Clover Give: Benefits, How to Use and Integration to Church Management

Clover Give is a contribution and fundraising platform designed exclusively for churches and charity organizations. Clover Give’s primary purpose is to provide people with an easy-to-use platform through which they safely and effectively donate money to the causes of their choice. The platform goes above and beyond essential donation capability by providing features for event fundraising, recurring contributions, and comprehensive donor contribution tracking. Clover’s dedication to simplifying the contribution process is what makes it unique. Donors donate in-person or online via text-to-give, kiosks, pledges, and online.

Clover Give’s main benefit is making donations easier for individuals and businesses. Clover Give guarantees that contributors contribute from any location with Wi-Fi by providing various giving channels, such as text-to-give choices and mobile-friendly websites. The platform promises prompt deposits, guaranteeing that money is placed into the organization’s account in two to three business days and short setup timeframes, requiring just three to five days for implementation. Clover Give offers a secure interface for accepting and tracking gifts, demonstrating the commitment to security.

Clover Give’s unique selling points include its customizable features, intuitive interfaces, and various functions designed specifically for churches and nonprofit organizations. The platform gives the most excellent tools and capabilities to receive, monitor, and manage contributions efficiently. It takes pleasure in being developed for the church, by the church. It includes options for integrating with church administration software, giving businesses like Amplify a seamless solution. Its integration provides churches with a complete platform to oversee their financial donations and operations.

Clover Give usually charges $49 a month for its membership package. Clover Give delivers a comprehensive and adaptable solution for churches and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) seeking to enhance financial contribution management and streamline donation processes.

The Clover Give Plan is shown in the table below.

Clover Give Plan – $49/monthly
Transaction Fees2.60% + 42¢ processing fee
Start-Up Feesnone
Online Giving✔️
Recurring Giving✔️
Mobile Giving ✔️
Event Forms ✔️
Monthly Minimum$10*
ACH / eCheck1% + 42¢ processing fee
Text Giving✔️
Add-on options: Kiosks$19/month + hardware

Clover Give Pricing and Full Access Features

Clover Give pricing and full access features provide a clear and flexible subscription plan designed specifically for churches and NGOs. The Clover Give Plan costs $49 monthly and provides critical tools for successful contribution management. Organizations are guaranteed a transparent and predictable pricing structure with transaction costs of 2.60% plus a 42¢ processing charge. The onboarding process is made more accessible by the absence of start-up expenses.

The plan includes several aspects that are necessary for thorough contribution management. Online giving, recurring giving, mobile giving, and event forms are all available to accommodate a wide range of donor preferences. Daily settlement processing guarantees a consistent and timely inflow of payments into the organization’s account. A $10 monthly minimum charge provides flexibility for groups with different contribution levels. The choice of payment methods available to contributors increases by 1% plus a 42¢ processing charge for ACH/eCheck transactions. The plan includes text donating, which improves contributor accessibility.

Clover Give provides alternative add-ons for businesses looking for further capabilities. Kiosks, which cost $19 per month plus hardware expenses, supplement the internet and mobile channels by providing a physical location for in-person contributions.

The account incurs a prorated charge equivalent to the remaining $10 fee, prorated according to processing volume if the organization processes fewer than $10 in monthly fees (equivalent to about $300 in donations). Special prices are available directly with Clover Give for more prominent organizations processing over $25,000 monthly.

Costs are subject to change, as with any pricing scheme, highlighting the need to confirm the most recent information with Clover Give. The overall goal of Clover’s features and price is to provide churches and charitable organizations with an all-inclusive and affordable option for handling their contributions.

The Clover Give’s full access features are listed below. 

