Mogiv: Revolutionizing Nonprofit Fundraising and Donor Relations

Mogiv is a revolutionary multi-platform giving solution designed to transform the landscape of nonprofit fundraising and donor relations. Mogiv seeks to establish and nurture sustainable relationships between nonprofit organizations and their supporters by leveraging communication vehicles that people use in their daily lives.

The multi-platform is a versatile and comprehensive platform that equips nonprofits with the tools they need to engage with their donors and supporters effectively. Mogiv accomplishes it by harnessing various communication channels that individuals interact with, such as mobile apps, websites, social media, email, and more. It facilitates seamless and ongoing connections between nonprofits and their supporters through these familiar and accessible channels.

Mogiv’s main function is to assist non-profit organizations in converting new donors into lifelong partners by offering a suite of tools. It includes a form builder for easy donation management, robust reporting for campaign progress tracking, and support for recurring giving. Mogiv prioritizes security with PCI Level 1 Compliance and allows organizations to scale with additional user accounts at no extra cost. The main benefit of Mogiv is its convenience for donors, allowing them to give any time, anywhere, and in any amount. It offers simple gift tracking, enables unlimited campaign management, and provides embeddable forms for seamless website giving.

The main unique point of Mogiv is its origin and mission to simplify giving while removing common barriers for donors and nonprofits. The platform was born after recognizing a widespread need for a user-friendly technology solution, and it was developed following 18 months of thorough research and planning. Mogiv stands out by leveraging widely used communication channels and offering a business model that does not rely on setup fees or contracts, aligning its success with the success of the organizations it serves. Mogiv’s core belief in the importance of every person’s ability to give and the impact of every dollar sets it apart, aiming to transform a culture of abundance into a culture of generosity and helping nonprofits grow their giving.

Mogiv is relevant to Amplify in the context of church administration and involvement improvement. Amplify’s mission is to enhance church administration and foster greater involvement in religious organizations, which aligns with Mogiv’s features and dedication to service within the nonprofit sector. Mogiv’s multi-platform giving solution, user-friendly interfaces, and robust reporting tools are invaluable for churches and ministries seeking to streamline their financial operations, engage their congregations effectively, and strengthen their communities.

Mogiv’s pricing plan is indicated in the pricing table below.

$19/month $49/month
3.00% + $0.42 Flat2.60% + $0.42 FlatCC
1.00% + $0.42ACH
IncludedSecurity/Regulatory Fee
$10Monthly Minimum
Included Additional Features
MinistryOne Church AppIncluded
Text GivingIncluded

Mogiv Pricing and Premium Features

Mogiv has a simple price structure to assist charity and faith-based groups in charitable giving activities. The price concept covers the costs of processing electronic transactions while ensuring a secure and safe transaction environment. Note that there is a $10 monthly minimum fee. They charged the $10 monthly minimum fee if an organization processes less than $10 in monthly processing fees, roughly equivalent to $300 in gifts based on the specified processing rates. They pay the normal processing fees if they process more than $10 in fees. Mogiv offers a free 30-day trial with no setup fees or contracts, allowing organizations to test all the features risk-free and determine if Mogiv is the right fit for their needs.

The premium features of Mogiv plans are listed below.

  • MinistryOne Church App: The feature includes access to the MinistryOne Church App, which helps organizations with mobile engagement, communication, and management for their church members.
  • Text Giving: The feature enables organizations to receive donations via text messages, providing a convenient and accessible giving option for supporters.

3 Benefits of Mogiv

The 3 benefits of Mogiv are listed below.

  • Online Giving offers flexibility, security, and precision by Mogiv. Donors make one-time gifts or schedule monthly recurring donations from anywhere with internet access. Organizations easily embed Mogiv’s giving tools onto their websites, providing a seamless donation experience. Real-time updates and detailed reporting keep nonprofits and donors informed while creating and managing unlimited campaigns, allowing organizations to assess the effectiveness of their marketing efforts and appeals.
  • Mobile Giving empowers donors to give any time and anywhere. Organizations accept in-app donations from smartphones and tablets, manage child check-in, event registration, and more with a full-featured mobile app. The app is customized with logos and colors, and launch materials are available to promote giving and the organization’s app. Mogiv allows organizations to accept text donations of any amount via a unique 10-digit phone number, with donors quickly signing up in one minute. Mobile donations settle directly into the organization’s checking account, and a control panel provides insights into text-giving statistics.
  • Kiosk Giving enables on-site donation acceptance. Organizations choose to add kiosk hardware to their plan or utilize software and card readers to turn an iPad, version 2 or newer into a kiosk. The feature allows donors to give with their cards at the organization’s physical location, and studies have shown that it increases donations by an average of 16%. Reporting for kiosk donations is accessible via Mogiv’s control panel, providing a comprehensive overview of giving activity.

