Easter 2024

Tools and resources that make Easter Promotion, Preparation, Implementation, and Follow Up a breeze so you can focus on what matters most: ministry.

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Children's Ministry is one of the biggest and most important pieces of the Easter planning puzzle. Some of the best ways to minister to families and kids in your community are to provide childcare for Easter services, as well as planning and hosting events catered to children, like an Easter Egg Hunt.

Easter Sunday is no ordinary Sunday. It is one of the most highly attended celebrations of the year. Making sure elements of your service are strategically planned and placed is key to a successful Easter Sunday so you can focus more on the people you get to serve and are serving with.

Easter services and activities can be some of the most highly attended events of the year. Having systems in place to engage and follow up with the people you interact with is vital in making sure people don't fall through the cracks.

While Easter is so much more than an event on the calendar, there is still so much that goes into the season's services and activities. Having the tools and resources to make planning and preparation for Easter a breeze gives you the bandwidth to focus on why we celebrate Easter in the first place.

There is a lot that goes into fostering a welcoming environment during the easter season. Creating Easter graphics, adjusting your website layout for visitors, and live streaming services are just a few of the ways you can do just that. Having the right tools and systems in place can help you maximize your Kingdom impact this Easter season.