  • Onboarding Resources: Clover Give provides complete materials to advise and support congregations during onboarding. It includes help with setup, technological and security questions, and advice on adequately communicating Clover Give to the congregation. A resource library for a step-by-step rollout timeline is available in the control panel.
  • Branded Interface: The tool allows churches to design a personalized and branded giving interface. Donors are substantially more inclined to contribute when presented with a familiar and branded donation page as opposed to a generic one, according to studies. Clover Give allows churches to match the appearance and feel of their website, giving donors a sense of comfort and security.
  • Customized Control: Clover Give offers an adaptable online giving solution that caters to the particular requirements of the congregation, understanding that every church is different. The feature guarantees that giving options are adjustable, allowing members to give simply and regularly while preserving control over their giving preferences.
  • Data Tracking and Security: Clover Give’s robust control panel supports controlling and tracking the data created by online donations. Clover Give provides powerful capabilities to address these demands, whether for storytelling, exporting to other systems, or preserving security, ensuring that giving data is both informative and secure.
  • ChMS Compatibility: Clover Give is designed to work efficiently with various Church Management System (ChMS) alternatives. The interoperability extends to popular systems like Servant Keeper, F1, CCB, and Simple Church, allowing more efficient data sharing and management across church platforms.
  • Automatic Recurring Giving: Encouraging members to set up automatic recurring giving is essential for churches looking to raise overall contributions while providing a more predictable budget. Members determine the frequency of their donations and allocate monies to different objectives at different intervals, improving the church’s financial planning.
  • Optional “Donor Pays Fees” Feature: Clover Give allows churches to enable a function that allows contributors to cover the processing fees incurred by card-issuing banks (Visa, MasterCard, and so on). The option allows donors to offset these fees by adding a small percentage (2%-3%) to their donation, offering transparency and an extra avenue for supporters to contribute to the church’s financial health.

15 Benefits of Clover Give

The 15 benefits of Clover Give are listed below.

  • Clover Give offers an intuitive mobile application for users, enabling donations from contributors via their devices. The feature improves accessibility and promotes giving while on the move.
  • The reporting and analytics capabilities of the platform are highly developed, providing organizations with the means to analyze donations, monitor contributions, and arrive at well-informed decisions grounded in extensive data.
  • Clover Give supports donor retention efforts by providing elements that develop donor connections, produce an excellent giving experience, and promote continuing support.
  • Increased donor engagement is made possible by the platform via several channels, such as event registration and customizable gift forms, which encourage involvement and a relationship with the organization.
  • Clover Give makes secure transactions possible, offering a safe environment in which organizations handle financial transactions without jeopardizing sensitive data and donors make donations.
  • Donors establish regular, scheduled gifts using the platform’s recurring giving feature, which helps organizations develop a steady and dependable funding stream.
  • Adding text-to-give choices to Clover Give makes it easier for people to donate by letting them send donations through text messages, which increases the number of people who donate.
  • Clover Give facilitates event-related operations by providing functionalities that streamline the registration and ticketing process, thereby streamlining event organization and management.
  • Clover Give offers extensive support and training materials to aid organizations in effectively harnessing the platform’s capabilities and resolving any potential challenges.
  • Clover Give offers an easy-to-use setup procedure that takes a few days to implement, reducing downtime and promoting a seamless enterprise transition.
  • Donation forms are tailored by organizations to correspond with their branding and particular requirements, offering benefactors a unified and personalized giving experience.
  • Donor accessibility is a top priority for Clover Give, which makes several giving channels available, such as text, mobile, and internet alternatives, to accommodate a wide range of preferences and guarantee a wider reach.
  • Donation management and tracking are more straightforward on the platform, saving time and effort formerly spent on paperwork and bureaucracy.
  • Integrating Clover Give with church administration software is a simple process that improves organizational efficiency. It offers a streamlined solution for financial and operational issues.
  • Clover Give supports organizations with multiple campuses by centralizing gift administration. It ensures uniform monitoring and efficient financial procedures.

1. Mobile app

Clover Give’s mobile app capabilities are a noteworthy advantage, as shown by the easyTithe Mobile Giving App. The software allows members of churches and charity organizations to donate quickly and easily using their iOS or Android smartphones. The easyTithe Mobile Contributions App offers contributors flexibility and user-friendliness by facilitating both one-time gifts and the setting up of regular contributions.

The software guarantees the advantage by providing a mobile application interface that is both user-friendly and intuitive. Donors choose to make one-time or regular contributions, and they effortlessly use the app to pick their selected giving choices. The goal of the mobile app is to make the contribution process more user-friendly and accessible for individuals using iOS and Android devices. Clover Give makes donating easier for contributors by offering a mobile app that lets people donate to the causes of their choice with a few clicks on their phones.

2. Reporting and analytics

Reporting and analytics help churches and nonprofit groups manage and analyze financial donations more effectively. Users get an array of financial giving reports straight from their control panel using Clover Give’s reporting and analytics functionalities. These reports are fully configurable, enabling users to filter data by person, transaction, fund, and period range. The customization empowers Organizations to customize their insights to meet their demands and specifications.

