EFTPlus: Elevate Financial Transactions with Efficiency and Security

EFTPlus is an innovative platform that facilitates electronic giving for churches and ministries. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools and strategies to enable various online giving forms, including electronic funds transfer, credit card contributions, kiosk giving, text giving, and event registrations. EFTPlus provides live support for account assistance and integrates seamlessly with the MinistryOne mobile app.  The platform originated in 1999 with a mission to empower ministries, regardless of size, to stabilize their income and enhance charitable contributions through efficient and user-friendly electronic giving solutions. EFTPlus has evolved over the years to meet the diverse needs of ministries and aid them in serving their donors effectively.

EFTPlus distinguishes itself from other services by understanding the challenges and aspirations of organizations seeking electronic giving solutions.  The platform is not just a banking entity but a partner dedicated to navigating the complexities of the banking landscape, with one emerging from a ministry and fundraising background. EFTPlus is committed to assisting clients in maximizing the potential of their efforts with a shared passion for the impactful work they do in their community and the world.

EFTPlus recognizes that one size does not fit all when it comes to giving options, tailoring its approach to the unique characteristics of the ministry. Their commitment is to provide solutions that align with one’s specific ministry goals, avoiding the limitations of a standardized software approach. EFTPlus prioritizes getting to know one’s organization personally, distinguished by its hallmark customer service. There are no automated telephone menus or recorded instructions when customers contact them. Its objective is to surpass the client’s expectations, ensuring a level of service that reflects the individuality of one’s ministry.

EFTPlus has developed its software offering one-stop shopping, allowing them to adapt and create products tailored to client’s needs. It remains actively involved in providing ongoing support, unlike simply handing clients over to a large bank or processing service after sign-up. Its current products and services are designed to cater to customer’s specific requirements. Streamline payment processing and gain a partner committed to one’s growth with EFTPLus. It continuously explores innovative ways for one’s ministry to progress alongside these advancements as technology evolves.

The EFTPlus pricing table and plans are indicated below.

$19 per month$49 per month
CC 3.00%+$0.42CC 2.60%+$0.42
ACH 1.00%+$0.42ACH 1.00%+$0.42
Text Giving IncludedText Giving Included

EFTPlus Pricing and Premium Features

EFTPlus pricing and premium plans align with one’s organization’s needs. Opt for the $19/mo plan with CC transactions at 3.00% + $0.42, ACH at 1.00% + $0.42, and inclusive Text Giving. The $49/mo plan offers reduced rates, featuring CC transactions at 2.60% + $0.42, ACH at 1.00% + $0.42, along with Text Giving. 

Getting started is hassle-free with EFTPlus. Simply choose a preferred plan, fill out the form, and await an email outlining the next steps for launching an EFTPlus account. Members seamlessly integrate EFTPlus for donation acceptance within 1-2 business days with no contracts or setup fees, a straightforward installation process, and three flexible plans. Note that prices are subject to change, and a $10 monthly minimum applies. A minimum is enforced, ensuring continued service for one’s organization if monthly processing fees fall below $10.

5 Benefits of EFTPlus

The  5 benefits of EFTPlus are listed below.

  • Online Giving: The process of managing the wonderful contributions made by contributors is simplified by utilizing their user-friendly Admin Control Panel, thereby guaranteeing that members remain connected seamlessly.
  • Pledge Tracking: Members simply track their donations in relation to their committed amount with EFTPlus functionality. 
  • Donation Management: Access EFTPlus’ user-friendly control panel with ease, providing a detailed overview of each gift, donor, and fundraising campaign.
  • Text Giving: Donors simply need to send a text message to their 10-digit phone number, which takes only a few seconds. 
  • Kiosk Giving: There are currently card readers and donating software available to transform an iPad (version 2 or later) into a kiosk. Accept fees and donations for event registrations directly from one’s location. 

1. Online giving

Empower the ministry’s growth effortlessly with the secure online giving platform of EFTPlus, offering supporters a convenient space to create one-time and recurring gifts. Managing the donors’ generous contributions becomes a breeze with their user-friendly Admin Control Panel, ensuring members stay seamlessly connected. Dive into the simplicity of real-time reporting, accessible at one’s fingertips, providing insights that propel the ministry forward.