1. Online Giving

Mogiv’s online giving capabilities offer a robust and convenient solution for nonprofit organizations and donors. Donors contribute from anywhere they have internet access, with the flexibility to make one-time gifts or schedule recurring monthly donations. Mogiv supports various giving methods, including online, text, and in-app donations, catering to donors’ preferences and simplifying the giving process. 

There is no need to install additional software, making it hassle-free for both donors and organizations. Mogiv is seamlessly embedded into nonprofit websites, ensuring a consistent user experience while providing real-time tracking and detailed reporting, keeping nonprofits and donors informed. Organizations create and manage an unlimited number of campaigns to evaluate marketing effectiveness. 

Mogiv promotes donor engagement by allowing individuals to create accounts, access donation data, and schedule automatic recurring gifts. Mogiv’s embeddable forms simplify volunteer sign-ups, event registrations, and attendance tracking, enhancing the efficiency of nonprofit operations. The comprehensive suite of features fosters transparency, convenience, and engagement in charitable giving, benefiting organizations and their supporters alike.

2. Mobile Giving

Mogiv’s mobile giving features provide nonprofit organizations with the tools to facilitate charitable donations conveniently and efficiently in today’s mobile-driven world. Mogiv ensures that giving is accessible and straightforward whether donors are on the go or in the comfort of their homes. Organizations accept in-app donations from donors using smartphones and tablets with Mogiv’s mobile app. The full-featured app is a versatile hub, allowing organizations to streamline various aspects of their operations, including child check-in and event registration, all within a single accessible platform. 

The app’s customization options enable organizations to maintain their branding by incorporating logos and colors, creating a consistent and branded giving experience for donors. Mogiv provides launch materials to support organizations promoting the app, ensuring maximum adoption and engagement among their supporters. Mogiv facilitates giving through text messages in addition to the mobile app. Donors easily make text-based gifts of any amount to any fund, providing a quick and accessible means of support. 

Organizations choose a unique 10-digit phone number for their entity, making it easy for donors to identify and connect with them. Givers sign up to start texting donations in one minute, simplifying donor registration. Mobile donations settle directly into the organization’s checking account, streamlining the financial aspect of charitable giving. Mogiv’s control panel provides insights into text-giving statistics, offering organizations valuable data to assess the effectiveness of their mobile giving campaigns and make informed decisions.

Mogiv’s mobile giving features empower nonprofit organizations to meet donors where they are, enabling giving at any time, anywhere. These tools enhance accessibility and convenience for donors while providing organizations the means to engage and collect support seamlessly in the mobile-centric era, whether through the mobile app or text-based donations.

3. Kiosk Giving

Mogiv’s Kiosk Giving feature is designed to provide nonprofit organizations with a convenient and effective way to accept donations and payments on-site, enhancing the donor experience and increasing fundraising. Organizations easily set up and manage a physical donation station within their premises with Kiosk Giving. Organizations have the flexibility to choose between adding kiosk hardware to their plan or utilizing the software and card readers to transform an iPad, version 2 or newer into a functional kiosk. The adaptability allows organizations to tailor their kiosk setup to their needs and budget.

Donors visiting the organization contribute directly with their cards, simplifying the donation process and providing a secure and efficient way to support the cause. The convenience encourages spontaneous giving and maximizes the impact of in-person interactions. Studies have shown that implementing Kiosk Giving led to a notable increase in donations, with an average uptick of 16%. It demonstrates the approach’s effectiveness in capturing the generosity of supporters who are physically present at events, services, or other gatherings. 

All donation and payment data collected through the Giving Kiosks is accessible and manageable through Mogiv’s control panel, similar to online giving. The centralized platform ensures organizations have real-time access to transaction data, allowing them to monitor and analyze giving trends and campaign effectiveness.

Mogiv’s Kiosk Giving feature empowers nonprofit organizations to harness the power of on-site donations and event payments. The technology streamlines the donation process, encourages giving, and contributes to increased fundraising success, whether through dedicated kiosk hardware or a transformed iPad. The comprehensive reporting tools ensure organizations have the necessary insights to optimize their on-site fundraising efforts.

How to Use Mogiv?