Every digital gift made using the site is carefully tracked and readily available via the reporting feature. It guarantees that organizations evaluate the performance of fundraising activities, follow and analyze contribution patterns, and get insightful knowledge about their contributor base. Strategic decision-making is aided by the ability to create reports based on several characteristics, which improve transparency and provide a thorough picture of financial operations.

Organizations do more with Clover Give’s comprehensive reporting and analytics solutions than transaction monitoring. They examine the intricacies of donor behavior, spot trends, and evaluate the effectiveness of various fundraising campaigns. The program enables a data-driven approach to gift management, allowing organizations to optimize their fundraising tactics and improve their financial sustainability.

3. Donor retention

Donor retention is a significant advantage of Clover Give, given its critical role in ensuring financial support for churches and nonprofit organizations. The capacity of organizations to maintain and foster connections with their current contributors to persuade them to give to the cause, in the long run, is known as donor retention.

The easy-to-use and straightforward giving method on Clover Give helps reap the benefits of donor retention. The software provides many ways for contributors to contribute: web, mobile, text-to-give, and in-person via kiosks. Giving is more enjoyable overall because of the variety of techniques available to contributors, allowing them to choose the one that most closely matches their interests and way of life.

Services like recurring donating that Clover Give offers are essential for keeping donors engaged. Donors automate making contributions and encourage a steady commitment to the cause by setting up recurring payments via the platform. The feature for automatic repeating donations keeps people involved because givers easily support their favorite cause regularly without having to do anything else.

Positive donor experiences are further enhanced by the platform’s speedy setup times and secure interface. Supporters are left with a pleasant impression of the organization’s efficiency and attention to security, guaranteeing them confidence in conducting online and electronic transactions.

4. Donor engagement

One of the main advantages that Clover Give provides is donor engagement, which aims to strengthen the bond between churches or NGOs and their supporters. The platform aims to increase giver engagement since it understands that a fundraising initiative’s success depends on donors’ ongoing participation and relationships.

The main advantage of donor engagement with Clover Give is the documented 32% average increase in giving for churches that use the platform. It implies that the software fosters a more involved and responsive donor base, enhancing the organization’s financial health. Donor engagement entails more than just monetary donations; it denotes supporters’ deeper connection and commitment to the church’s or nonprofit’s purpose and vision.

Clover Give’s user-friendly interfaces and an array of options that accommodate different giving preferences help them achieve increased donor engagement. The platform gives contributors the freedom to donate as best suits them by providing a variety of channels, including text-to-give, mobile, and internet giving. Donors are encouraged to participate over time because of features like event forms and recurring contributions, complementing the easy and safe donation procedure.

A suitable donor experience is further enhanced by the platform’s focus on rapid setup (3-5 days), prompt money deposits (2-3 business days), and excellent customer service. Building a community of engaged donors aligns with the platform’s goal to provide churches with the resources they need to encourage giving. Clover Give is a valuable tool for churches to deepen their connection with supporters, as seen by the reported increase in giving among churches utilizing the program. It does more than just make financial transactions easier.

5. Secure transactions

Secure Transactions stand out as a significant advantage of Clover Give, guaranteeing that financial donations made via the platform are secure. The platform’s adherence to strict industry standards for managing credit card data is shown by its PCI certification, which highlights its dedication to security. Its compliance guarantees that sensitive information is handled carefully and the relevant security standards are followed.

The peace of mind Clover Give provides to organizations and contributors is one of the main advantages of its emphasis on safe transactions. The platform handles sensitive data processing, so businesses no longer need to keep the information locally. It lowers the risk of managing financial data by adding a layer of protection and streamlining the contribution process.

Clover Give takes one step further and clarifies that donor information is never shared. Donors are confident that their financial information is kept private inside Clover Give’s accredited system because of the organization’s dedication to maintaining donor anonymity. Promoting a safe environment for financial transactions and inspiring contributors to give confidently is essential.

Clover Give’s secure transaction process instills a sense of confidence and anticipation among administrators regarding the tool’s integration into their operational processes. Clover Give’s focus on donor information security satisfies legal requirements and improves user experience overall, which adds to the platform’s credibility and effectiveness in enabling safe and effective financial donations.