2. Pledge tracking

EFTPlus offers robust pledge tracking features, allowing donors to commit a specific amount to support their organization or ministry. Individuals easily monitor their contributions in alignment with their pledged amount with such functionality. The system is equipped to send timely email alerts, ensuring donors stay informed and engaged with their commitment in the event of any deviations.

3. Donation management

Navigate effortlessly through EFTPlus’ user-friendly control panel, offering a comprehensive overview of each donation, donor, and fundraising campaign. Gain profound insights into donation trends, empowering users to enhance budget forecasting for their organization. The intuitive design ensures efficient tracking and analysis of the fundraising efforts, facilitating informed decision-making for the future. The term “donation management” describes the steps taken to organize and keep track of monetary and other significant donations given to a cause. Donations from individuals, corporations, or grant providers are meticulously planned, coordinated, tracked, and administered using such an all-encompassing strategy. 

4. Text Giving

Text giving is made much simpler than ever before using EFTPlus. Donors need only send a text message to their own 10-digit phone number, which takes only a few seconds to make a donation. The funds are settled along with the rest of the online contributions, usually within two to three days. Giving donations has never been easy with such an easy and instant approach. Donors need not exert much effort when giving, with just a tap on their finger.  

5. Kiosk Giving

Transforming an iPad (version 2 or later) into a dynamic kiosk is now made effortless with the availability of card readers and advanced donation software. Seamlessly accept payments and donations for event registrations right from one’s own location, adding convenience and efficiency to your processes. A comprehensive kiosk solution with cutting-edge hardware, chip readers, and more is on the horizon, promising to elevate one’s interactive experiences and streamline transactions even further. A comprehensive kiosk solution is going to be available soon, including hardware, chip readers, and more.

How to Use EFTPlus?

To use EFTPlus follow the steps listed below.

  1. Sign-Up and Account Creation. Begin by signing up for EFTPlus on the official website.
  2. Create an account by providing the necessary details about the church or ministry.
  3. Platform Customization. Customize the online giving platform to reflect one’s organization’s branding. Set up giving categories and campaigns to align with specific causes or initiatives.
  4. Integrate with Church Management Software (Optional). Consider integrating it with EFTPlus for seamless data management if the organization utilizes church management software. Follow the integration instructions provided by EFTPlus or consult customer support for assistance.
  5. Configure Payment Options. Choose the payment options one wants to offer donors, such as credit/debit cards and ACH transfers. Set up bank account information for receiving and managing donations.
  6. Create Fundraising Campaigns. Develop and launch fundraising campaigns to engage donors. Communicate the purpose and goals of each campaign to encourage contributions.
  7. Promote Online Giving. Promote the online giving platform to the congregation and supporters. Utilize communication channels such as newsletters, social media, and church services to raise awareness.
  8. Encourage Donor Contributions. Encourage donors to visit the EFTPlus online giving page or website. Donors must select the campaign or fund they want to support and enter their contribution details.
  9. Adhere to Security and Compliance. Ensure the online giving platform complies with security standards and data protection regulations. Communicate the security measures in place to build donor trust.
  10. Monitor and Manage Contributions. Regularly monitor contributions and campaign progress through the EFTPlus dashboard. Use reporting tools to gain insights into donation trends and overall performance.
  11. Acknowledge and Thank Donors. Acknowledge and thank donors promptly for their contributions. Consider sending automated thank-you emails through EFTPlus to express gratitude.
  12. Provide Support and Resources. Familiarize oneself with EFTPlus support resources, including documentation and customer service contacts. Leverage any training materials provided to optimize the use of the platform.
  13. Continuous Improvement. Gather feedback from donors and assess the performance of one’s online giving efforts. Use insights to make improvements, refine campaigns, and enhance the overall online giving experience.

How to Login EFTPlus?

To login to EFTPlus follow the steps listed below.

  1. Visit the EFTPlus Website. Open a browser and type  https://www.eftplus.com/ in the address bar.
  2. Go to the Login Section. Identify and click on the “Login” section on the EFTPlus homepage. It is usually found at the top of the page for easy access.
  3. Enter Email and Password. Provide a registered email address and corresponding password in the appropriate fields in the login section. Ensure accuracy to authenticate the account successfully.
  4. Initiate Login. Click the “Log in” button after entering the login credentials. The action submits the provided information for verification.

How to Create an Account for EFTPlus?

To create an account for EFTPlus follow the steps listed below.