To use Mogiv, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Begin by visiting the Mogiv website and completing a simple registration form. The step is quick and hassle-free, allowing organizations to establish their presence on the platform swiftly. Mogiv’s user-friendly interface ensures that the registration process is as easy for nonprofits as it is for their donors.
  2. Choose a plan. Organizations explore the available pricing plans and choose the one that best aligns with their needs and budget after registration. Mogiv offers different pricing tiers to accommodate a range of organizations, from small nonprofits to larger entities, ensuring that each organization accesses the features and capabilities that suit them best.
  3. Customize the account. Organizations customize their Mogiv account to align with their brand identity once registered and subscribed to a plan. It includes adding logos, branding colors, and other visual elements to ensure a consistent and recognizable donation experience for their supporters.
  4. Integrate Mogiv’s giving tools into the organization’s existing online presence. Mogiv provides options to embed donation forms directly onto their websites, making it convenient for supporters to contribute without leaving the organization’s site.
  5. Start fundraising and collecting donations with the Mogiv setup. Donors contribute through various methods, including online, text, in-app donations, and kiosk giving if chosen. Mogiv’s secure and user-friendly platform ensures that the giving process is seamless for supporters.
  6. Reporting and management of fundraising. Mogiv provides a comprehensive control panel where organizations access real-time updates and detailed reporting on their fundraising campaigns. The data empowers organizations to track their progress, assess campaign effectiveness, and make informed decisions to optimize their fundraising efforts.

How to Login Mogiv?

To login to Mogiv, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Visit the Mogiv website. Open the web browser and go to the official Mogiv website.
  2. Locate the “Login” option. Look for the “Login” option on the Mogiv homepage. It is located in the top right corner of the page.
  3. Click on “Login” or “Sign In.” Click the “Login” or “Sign In” link to access the login page.
  4. Enter the credentials on the login page. The login credentials include the email address and password associated with the Mogiv account.
  5. Click the “Login” button after entering the credentials to access the Mogiv account.

How to Create an Account for Mogiv?

To create an account for Mogiv, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Visit the Mogiv website. Open the web browser and go to the official Mogiv website at
  2. Locate the “Sign Up” or “Get Started” button. Look for a prominent “Sign Up” or “Get Started” button on the Mogiv homepage. The button is located in a visible area of the website.
  3. Click on the “Sign Up” or “Get Started” button to initiate the account creation process.
  4. Fill Out the registration form. Provide the requested information, which includes the name of the applicant, email, phone, organization name, state total weekly attendance, and choose a plan.

How to Organize an Online Giving with Mogiv?

To organize an Online Giving, follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to the Mogiv account. Begin by logging in to the Mogiv account using the username and password.
  2. Access the giving tools. Navigate to the section or dashboard where users access Mogiv’s giving tools once logged in. These tools are designed to facilitate online giving and donation management.
  3. Choose the giving options. Mogiv offers various giving options to cater to the organization’s needs and donor preferences. Donors make one-time gifts or schedule monthly recurring donations, providing flexibility for contributors. Donors give through multiple channels, including online, text, and in-app gifts, ensuring accessibility.
  4. Embed-giving tools on the website. Mogiv allows users to integrate its giving tools onto the organization’s website seamlessly. The embedding process ensures that donors contribute without leaving the website, enhancing the user experience and maintaining the branding. Utilize Mogiv’s user-friendly features to embed the tools as needed easily.
  5. Monitor contributions in real-time. Mogiv provides real-time updates for nonprofits and donors as contributions start coming in. Track and monitor donations as they happen, giving immediate insights into the campaign’s progress. Detailed reporting tools allow for analyzing donation trends, viewing donor data, and assessing the effectiveness of fundraising efforts.
  6. Create and manage campaigns. Mogiv enables organizations to create and manage an unlimited number of campaigns. The feature is valuable for evaluating the effectiveness of marketing strategies and appeal letters. Create campaigns tailored to specific initiatives, events, or fundraising goals, and track their performance through the platform.
  7. Engage and communicate with donors. Use Mogiv’s communication tools to engage with the donors. Express gratitude for their support, provide updates on campaign progress, and share success stories. Effective communication strengthens donor relationships and encourages continued giving.
  8. Promote the Online Giving campaign. Promote it across various channels, including the website, social media, email newsletters, and community outreach efforts to maximize the impact of the online giving campaign. Leverage Mogiv’s real-time reporting to share updates and milestones with the supporters, demonstrating the impact of their contributions.
  9. Monitor the online giving campaign’s performance through Mogiv’s reporting tools. Analyze the data to identify what works best for the organization and make data-driven decisions to optimize the fundraising efforts.

Is it possible to find Church Volunteers with Mogiv?

Yes, it is possible to find church volunteers with Mogiv. Mogiv provides online giving and donation management solutions for nonprofit organizations, including churches. Mogiv does not have specific built-in tools for directly finding or recruiting church volunteers, while Mogiv offers features to facilitate giving and fundraising.

Churches and nonprofit organizations use various software platforms, including volunteer management software, to organize and coordinate their volunteer efforts. These volunteer management tools include features for volunteer recruitment, scheduling, communication, and tracking.