6. Recurring giving

Recurring giving via Clover Give refers to the capacity for users to set up recurring, periodic gifts from their bank accounts (ACH). Its feature offers a steady and dependable stream of funding, which is advantageous for both organizations and donors. One benefit of Clover Give is the flexibility it provides when it comes to scheduling recurring donations. Donors choose from various frequency choices, including weekly, twice-monthly, monthly, and bi-weekly.

Recurring giving is advantageous because it increases donor engagement and commitment by providing a simple, automatic means for people to make monthly contributions to the causes of their choice. Donors match the frequency of their gifts to their financial goals and spending limits, which helps churches and NGOs have a steady and reliable source of revenue.

Clover Give’s intuitive platform makes it easy to set up regular donations. Donors quickly explore the site and set up a chosen recurring gift plan. Donors who want to help their specific ministries or causes over time and have a lasting influence find a smooth and easy method that makes for a seamless experience.

7. Text-to-give

Text-to-give is smoothly integrated with Clover Give, allowing churches and NGOs to collect gifts via text. One of Clover Give’s features is free text donating, which makes contribution alternatives more accessible to its users. Each church is given a unique 10-digit phone number the platform assigns, so there’s no need to share or remember codes. The tailored approach adds a degree of familiarity and convenience for contributors.

The main advantage of text-to-give with Clover Give is how simple it is for members to support their church. Members begin SMS contributions, simplifying the giving process with a one-minute sign-up procedure. Its functionality is consistent with the platform’s goal of offering an easy-to-use interface and allowing contributors to choose how they want to support their church financially.

Members just need to text their contributions to the designated phone number they are given to take advantage of text-to-give. Its simple procedure removes obstacles and promotes impromptu donations, satisfying the needs of contributors who favor the ease of mobile giving. The Clover Give Pricing page provides comprehensive details regarding Text-to-Give, guaranteeing openness and convenience for customers seeking further information about the service.

8. Event registration and ticketing

Clover Give’s event registration and ticketing capabilities allude to the platform’s capacity to assist and expedite the process of planning and administering events for churches and charity groups.

Clover Give’s integrated solution for tickets and event registration is one of its many noteworthy advantages. It enables groups to arrange and manage events such as fundraisers and volunteer activities more effectively. It gives organizers and attendees a consolidated platform to manage event-related duties, making the process easy and pleasant for everyone.

Clover Give offers an intuitive interface and integrated tools to streamline event registration and ticketing processes. Giving Kiosks are a central location for card contributions, allowing participants to quickly fill out paperwork and make payments for events or volunteer work. Members now easily register for events and buy tickets due to the simplified approach, which improves event management efficiency. Organizations seeking a complete solution to organize and promote several events quickly take advantage of the software’s ability to easily incorporate event-related capabilities into its donation platform.

9. Support and training

Support and training are integral benefits Clover Give provides to help organizations make the most of the platform. Clover Give’s many beneficial tools, such as blogs, eBooks, and tutorials, demonstrate the value of assistance and training.

Clover Give understands that to optimize donations, churches, and NGOs must use the platform efficiently. These tools, therefore, are a preemptive measure to assist users in acclimating to Clover Give and using its features and capabilities. The advantage is that businesses have the know-how and abilities to use the platform entirely.

Users remain up-to-date on the newest features, industry trends, and best practices by following blogs. Ebook readers gain a more exhaustive comprehension of the capabilities of the platform through the use of in-depth guides and insights contained within them. Tutorials ensure that users explore the site confidently and efficiently by acting as helpful, step-by-step guidance.

10. Ease of setup

Clover Give’s ease of setup is a key benefit. “Quick Setup” means that organizations quickly deploy the Clover Give platform, eliminating downtime and allowing them to receive contributions immediately. The setup time for the feature is said to be between three and five days.

The advantage of quick setup fits in with the overarching objective of simplifying the giving procedure for churches and charity organizations. It is accomplished by the software using effective and user-friendly onboarding procedures. A quick setup period of three to five days suggests a simple and speedy implementation approach.

Companies use the platform’s capabilities without having to wait a long time to install them by using the fast setup to integrate Clover Give quickly into their current infrastructure. Focusing on a quick setup time highlights Clover Give’s dedication to providing a feature-rich, user-friendly solution that eventually improves the general efficacy and efficiency of contribution administration for churches and charity organizations.

