “Login” or “Sign In” option on the homepage. The login area is shown prominently at the beginning of the page or within a specific login section.
  3. Enter the username or email address. Users must input the unique username or email address linked to their NCS eGiving account. Tap upon the login button and input the username or email address used when creating the account in the provided forms.
  4. Enter the Password. A password acts as an encrypted authentication system, ensuring that solely authorized users are granted access to the NCS eGiving account. Enter the associated password in the designated field, normally situated below the username or email address text field. Ensure the correct letter, number, or special character sequence is provided.
  5. Hit the “Login” or “Sign In” button. The “Login” or “Sign In” button submits the supplied credentials into the system’s database and initiates the process for validation. Click the “Login” or “Sign In” button to begin the login procedure.
  6. Comply with the two-factor authentication, if enabled. Two-factor authentication adds another degree of protection by forcing users to confirm their identity using a separate method. Follow the prompts if two-factor authentication is activated, which include obtaining a code through email or SMS and inserting it on the login screen.
  7. Access the Dashboard or User Interface. Clients are sent to their panel or the primary user interface of the NCS eGiving platform after logging in. Explore the dashboard to utilize numerous tools, features, and options for donation administration, customization, and reporting.

How to Create an Account for NCS eGiving?

To create an account for NCS eGiving, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Access the NCS eGiving Website. Go to the official NCS eGiving page to begin registering an account. Navigate to the NCS eGiving website using the URL “” in a web browser.
  2. Search for the “Sign Up” or “Create Account” section. The registration area is where new users begin creating an account. Look for the “Sign Up” or “Create Account” button on the homepage. The “Sign Up” or “Create Account” button is exhibited in a prominent position on the main page.
  3. Give the Required Information. New users must enter the necessary details to create a personalized NCS eGiving account. Supply the available fields with the correct data, which includes personal information such as name, email address, and username.
  4. Provide a Secure Password. A strong password helps keep the account safe from illegal access. Build a strong and unique password by mixing letters, numbers, and special characters. Check its compliance with the platform’s security criteria.
  5. Accept the Terms & Conditions. Users must accept the terms and conditions outlined by NCS eGiving to proceed with account creation. Examine the terms and conditions offered throughout the registration procedure and choose the checkbox or button that indicates agreement.
  6. Submit the Registration Form. The supplied information is entered into the registration form, and submitting it commences the account creation request. Click the “Submit” or “Create Account” button after filling out all the required fields. The step transmits the registration information to be verified.
  7. Verify the email address, if necessary. An Email verification validates that the supplied email address is legitimate. Check the organization’s or personal email for a confirmation message from NCS eGiving. Hit the supplied link or adhere to the instructions to verify the account.
  8. Execute any additional steps. Added procedures, such as profile modification or security configuration, are required on some platforms. Finish the profile creation procedure by following any prompts, which include establishing preferences or providing further details.
  9. Sign in to the newly created account. Users access the NCS eGiving platform after successfully creating an account. Log in using the supplied username or email address and the password specified to discover the functions and features of the NCS eGiving platform.

How to Organize an Online Giving with NCS eGiving?

To organize an online giving with NCS eGiving, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Sign in to NCS eGiving account. Log in to the NCS eGiving platform using the registered account credentials.
  2. Go to the “Online Giving” section of the website. Navigate to and select the “Online Giving” option once logged in, to create and control one’s online giving campaigns.
  3. Set up a New Giving campaign. Begin a new giving campaign by providing pertinent information such as the campaign’s name, objective, and specific requests from donors.
  4. Personalize the giving options. Establish donation levels, provide one-time or recurring gifts, and select the regions or funds where supporters contribute based on the company’s specifications.
  5. Increase the visibility of the online giving campaign. Use NCS eGiving’s promotional tools to build knowledge about the campaign, promote involvement, and communicate with potential donations.
  6. Monitor and handle the contributions. Assess the development of the online giving campaign, handle incoming gifts, and produce reports for greater insights with the platform’s tracking capabilities.
  7. Connect with potential donors. Use communication capabilities inside NCS eGiving to express gratitude to establish donor value, offer reports on the campaign’s influence, and communicate with donors.
  8. Evaluate and analyze the campaign outcome. Analyze the donation data when the campaign is through. Discover the winning techniques, and collect comments to enhance subsequent online giving campaigns.

Is it possible to find Church Volunteers with NCS eGiving?

Yes, it is possible to find Church volunteers with NCS eGiving. NCS eGiving enables institutions to welcome volunteers through the platform, along with its capacity to handle online donations. The platform possesses volunteer management features since it is programmed to “accept volunteers”. 

Volunteer acceptance processes are smoothly integrated by organizations that use the platform. The addition of volunteer acceptance highlights the system’s capability to support other areas of organizational administration along with money contributions.

The platform makes volunteer acceptance easier, however, it does not specify the amount of volunteer management tools offered. Volunteer management options in NCS eGiving are not as successful as systems offered by specialized volunteer management platforms. Volunteer recruitment, for example, which involves a broader scope and more intensive requirements, is not thoroughly emphasized in the platform.

What to know about NCS eGiving?

The facts to know about NCS eGiving are listed below.

