Bluefire: Multiple Ways to Give Anywhere and Wherever

BlueFire is an online donation system that allows churches and other non-profit organizations of any size to accept and process gifts directly from their website. Forms for making donations can be adapted to look exactly like the organization’s website. Donors have the ability to set up their accounts, which will allow them to save their billing information. Donations made regularly are set up quickly and easily by anyone. No limits are placed on the number of payment forms or event registrations. The fees are 3% for credit and debit cards and 1% for ACH transactions.

BlueFire was established in 2008 in response to a growing awareness that the market needed more respectable and cost-effective options for online charitable donations. Bluefire conceived of and introduced a comprehensive donation system that has since been adopted by a large number of churches, ministries, and organizations that support charitable causes to satisfy the increasing demand. BlueFire’s mission is to enable individuals to be aesthetically pleasing and straightforward through their personal computers, tablets, and smartphones.

The Bluefire pricing table is indicated below.

Monthly SubscriptionMonthly Minimum
Transaction TypeRateFee
Credit/Debit Transactions2.60%$0.42
E-Check (ACH) Transactions1.00%$0.42

Bluefire Pricing and Premium Features

Bluefire’s remarkable pricing structure is tailored to meet their client’s giving needs. Enjoy a competitive rate of 2.60% plus $0.42, while E-check (ACH) transactions incur a favorable 1% plus $0.42 fee for credit and debit transactions. Access their comprehensive services, including text giving with a monthly subscription of $49, including a $10 monthly minimum. Expect prompt processing, with card donations deposited within 2-3 business days and ACH transfers within 5-7 business days.

Remember that reject or chargeback fees apply in the event of a disputed gift or payment. Please be aware that these pricing structures are applicable exclusively to US-based organizations. Kickstart a giving journey with a risk-free 30-day trial, and remember that prices are subject to change.

5 Benefits of Bluefire

The 5 benefits of Bluefire are listed below.

  • Event registration: Processing payments for an infinite number of event registration forms is easy with automated email reports and the ability to customize registration fields. Streamline registration and event administration with payment integration for a tailored experience for organizers and participants.
  • Online giving: BlueFire lets donors give securely and quickly on the website. Our technology streamlines the fundraising process, whether users integrate a giving form directly onto their site or add a “Give Now” button. 
  • Text giving: The Bluefire platform allows contributors to easily select the fund or designation using keywords, facilitating donations using a single text message. Each donor has a smooth onboarding procedure because of their streamlined setup. 
  • Administration and reporting: Consolidate all financial data in one place with their reporting feature to view the transaction history easily. Use straightforward tools to visualize donation trends to understand the community’s generosity. Exporting and downloading reports allows modification based on many search parameters.
  • Kiosk giving: Optimize constituents’ electronic giving experience by incorporating giving terminals specifically engineered to facilitate on-site contributions. The BlueFire solution provides a streamlined and protected process by integrating a credit card swiper into an iPad firmly affixed to a sturdy stand. 

1. Event Registration

Effortlessly process payments for an infinite array of event registration forms, complete with automated email reports and the flexibility to tailor registration fields to user’s specific needs. Simplify the registration process and enhance event management with seamless payment integration, ensuring a smooth and customized experience for organizers and participants.

Experience unparalleled customization in event planning with the platform. Tailor the required fields to one’s specific needs, whether it’s accommodating dietary restrictions, capturing t-shirt sizes, handling waivers, and more. Enhance flexibility with the option to charge additional fees for add-on options, allowing users to seamlessly incorporate value-added features such as a t-shirt for an extra $10. The Bluefire platform caters to various event structures, offering the flexibility to make an event entirely free if planning to gather RSVPs without any associated costs. The level of customization empowers users to create and manage events that align precisely with their objectives and audience preferences.

Efficient event management is at the user’s fingertips with Bluefire. Easily download a comprehensive report containing all event attendees and their registration details, providing valuable insights. Streamline the workflow by setting up an auto-report to be sent regularly, daily or weekly, featuring the latest registrants. Each attendee is assigned a unique ticket ID, seamlessly included on receipts for meticulous tracking purposes. The robust approach to management ensures that users stay well-informed, organized, and in control of their event data, enhancing the overall experience for organizers and attendees.

Experience features of the highest caliber with the event forms on the platform. The forms have been meticulously crafted to be completely responsive, guaranteeing a visually pleasing and intuitive user experience on any screen resolution (from smartphones to high-definition displays). Optimally allocate fund or account numbers to event payments to optimize accounting efficiency and streamline financial monitoring. The donors experience the advantage of employing their pre-saved payment details, which expedites and streamlines the registration procedures. The platform guarantees adaptability and ease of use by offering an extensive range of functionalities, thereby enhancing the experience for event coordinators and attendees on a multitude of devices.