11. Customizable donation forms

Customizable Donation Forms via Clover Give relate to the capacity of organizations, notably churches and NGOs, to personalize their online giving pages to their exact requirements and branding. The feature helps donors have a better user experience and makes the contribution process run more smoothly.

Customizable Donation Forms are advantageous because they allow companies to design a donation page that aligns with their specific needs and brand. Members and guests find the contribution process more exciting and user-friendly with customized components beyond simple branding.

Clover Give offers organizations the tools and features to develop and customize online donation forms. It includes including the company’s logo, selecting specific color schemes, and adding pertinent photos or information supporting its objective. Donors make contributions quickly and without being sent to other platforms due to the smooth interaction with the church’s website, which guarantees a unified online presence.

Organizations provide their fans with a branded and consistent fundraising experience by using customizable donation forms. It helps contributors feel more comfortable and trustworthy with the organization while reinforcing its identity. The program allows organizations to go beyond traditional, generic contribution forms by giving a platform that expresses their uniqueness and ideals.

12. Donor accessibility

Donor accessibility is a crucial feature of the Clover Give platform, demonstrating the company’s dedication to making the contribution process simple and inclusive for supporters. The program ensures donors give in a way that best fits their needs and preferences by offering a variety of user-friendly features and different giving possibilities.

Clover Give’s wide range of donating channels is one of the main advantages of donor accessibility. The program allows contributors to choose the mode of donation that best suits their comfort level and convenience, whether online, via text-to-give, kiosks, promises, or in-person presents. The flexibility in contribution options helps to reach a wider audience. It makes it possible for prospective donors to interact with and support the cause in a manner that suits them.

Clover Give strongly emphasizes mobile-friendly websites, making it possible to donate from any Wi-Fi-enabled location. Donors make contributions while on the move due to mobile accessibility, which offers a convenience level that fits with contemporary lives. The platform’s dedication to safe interfaces fosters donor confidence by establishing a secure environment for monetary donations.

An additional level of accessibility is provided by the expeditious setup period of 3-5 days and the prompt deposit of funds within 2-3 business days. It guarantees that the donation process is convenient for donors and efficient for organizations that manage these contributions. The dedication to providing answers to all inquiries before and after setup is seen in the excellent support that Clover Give offers, which further improves accessibility by assisting and advising as required.

13. Easy donation processing

Clover Give’s easy donation processing is a recognized advantage, underlining the platform’s focus on simplifying the contribution experience for church members and visitors. The simplicity of processing donations is primarily made possible by the personalized giving page, which is expertly connected with the organization’s website.

The ease of use that quick contribution processing offers to contributors makes it simple for them to support the causes of their choice. Organizations personalize the donating page to meet their unique demands and have a user-friendly design that complements their goal and identity. Personalization guarantees contributors a smooth and natural experience, decreasing friction and promoting more engagement.

Clover Give’s web platform, which is user-friendly and easily navigable, makes processing donations simple. Donors make donations without dealing with complex or unfamiliar interfaces because of the smooth connection with the church’s website. The platform provides a safe and straightforward donation flow, letting contributors choose from various giving options, including online, text-to-give, kiosks, promises, and in-person contributions.

14. Integration with church management software

Integration with church management software is a notable benefit of Clover Give,  which improves administrative procedures’ general effectiveness and cohesiveness for churches and nonprofits. The platform is pre-configured to work with many Church Management Software (ChMS) choices, guaranteeing smooth data transfer and communication between contribution administration and other organizational functions. Clover Give is wholly integrated with the following ChMS options: Simple Church, Shelby, Power Church Software, Servant Keeper, F1, Church Community Builder (CCB), The City, and ACSTechnologies.

The advantage of ChMS integration is that it synchronizes and consolidates data, giving companies a single platform to handle various administrative tasks and manage their financial contributions. Maintaining separate systems for contribution management and church administration increases the chance of mistakes, slows down processes, and eliminates manual data input. These benefits are achieved via the connection.

Churches using well-known ChMS systems easily integrate Clover Give into their current infrastructure because of its compatibility with various ChMS alternatives, demonstrating Clover Give’s dedication to fulfilling the varied demands of multiple organizations. Its compatibility further demonstrates Clover Give’s flexibility and commitment to providing a full-featured solution for churches seeking to streamline their operations and enable safe and practical cash donations.