  1. Visit the EFTPlus Website. Navigate to the EFTPlus website by entering  https://www.eftplus.com/   in the web browser.
  2. Provide Organization Details. Fill in the required information, including the complete name, organization name, email address, and phone number. Ensure accuracy to facilitate seamless communication.
  3. Select State. Choose the organization’s state from the provided options. It helps tailor the services based on regional considerations.
  4. Specify Weekly Attendance Range. Indicate the range of total weekly attendance at the organization. Such information assists in customizing the EFTPlus experience to suit one’s needs better.
  5. Pick a Plan. Choose among the plans available. Plans are available at $19 and $49.
  6. Enter Promo Code (if applicable). Enter a promo code into the designated field if there’s any available. The step allows users to take advantage of any promotional offers or discounts.
  7. Answer the “How Did You Hear About Us” section. Complete the “How did you hear about us” section. Provide insights into how one discovered EFTPlus, offering valuable feedback to the platform.
  8. Agree to Terms of Service. Review the “Terms of Service” agreement. Once satisfied, check the corresponding box to signify your acceptance of the terms.
  9. Initiate Account Creation. Conclude the process by clicking the “Get Started” button. The action finalizes the account creation, and users are on their way to exploring the features EFTPlus has to offer.

How to Organize an Online Giving with EFTPlus?

To organize an online giving with EFTPlus follow the steps listed below.

  1. Set up an Account. Begin by creating an account on the EFTPlus platform. Provide necessary information about the organization, including details for receiving online donations.
  2. Customize the page. Customize the online giving page to reflect the organization’s branding. It includes adding a logo, choosing colors, and compellingly describing one’s cause.
  3. Put up various Payment Options. Set up various payment options, such as credit/debit cards and ACH transactions, to cater to different donor preferences. Ensure that the payment process is secure and user-friendly.
  4. Create Campaigns. Create separate campaigns within EFTPlus if there are specific campaigns or events. It allows donors to contribute to particular causes.
  5. Strategize Communication. Develop a communication strategy to inform supporters about the new online giving option. Utilize various channels, including social media, emails, and the organization’s website, to spread the word.
  6. Educate Donors. Provide clear instructions on how donors use EFTPlus for online giving. Educate them on the security measures in place and assure them that their contributions are safe.
  7. Regular Updates. Keep donors informed about the impact of their contributions. Regularly update them on the progress of campaigns and the overall difference their support is making.
  8. Collect Feedback. Encourage donors to provide feedback on their online giving experience. Use the feedback to make improvements and enhance the donation process.
  9. Manage Data. Implement proper data management practices to securely store donor information. Ensure compliance with data protection regulations.
  10. Integrate with the Church Management Software. Integrate EFTPlus with the church management software, if applicable,  for a more comprehensive view of financial data and better overall management.

Is it possible to find Church Volunteers with EFTPlus?

No, it is not possible to find church volunteers with EFTPlus. EFTPlus primarily focuses on revolutionizing the online philanthropic landscape for religious congregations and nonprofits of diverse scales. Its core objective is to empower these organizations, although it lacks a dedicated feature for locating religious volunteers. 

EFTplus places control in the hands of congregations and nonprofits as a dynamic online donation system. EFTPlus enhances the efficiency of financial transactions, ensuring the smooth acceptance and processing of gifts with an intuitive interface seamlessly integrated into websites. EFTPlus optimizes the donation process, dedicating its efforts to reshaping the online giving domain to benefit churches and nonprofit entities. However, it does not engage in volunteer administration. 

What to know about EFTPlus?

The things to know about EFTPlus are listed below.

  • Address: EFTPlus headquarters is at 14488 Old Stage Road, Lenoir City, TN 37772.
  • Phone Number: EFTPlus’ telephone number is  425 413 4806.
  • Fax: Connect through their fax with 214 206 9143.
  • Email Address: Send them an email to support@eftplus.com
  • Website: Visit the EFTPlus website https://www.eftplus.com/.
  • Availability: They are available from Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST.
  • Pricing and Plans: Plans are available at $19 and $49 monthly.
  • Payment Type: VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are available from EFTPlus, along with ACH/eCheck transactions. 
  • Available Products: EFTPlus has developed various tools, including online giving forms, kiosk giving, text giving, and various event and registration forms. They offer live support for account assistance and a user-friendly MinistryOne mobile app for convenient electronic giving.
  • Security Measure: EFTPlus provides maximum security and PCI compliance. They have various security layers and industry compliance certifications to make online donations and recurring and single donations safe for multiple companies. 
  • Flexible system: EFTPlus developed its own system, so it is modifiable. It values regular improvements and development to help its clients.  