  • Comprehensive Contribution Platform: NCS eGiving is a comprehensive contribution platform that provides options for web-based donations, event administration, volunteer acceptance, and other functions. It supplies congregations and organizations with a consolidated platform for managing many areas of financial and community charitable operations.
  • Established year: NCS Services is NCS eGiving’s parent firm, which has been in business since 2012. It represents several years of knowledge and expertise in designing solutions to help companies inspire giving. 
  • Mission: NCS eGiving’s mission is to provide donors with a simple and uncomplicated experience while giving administrators sophisticated data and engagement capabilities. The platform seeks to make online donations and other associated operations smooth for groups of all sizes.
  • Parent corporation: NCS eGiving is part of Ministry Brands Holdings, a parent company that handles a variety of solutions focused on meeting the specific needs of faith-based organizations. Ministry Brand Holdings manages NCS eGiving’s copyright as of 2023. NCS eGiving aligns with other entities under Ministry Brands Holding’s umbrella, such as Amplify.
  • Available plans: NCS eGiving has several programs, including Advantage and Ultimate, to meet distinct donation demands regardless of budget limits. The platform offers a 30-day free trial, enabling customers to browse and test the service without committing to anything.
  • Adaptability: The platform’s versatility is demonstrated by its capacity to serve organizations of diverse sizes, from local churches to major institutions. Its versatility implies that many entities use the platform to meet their unique demands.
  • Company Location: NCS Services’ headquarters are in the United States’ Great Lakes and Northeastern areas. The company’s strategic orientation allows catering to various clients, including organizations in such regions, while assuring localized support and services for its comprehensive giving platform, NCS eGiving.

What are the Integrations with NCS eGiving?

The integrations with NCS eGiving are listed below.

  • Church Accounting Integration: The accounting integration allows churches to effortlessly correlate their financial data with accounting software. It eases financial management operations and assures reliable and current records.
  • Church Management Integration: Integration with church administration systems improves productivity in the organization by enabling NCS eGiving to coexist with other systems. It facilitates a synchronization of contributor details, event specifics, and other important data.

1. Church Accounting Integration

Church Accounting Integration refers to the smooth integration of NCS eGiving with church accounting software. The interface simplifies financial operations by enabling data to be transmitted instantly between the eGiving platform and accounting systems.

The key advantage is improved financial management efficiency. Organizations avoid manual data entry, minimize errors, and guarantee that contribution and financial information are appropriately documented in their accounting system through cooperation with accounting software.

Review the list of approved connections supplied by NCS eGiving to guarantee that the congregation’s accounting software is compatible with the platform. Initiate the integration procedure by permitting access permissions for data exchange between NCS eGiving and the relevant accounting software within the eGiving system. Follow the setup instructions to define integration settings and conduct extensive testing to confirm data accuracy, and sample transactions to guarantee smooth communication. Implement the integration for continuing, automatic data synchronization, with regular monitoring to handle any potential issues immediately.

2. Church Management Integration

Church administration Integration is the process of integrating NCS eGiving to church administration software to optimize data flow and improve administrative efficiency. The procedure allows two systems to communicate and synchronize data in real-time.

The key benefit of the integration is the seamless connection of eGiving with church management systems. NCS eGiving integrates with management software to offer continuous updating of member records, gift history, and other important data, minimizing manual input and avoiding errors.

Users initiate the process inside NCS eGiving by first granting access for data exchange. Synchronization settings are subsequently set up. Accurate communication is then verified. Successful integration helps organizations to effectively manage their congregations’ giving activities and other critical church management duties.

Does NCS eGiving belong to Amplify?

No, NCS eGiving does not belong to Amplify. NCS eGiving is associated with NCS Services, a company that specializes in developing and innovating e-giving – an advanced giving platform that offers numerous methods to donate online. The copyright for NCS eGiving is awarded to Ministry Brands Holdings, the creator of Amplify, as of 2023.

Amplify is a tool offered by Ministry Brands, a renowned developer of digital solutions for churches and ministries. Ministry Brands is well-known for offering technological solutions to various organizations, including congregations. Amplify is a full-service church management software (ChMS) solution within the Ministry Brands umbrella. NCS eGiving is not associated with Amplify, but rather with Ministry Brands Holdings. 

What is the Term and Privacy Policy of Using NCS eGiving Software?

The terms and privacy policy of using NCS eGiving software demonstrates the company’s dedication to preserving user privacy by detailing the types of information gathered and underlining the security methods in place. NCS eGiving comprises a particular Privacy Policy that covers the unique services and software it provides, being a member of the Ministry Brands family.

The NCS eGiving platform serves as a web-based software platform for granting authorized users access to web pages. The platform’s information collecting is limited to fulfilling contractual obligations to consumers and providing desired services. NCS eGiving emphasizes its indirect contact with platform end-users. It directs customers to the privacy policies of the individual companies for information on how their data is collected, used, and safeguarded. Any queries regarding data access, deletion, or change requests are directed to the appropriate client.

What is the Customer Support Number of NCS eGiving Software?

The customer support number of NCS eGiving software is 865-658-3408, a toll-free number for clients who need assistance in resolving platform-related concerns.

Amplify is used in conjunction with NCS eGiving. The site has joined with Amplify, another Ministry Brands affiliate as a result of a merger. Clients needing support must dial the toll-free number provided, considering the coordinated efforts and integrated services that emerged from the Ministry Brands merger with Amplify.