15. Multi-campus support

Clover Give’s Multi-Campus Support feature significantly benefits enterprises with various campuses. The advantage is that the platform simplifies the administration of donations at several locations, giving churches or NGOs with multiple campuses a consolidated solution.

The main advantage of Multi-Campus Support is that it makes contribution oversight and management across campuses more efficient. The feature ensures a consistent and integrated approach to financial contributions by acknowledging the varied operational demands of businesses with different locations.

Clover Give offers a single, centralized platform for contribution administration, enabling Multi-Campus Support. It allows institutions to easily handle financial data across all campuses, supervise donations, and monitor contributions. The program has an intuitive user interface that lets administrators see and control contributions from all campuses on a single dashboard.

The administrative load involved in handling contributions from various locations is lessened because of the centralized system, which enables uniform reporting. Features like campus-specific reporting, which allows companies to examine and comprehend contribution patterns and trends at each site, are included.

The software includes customized settings, allowing organizations to retain general management and supervision while customizing the contribution experience for each school. Clover Give guarantees that churches and NGOs with different campuses effectively manage their financial contributions by offering a complete and centralized solution. It promotes a more united and coordinated approach to gift monitoring and administration.

How to Use Clover Give?

To use Clover Give, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Sign up. Visit the Clover Give website and create an account by entering the name, email, phone number, organization name, state, and other pertinent information.
  2. Select a Plan. Choose a subscription plan that meets the organization’s demands and budget, such as the $49/month plan with a 2.60% + 42 processing charge, from the alternatives presented.
  3. Enter any more information. Fill in any other information, such as the organization’s total weekly attendance, any available promo codes, and the source of the information regarding Clover Give.
  4. Accept the Terms of Service. Please review and accept the Terms of Service before continuing the account establishment process.
  5. Finish the registration procedure by clicking the “Get Started” button.
  6. Access Onboarding materials. Navigate through the setup procedure using the Clover Give orientation materials. The staff helps with technology, security, and best practices for explaining Clover Give to the congregation.
  7. Customize Branded Interface. Increase donor trust by creating a branded interface that reflects the church’s identity. Its easily identifiable donation page has the potential to enhance donor donations.
  8. Enable Diverse Giving Options. Turn on numerous giving alternatives inside Clover Give, such as online giving, SMS giving, kiosk giving, and ACH/check processing. It allows donor accessibility via a variety of devices and preferences.
  9. Maintain Customized Control. Tailor the online giving solution to the church’s specific requirements with flexible giving choices, enabling members to donate while feeling in control.
  10. Use data tracking and security. Use Clover Give’s powerful control panel for effective data tracking and security management. The platform works with several different Church Management Software (ChMS) choices, which makes integrating data easier.
  11. Explore features encouraging participation, such as promoting automatic recurring giving to raise total donations and allowing contributors to pay processing expenses.
  12. Benefit from the results. Many churches that use Clover Give report a significant boost in donations. Monitor outcomes utilizing the platform’s reporting and analytics tools.

How to Login Clover Give?

To log in to Clover Give, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Go to the Clover Give website by opening a web browser.
  2. Navigate to the login portion of the Clover Give website. It is usually shown clearly, making it simple for users to access their accounts.
  3. Provide the email address. Enter the email linked to the Clover Give account in the designated box. Make sure to use the provided email address when creating the account.
  4. Enter the password linked to the Clover Give account. A “Forgot Password?” link is typically present for users to access to start the password recovery procedure if they misplaced their password.
  5. Press the “Login” button to access the Clover Give account after entering the email address and password.
  6. Select MinistryID as the alternative login mode if the platform provides it. MinistryID is an alternative login option. Use the MinistryID credentials to log in by selecting “Login With MinistryID” and following the instructions.
  7. Visit the “Forgot Password?” page to retrieve a forgotten password. An email address is typically requested to transmit instructions to reset the password.
  8. Gain access to the account. The Clover Give account homepage must be available after joining. Check reports, handle contributions, and carry out other account-related tasks from there.

How to Create an Account for Clover Give?

To create an account for Clover Give, follow the steps given below.