Consider using dedicated volunteer management software or platforms designed to help identify, engage, and manage volunteers effectively to find church volunteers. These tools assist in recruiting, organizing, and communicating with volunteers to support the church’s activities and initiatives.

What to know about Mogiv?

The things to know about Mogiv are listed below.

  • Address Information: 10133 Sherrill Blvd # 120, Knoxville, TN 37932
  • Contact Information: 877-204-6367
  • Email: for general questions and for technical support.
  • Mogiv Website:
  • Company Merge: Mogiv expanded its offers and influence in the sector of religious finance management by a strategic combination with Amplify, which enlarged its services and reach.
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • LinkedIn:

What are the Integrations with Mogiv?

The integration with Mogiv is the Church Accounting Integration. Church accounting integration involves connecting a church’s financial software with platforms like Mogiv to automate the transfer of financial data, streamlining financial management. It offers efficiency, accuracy, real-time reporting, and transparency. Steps include selecting compatible software, consulting with providers, configuring settings, testing, training, maintaining, ensuring data security, and providing user support to integrate successfully.

1. Church Accounting Integration

Church accounting integration refers to seamlessly connecting a church’s financial and accounting software with other relevant systems, such as online giving platforms like Mogiv. The integration allows for the automatic transfer of financial data, including donations and contributions, between different software solutions, streamlining financial management and reporting for churches.

Integrating church accounting software with platforms like Mogiv offers several valuable benefits for efficient financial management. Church accounting integration enhances efficiency by automating data entry and reducing manual effort. Financial transactions, including donations, are seamlessly recorded and reconciled, saving valuable time and reducing the risk of errors that occur through manual data handling. Integration ensures accuracy by automating the transfer of financial data between systems, minimizing discrepancies and inaccuracies in accounting records. Precision is essential for financial reporting and maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements.

The integration provides real-time reporting capabilities, allowing church leaders and administrators to access up-to-date donation information and track giving trends instantly. The real-time access empowers informed decision-making and enhances financial transparency. Authorized personnel easily access financial information, promoting transparency and accountability. Donors access their contribution history and statements, further building trust and transparency within the church community.

Essential steps must be followed to integrate church accounting software with platforms like Mogiv. The step includes selecting compatible software that seamlessly communicates with each other. Consultation with service providers for accounting software and Mogiv’s technical team is crucial to understanding the integration process’s specific requirements. Configuration of integration settings, thorough testing, and user training are essential to ensure the system functions smoothly. Ongoing maintenance, data security measures, proper documentation, and user support must be priorities to guarantee a successful and secure integration process.

Does Mogiv belong to Amplify?

No, Mogiv does not belong to Amplify. Mogiv and Amplify are just merged companies. Amplify is a well-known company that provides reliable digital solutions to churches and nonprofit organizations. Amplify integrated its larger platform with Mogiv’s technology and services as part of an acquisition process. The strategic integration aimed to leverage the strengths of both organizations. Amplify, known for its comprehensive church management solutions, combined its expertise with Mogiv’s proficiency in financial management tools and gift processing. The goal was to create a comprehensive service that addresses a wider range of church management needs effectively.

Amplify’s acquisition of Mogiv represented a significant advancement in resource management for churches and nonprofit organizations. It was a strategic amalgamation of technology and experience to offer comprehensive and efficient solutions to the specific challenges faced by these organizations. The integration aimed to enhance the capabilities of platforms and provide churches and nonprofits with a more robust set of tools for their management needs.

What is the Term and Privacy Policy of Using Mogiv Software?

The Terms and Conditions govern the purchase of products or services by Licensee from Licensor, specifically focusing on Licensed Software, SaaS, and Support Services. These terms consist of an Order Form executed by the parties and any related agreements concerning the subject of the Order Form. They apply to services provided by affiliates or subsidiaries of Licensor unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. These Terms and Conditions take precedence unless specifically set forth otherwise in the Order Form in case of conflicts between various documents, including the Order Form.

The Privacy Policy is designed to explain the collection, use, and protection of Personal Information by Ministry Brands Holdings, LLC, and its family of companies through their websites, including and affiliated sites. It aims to provide transparency on how Personal Information is handled using their Sites, helping users make informed decisions. Note that certain Sites, such as background screening service Sites, have additional privacy disclosures specific to the information collected through the particular Sites. Refer directly to the official documents available on the Mogiv website or platform for a comprehensive understanding of Mogiv Software’s specific Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

What is the Customer Support Number of Mogiv Software?

The customer support number of Mogiv software is 877-204-6367 and it is merged with Amplify. Mogiv’s customer support service is available during the following hours, which are Monday to Friday between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM EST. Contact their support team during these specified hours for prompt assistance and guidance when there are inquiries or require assistance related to Mogiv Software.