2. Online giving

Empower donors with a quick and secure giving experience on the website using BlueFire. Bluefire ensures a seamless and efficient donation process, whether one integrates a giving form directly onto a personal site or opts for the simplicity of adding a “Give Now” button. Users have the flexibility to customize their online giving approach with Bluefire, providing a user-friendly and secure environment for your supporters to contribute effortlessly.

Unleash one’s creativity with the customization options, offering a spectrum of themes and colors to tailor each form according to one’s preferences. Delve into advanced customization using CSS and HTML for the detail-oriented for the detail-oriented, allowing one to fine-tune every aspect of the form to align perfectly with their vision. Personalize the experience further by adding the organization’s logo to forms and receipts, ensuring a cohesive and branded look that resonates with the audience. Such a level of customization empowers users to create a visually engaging and uniquely branded experience through the Bluefire platform.

The Bluefire platform boasts a range of features designed to enhance the giving experience. Donors have the option to generously cover processing fees for credit and e-check transactions, adding a seamless and charitable touch to their contributions. The platform supports the flexibility of recurring gifts, allowing donors to set up automated contributions on a schedule that suits them: weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, and more. Gift designation is made easy with multiple options available, and donors are allowed to select more than one designation, ensuring a personalized and versatile approach to supporting the organization. These features collectively contribute to a dynamic and donor-friendly giving environment.

Bluefire is the easiest to use out there. Donors easily set up accounts to store their payment information safely for future purchases. The fully flexible forms work perfectly on screens of all sizes, from small phones to bigger screens, for a smooth and aesthetically pleasing experience. Integration is easy. All users have to do is copy and paste to add the form to any website or content management system. Not only does the method make it easier for donors to give, but it gives organizations a lot of flexible and easy-to-use integration options.

3. Text giving

Text giving stands out as the unequivocally convenient method to provide financial support to an organization beyond a passing trend. Bluefire offers the flexibility to use keywords facilitating giving through a single text message, allowing donors to specify the fund or designation seamlessly. The setup process for each giver is streamlined, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Donors have the autonomy to decide whether they prefer an email receipt. Quick refunds are initiated effortlessly through a text in case of typing errors. Users have the freedom to choose a custom phone number for texting, adding a personalized touch to the giving process. Such a comprehensive approach to text giving enhances convenience and empowers donors with choices.

Simply text the desired dollar amount to 440-760-0010 to contribute a gift of any amount. Users encounter a brief one-time setup form that conveniently appears in the mobile browser if it’s an initial donation. Provide the personal (test) details, and for demonstration purposes, use the demo credit card number 5454 5454 5454 5454, along with any 3-digit security code and an expiry date beyond today. Click “Submit,” and users are going to receive a notification text acknowledging the gift, with a corresponding receipt sent to an email. Enjoy the ease of future contributions by texting any amount at one’s convenience, with automatic processing eliminating the need to re-enter information.

4. Administration & Reporting

Access a comprehensive transaction history overview effortlessly with Bluefire’s reporting feature, consolidating all financial data in one centralized space. Utilize intuitive tools to visually interpret giving trends, gaining valuable insights into the community’s generosity. The flexibility extends to exporting and downloading reports, allowing customization based on many search parameters. Easily retrieve a detailed list of donors and their giving statistics for a deeper understanding. Set up automated emails to receive weekly or monthly reports to streamline the reporting process, ensuring one stays informed and empowered in managing financial data effectively.

Empower the team with flexible access control by adding users with varying permission levels, allowing them to tailor access based on key roles within their organization. Seamlessly create and oversee an unlimited array of forms, events, funds, and more, adapting to the community’s evolving needs. Edit email receipts and form notes easily, ensuring a personalized touch to the communications. Simplify the giving experience by effortlessly resending or printing giving receipts as needed. Efficiently manage donor accounts and recurring transactions, providing a comprehensive solution for effective organizational oversight and engagement.

Experience seamless and comprehensive integration with Church Community Builder (CCB), including robust support for multi-campus functionalities. The Bluefire platform goes beyond by offering the capability to export reports compatible with various accounting, church management, and donor management systems, including ACS, Breeze ChMS, QuickBooks, CAMS, Shelby, and more. An API is readily available for individuals seeking advanced integration possibilities, providing a powerful tool to enhance connectivity and streamline data interactions. Bluefire caters to churches and organizations’ diverse needs and systems with a versatile approach.

5. Kiosk giving

Enhance the electronic giving experience for constituents with the convenience of giving kiosks, particularly designed for on-site contributions. The BlueFire solution offers a swift and secure method, utilizing an iPad integrated with a credit card swiper, all securely mounted in a durable stand. Ensure the essential items are on hand to set up the kiosk. An iPad, a preferred iPad stand (recommended stands are available), and a credit card swiper (available for purchase via the provided link) must be available. Streamline the giving process and offer a seamless electronic donation experience for individuals at one’s location with such a setup. 