  1. Click on the Clover Give link. Go to the Clover Give website by opening a web browser.
  2. Go to the Sign-Up Page. Verify whether the site has a “Sign Up” or “Get Started” button. Proceed to the account creation page via the link.
  3. Enter the information. A form requesting personal and organizational information is commonly on the account creation page. Input the first and last name, email address, phone number, state, organization name, and phone number.
  4. Give details about attendance. Indicate the organization’s total weekly attendance. The data enables Clover Give to customize its offerings by the magnitude of the congregation or donor community.
  5. Select a subscription plan based on the demands and financial constraints of the company. The plans have different benefits, and the prices include both a monthly fee and transaction fees, like $49/month plus 2.60 percent per transaction.
  6. Enter any appropriate promo codes. Use the box below to input the promo code. Promotional codes provide exclusive deals or discounts.
  7. Indicate the referral information. Give the source of the information regarding Clover Give. It includes channels such as recommendations, internet searches, word-of-mouth, etc.
  8. Accept the terms and conditions. Check the box confirming the approval after carefully reading the Terms of Service.
  9. Select “Get Started.” The account creation procedure is started by clicking the “Get Started” button when all the necessary data has been entered.
  10. Complete the account setup procedure according to any further instructions or prompts. It requires email address verification or the provision of additional organization information.
  11. Get into the new account. Access the new Clover Give account by entering the email address and password during the sign-up procedure after the account creation.

How to Organize an Online Giving with Clover Give?

To organize an online giving with Clover Giving, follow the below steps.

  1. Get Your Church Involved. Use the platform’s onboarding materials to get started with online giving with Clover Give. The staff assists with the setup process and answers any questions about technology and security. Use the Clover Give control panel’s resource library to create a thorough rollout strategy. Create a branded interface to establish trust in contributors since research shows that an identifiable donation page enhances the possibility of donations. Ensure the appearance is consistent with the church’s website to provide a reliable and unified giving experience.
  2. Give in Many Ways. The congregation assists the church in several ways with the help of Clover Give. Allow contributors with diverse devices and degrees of digital skill to give online, via SMS, at kiosks, and via ACH/check processing. Clover Give’s flexibility guarantees accessibility by letting contributors contribute in a method that best fits their comfort and preferences.
  3. Keep it Organized. Customize Clover Give to fit the church’s unique needs for an online giving solution. Take advantage of personalized control over alternatives to encourage members to make regular contributions. Using a strong control panel ensures adequate data protection and tracking. The seamless interface that Clover Give offers with several Church administration Software (ChMS) choices enables efficient data administration.
  4. Drive Engagement. Observe possible increases in donations by switching to the Clover Give platform. A 32% average increase in contributions has been observed in numerous churches. Promote automated recurring contributions to improve budget planning and provide consistent financial assistance. Utilize the “Donor Pays Fees” function, which allows contributors to choose how much to pay for processing fees. It increases clarity in the giving process and helps the church remain financially sustainable. Clover Give becomes an all-inclusive tool to increase involvement and support for the church when these steps are followed.

Is it possible to find Church Volunteers with Clover Give?

Yes, it is possible to find Church Volunteers with Clover Give’s different tools and functions to improve church participation and cooperation. Clover Give’s primary function is to handle donations and has features used to organize and recruit volunteers for church events. The platform allows congregations to announce volunteer opportunities, arrange activities, and measure volunteer involvement. The integration of Clover Give with church management software facilitates a more holistic comprehension of the congregation, enabling more efficient identification and communication with prospective volunteers according to their availability, interests, and aptitudes. Clover Give’s simplified approach to volunteer management adds to a more connected and involved church community.

What to know about Clover Give?

The things to know about Clover Give are listed below.

What are the Integrations with Clover Give?

The integrations with Clover Give are listed below. 

  • Church Media Integration: Clover Give integrates with church media platforms to make sharing multimedia content like videos, audio recordings, and presentations more accessible. The integration allows churches to seamlessly incorporate their media elements into the donation and fundraising experience, increasing engagement and communication with their congregation.
  • Church Website Integration: Church Website Integration connects Clover Give to a church’s website, resulting in a unified online presence. The integration provides a branded and unified experience, ensuring that the donation process matches the overall look and feel of the church’s website. It increases user trust and recognition, increasing the likelihood of visitors contributing.
  • Church Accounting: Clover Give works with church accounting software to provide a complete financial solution. The integration ensures that donation data flows seamlessly into the church’s accounting system, allowing for more accurate and efficient financial records. Streamlining financial processes helps churches maintain transparency and compliance in their accounting practices.
  • Church Management Integration: Clover Give Church Management Integration connects the donation platform to more extensive church management software. The integration ensures synchronized data between Clover Give and the church management system, including donor information and contribution records. It provides a unified platform for managing the church’s operational and financial aspects.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integration: CRM Integration with Clover Give entails linking the donation platform with Customer Relationship Management software. The church’s ability to manage and understand donor relationships is improved due to the integration. It ensures the seamless integration of donor information, giving history, and engagement data, allowing for more personalized and targeted interactions with congregants.