What are the Integrations with EFTPlus and NCS eGiving?

The integrations with EFTPlus and NCS eGiving are listed below.

  • Church Accounting Integration: Churches improve financial transparency, improve the precision of their reports, and devote greater resources toward their primary goals by implementing EFTPlus into their accounting systems.
  • Church Management Integration: Churches possess the capacity to enhance the efficiency of member contribution management, reduce reliance on manual data input, and optimize administrative procedures by integrating these systems. 

1. Church Accounting Integration

Church Accounting Integration with EFTPlus pertains to the smooth assimilation of financial information and transactions from the online donation and contribution management platform EFTPlus into the accounting system of a religious institution. Such an integration improves operational effectiveness by automating the transmission of critical financial data, including contributions and donations, directly into the church’s accounting software. The need for manual data entry is eliminated, errors are minimized, and financial records are consistently accurate and current by streamlining the process. Churches enhance financial transparency, optimize the precision of their reports, and allocate additional resources toward their fundamental objectives by incorporating EFTPlus into their accounting systems.

2. Church Management Integration

Church Management Integration with EFTPlus entails the hassle-free establishment of a connection between the overall management system of a church and EFTPlus, an online platform for managing contributions and donating. This integration makes the synchronization of vital information pertaining to contributions, donations, and financial transactions between EFTPlus and the church management software possible. Churches have the ability to optimize administrative procedures, minimize the need for manual data entry, and improve the overall efficacy of member contribution management through the integration of these systems. Financial data remains current across all platforms, furnishing church leaders with an all-encompassing assessment of the economic well-being of their congregation by adhering to this unified approach.

Does EFTPlus belong to Amplify?

No, EFTPlus does not belong to Amplify. EFTPlus and Amplify stand as integral pillars within the Ministry Brands ecosystem, dedicated to delivering cutting-edge software solutions tailored to the diverse requirements of churches and ministries. These innovative platforms are crucial in revolutionizing contribution management and online giving for church administration. EFTPlus and Amplify streamline processes, providing a seamless and efficient experience in online giving applications by offering organizations effective solutions. Their commitment reflects the broader mission of Ministry Brands to empower religious institutions with modern tools and technology. 

What is the Term and Privacy Policy for Using EFTPlus Software?

The Privacy Statement delineates the manner in which Ministry Brands Holdings, LLC and its affiliated companies (“Ministry Brands”) acquire and process Personal Information via their websites, including ministrybrands.com. Informing users about the data they collect, how it is utilized, and the safeguards in place to secure it is the purpose of such a policy. Personal information pertains to data capable of identifying, describing, relating to, or being associated with a particular individual or household. Certain websites, including those that provide background checks, include supplementary privacy disclosures that pertain to the information gathered via those sites. It is advisable for users to thoroughly examine these disclosures prior to engaging with those particular sections of the websites. The primary objective is to ensure transparency and enable users to make well-informed choices when utilizing the websites of Ministry Brands.

They collect Personal Information directly from users who interact with their Sites. It includes data provided through online forms, inquiries, or donations, such as names, email addresses, postal addresses, and telephone numbers. The platform gathers information from communications like emails and chats and payment details for transactions made through the Sites. Affiliation information, generated content and interactions, multimedia uploads, and location data are collected. It’s important to note that information entered into online forms is still collected even if not submitted. The goal is to enhance user experience and provide relevant services while ensuring transparency in data collection practices.

What is the Customer Support Number of EFTPlus Software?

The customer support number of EFTPlus Software is 425 413 4806. Feel free to contact them through their toll-free phone line, drop them an email at support@eftplus.com, or use the provided form on their website: https://www.eftplus.com/  for any further inquiries or detailed information about EFTPlus. EFTPlus’ dedicated support team is available Monday to Friday, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST, ensuring prompt assistance. The platform is merged with Amplify. Connect with them via fax at 214.206.9143. EFTPlus is committed to providing comprehensive support and addressing queries to enhance user experience.