Streamline the software setup for the giving kiosk once the hardware is assembled. Begin by installing the BlueFire mobile app, which is available for download. Connect the BlueFire mobile app to a designated form on an individual’s account. Retrieve the unique RID for the form and input it into the app. Quickly locate the RID displayed just below each form.

Consider the optional step of configuring “Guided Access Mode” on the iPad, a feature explained in more detail here. Enabling this iOS feature ensures users are restricted from exiting the BlueFire app, preventing any diversion to other activities such as gaming or internet browsing. The giving kiosk is now fully set up and prepared to facilitate seamless contributions from donors with these straightforward steps.

How to Use Bluefire?

To effectively use BlueFire, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Setup Hardware. Assemble the necessary hardware components, including an iPad, an iPad stand, and a credit card swiper.
  2. Install the Bluefire Mobile App. Download and install the BlueFire mobile app. This app is crucial for processing donations through the giving kiosk.
  3. Connect the Bluefire App to the Form. Link the BlueFire mobile app to a specific form on your account. Obtain the unique RID (form identifier) and enter it into the app. The RID is typically displayed below each form.
  4. Optional: Enable Guided Access Mode. Consider enabling “Guided Access Mode” on the iPad. The iOS feature restricts users from exiting the BlueFire app, ensuring dedicated use for donation processing.
  5. Create a Donation Form. Create a new donation form on the Forms page if not yet done. Select “Get Code” from the action dropdown, choose the desired code (e.g., “Give Now” button), and copy it.
  6. Paste the Code into Your Website. Paste the copied code into the website. Depending on the website editor, ensure to paste it as HTML code. Edit a page or post in text mode on platforms such as WordPress.
  7. Begin Accepting Donations. The giving kiosk is now ready for donors with the hardware setup, the BlueFire app connected, and the donation form integrated into the website. Donors contribute easily and securely through the kiosk.

How to Login Bluefire?

To log in to Bluefire, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Visit the Bluefire Website. Open a browser and go to the Bluefire website by entering in the address bar.
  2. Locate the Login Section. Identify and click on the “Login” section on the Bluefire homepage. It is typically found at the top of the page for easy access.
  3. Enter Email and Password. Provide a registered email address and corresponding password in the appropriate fields in the login section. Ensure accuracy to authenticate the account successfully.
  4. Initiate Login. Click the “LogIn” button after entering the login credentials. The action submits the provided information for verification.

How to Create an Account for Bluefire?

To create an account for Bluefire, follow these steps.

  1. Visit the Bluefire Website. Navigate to the Bluefire website by entering in the web browser.
  2. Initiate a Free Trial. Locate and click the “Start Your Free Trial” button on the Bluefire homepage. The process kickstarts the account creation process.
  3. Provide Organization Details. Fill in the required information, including the complete name, organization name, email address, and phone number. Ensure accuracy to facilitate seamless communication.
  4. Select State. Choose the organization’s state from the provided options. It helps tailor the services based on regional considerations.
  5. Specify Weekly Attendance Range. Indicate the range of total weekly attendance at the organization. Such information assists in customizing the Bluefire experience to suit one’s needs better.
  6. Enter Promo Code (if applicable). Enter a promo code into the designated field if there’s any available. The step allows users to take advantage of any promotional offers or discounts.
  7. Answer the “How Did You Hear About Us” section. Complete the “How did you hear about us” section. Provide insights into how one discovered Bluefire, offering valuable feedback to the platform.
  8. Agree to Terms of Service. Review the “Terms of Service” agreement. Once satisfied, check the corresponding box to signify your acceptance of the terms.
  9. Initiate Account Creation. Conclude the process by clicking the “Get Started” button. The action finalizes the account creation, and users are on their way to exploring the features Bluefire has to offer.

How to Organize Online Giving with Bluefire?

To organize an online giving with Bluefire, follow the steps below. 

  1. Start by generating a new donation form on the Forms page. Navigate to the action dropdown and select “Get Code.” 
  2. Choose the desired code option, like the “Give Now” button, and copy it. 
  3. Paste the code into the website. Keep in mind that each website editor varies, so ensure to paste it as HTML code. Users are likely to edit a page or post in text mode rather than visual mode for successful implementation in platforms like WordPress. Such a process allows one to seamlessly integrate the donation form into the website for a cohesive user experience.

Is it possible to find Church Volunteers with Bluefire?

No, it is not possible to find church volunteers with Bluefire. Bluefire lacks a feature that is designed specifically for the purpose of locating religious volunteers. Its principal objective is to transform the online philanthropic landscape for congregations and nonprofit entities across various scales. Bluefire is a dynamic online donation system that has been purposefully designed to provide these organizations with control. 

Utilizing its intuitive interface and smooth integration into its websites, Bluefire enhances the efficacy of financial transactions by facilitating the acceptance and processing of gifts. Bluefire refrains from engaging in volunteer administration, although it demonstrates exceptional proficiency in enhancing the donation process. It dedicates its efforts to transforming the online giving domain for the advantage of churches and non-profit organizations. 

What to know about Bluefire?

The things to know about Bluefire are listed below.

  • Address: 10133 Sherrill Blvd # 120, Knoxville, TN 37932, US
  • Contact Number: 877-690-7797
  • Email:
  • Pricing: Bluefire’s pricing includes a monthly subscription for $49 and $10 for a minimum.
  • Prompt Processing Time: Expect timely processing, with card donations deposited within 2-3 business days and ACH transfers within 5-7 business days.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The platform offers a user-friendly interface, making it accessible for administrators managing donations and donors making contributions.

What are the Integrations with Bluefire?

The integrations with Bluefire are listed below.

  • Church Accounting Integration: Accounting connection with BlueFire improves church and nonprofit financial management processes. It encourages efficiency, accuracy, and openness, allowing businesses to focus on their mission rather than tedious administrative responsibilities. reformat in paragraph form
  • Church Management Integration: Integration of church management with BlueFire improves efficiency, accuracy, and communication, resulting in a more holistic approach to managing donor relationships and financial stewardship within the church’s overall management system.

1. Church Accounting Integration

The accounting integration provided by BlueFire guarantees a smooth and accurate transmission of financial information by establishing a connection between the online donation system and accounting software. The integration facilitates the optimization of financial procedures, enhances precision, and furnishes churches and nonprofit organizations with comprehensive financial perspectives. The elimination of manual data entry during the recording of donation transactions through automation reduces the likelihood of errors and provides finance teams with time-saving benefits. The integration simplifies the effective monitoring and control of financial resources, as contributions are automatically classified into specific funds within the accounting system. Instantaneous financial information updates provide valuable insights that facilitate more informed decision-making and budgetary preparation. Such integration allows finance teams to allot resources towards more strategic financial management responsibilities by reducing the administrative workload. 

2. Church Management Integration

Church management integration with BlueFire entails a cohesive partnership and synergy between church management software (ChMS) and the online donation system BlueFire. Such an integration streamlines procedures pertaining to financial management, donations, and member information by enabling the automated transfer of data. It guarantees that the church’s ChMS is synchronized with donation data obtained via BlueFire, encompassing donor particulars and giving history. The accurate updating of member records promotes the development of comprehensive and current profiles. The ChMS facilitates enhanced accessibility to financial reporting by offering a centralized platform for managing contributions and donations. Automation functions reduce the need for human intervention by minimizing errors and streamlining processes such as donor acknowledgment, contribution monitoring, and fund allocations. The integration improves communication and enables more personalized engagements and interactions by facilitating the accessibility of pertinent donor data.

Does Bluefire belong to Amplify?

No, Bluefire does not belong to Amplify. Bluefire and Amplify are essential components of Ministry Brands, which is committed to offering modern software solutions adapted to the various needs of churches and ministries within the Ministry Brands umbrella. They help transform contribution management and online giving in church administration by providing organizations with effective solutions to streamline these procedures.

What is the Term and Privacy Policy of Using Bluefire Software?

The Privacy Policy (“Policy”) of using Bluefire Software outlines the collection and processing of Personal Information by Ministry Brands Holdings, LLC and its affiliated companies (“Ministry Brands”) through various websites, including but not limited to, other affiliated sites, and sites of affiliates linked to this Policy (collectively, the “Sites”). 

Additional privacy disclosures relevant to specific Personal Information collected through certain sites, such as their background screening service sites, are provided in the corresponding sections of those sites. The Policy aims to clarify how information obtained through the Sites is collected, utilized, and protected, aiding users in making informed decisions while interacting with the Sites.

What is the Customer Support Number of Bluefire Software?

The customer support number of Bluefire Software is 877-690-7797, Sales at Ext 1, and Support at Ext 2. Their mailing address is 14488 Old Stage Rd, Lenoir City, TN 37772. BlueFire is merged with Amplify and embodies the essence of a close-knit community despite its modest size, thriving as a small company with a distributed team. Their passionate and dedicated team members span across the vast landscape of time zones, embracing the diversity of the Eastern, Central, and Pacific regions. They eagerly anticipate and warmly welcome the opportunity to engage with their customers. Their outreach is not just a communication; it’s an invitation to connect with a team whose collaborative spirit transcends geographical boundaries.