1. Church Media Integration

Church Media Integration with Clover Give includes multimedia components, such as photographs, videos, and other visual material, into the platform’s contribution and engagement processes. The integration seeks to give churches a creative and visually appealing approach to communicating their message, highlighting meaningful initiatives, and developing a closer relationship with their audience. The advantage of Church Media Integration is that it improves the narrative part of fundraising, enabling churches to elicit emotions and effectively explain the impact of gifts.

Churches begin the integration process by contacting Clover Give support via phone, email, or social media platforms like Facebook. These channels are excellent for expressing interest and gathering vital information about the various integration choices. Discussions with Clover Give support enable churches to investigate features, compatibility, and integration. Churches use Clover Give’s resources, such as blogs and help site archives, to obtain insights and best practices for Church Media Integration.

Churches ensure a seamless integration process by adhering to the precise guidelines furnished by Clover Give after the determination. It involves technical processes, customization possibilities, and advice for maximizing the integration depending on the church’s specific requirements. Ensuring a smooth experience and allowing for any required adjustments to be addressed during the phase is achieved through integration testing before complete implementation. Effectively incorporating media components into their donation procedures significantly enhances the online giving experience for churches and their benefactors with the assistance and resources provided by Clover Give.

2. Church Website Integration

Church Website Integration with Clover Give improves the contribution experience by effortlessly integrating a customized giving page into the church’s website. The integration is a single point for gathering contributions from regular members and guests, resulting in a more integrated online presence.

The essential advantage of the integration is the ease it provides to contributors. Individuals donate quickly and confidently by integrating a personalized giving page inside the familiar setting of the church’s website. Donors connect with a contribution platform that mirrors the church’s logo and design, which increases trust and promotes frequent giving.

Several actions must be taken to connect Clover Give with the church website. Users construct a personalized donation page after visiting the Clover Give control panel, matching it with the church’s visual brand. Clover Give’s integration code is subsequently received and integrated into the church website’s content management system (CMS). Testing the connection guarantees a smooth experience for donors, and once verified, the church informs the congregation that online contributions are available via its website.

3. Church Accounting

Church Accounting works with Clover Give as both a payment gateway and a merchant account. It implies that when an individual joins Clover Give, there is no need for extra accounts like, which simplifies the donating process. The connection provides churches with a complete solution covering all stages of the donating process without additional expenses. Clover Give needs the provision of the Social Security Number (SSN) as part of the setup procedure to verify the supervisory person. A soft credit check is completed, but it does not substantially influence the individual’s credit score. The prerequisite is following the most stringent security protocols and FinCEN regulations for Customer Due Diligence, guaranteeing adherence and safeguarding against illicit financial operations.

Clover Give emphasizes that SSN information is not utilized to conduct credit checks on candidates. The information is used instead for Customer Identification Program (CIP) checks and ongoing regulatory compliance evaluations by the processing bank, which conducts sanctions checks to ensure business compatibility. The software accommodates contributors’ preferences by enabling them to set up regular ACH donations monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly. Clover Give allows organizations who choose to limit their giving to ACH transactions only to deactivate credit card processing, incurring just the 1.0% + $0.39 ACH transaction cost. An individual has the chance to give to more than one fund, but it’s essential to know that the feature is only available for credit or debit card transactions right now. It’s not available for ACH donations.

4. Church Management Integration

Church Management Integration with Clover Give is a simplified method to improve handling contributions and church-related data efficiency. The interface allows Clover Give to communicate with various Church Management Systems (ChMS), including Fellowship One, Simple Church, Servant Keeper, and CCB. The essential advantage is the unification of data and processes, which reduces manual input and the possibility of mistakes. It results in a more efficient and accurate handling of donations and donor data.

Organizations who want to connect with a ChMS must choose a compatible option from the list and validate that the integration is free. The low-cost solution allows companies to improve their contribution management skills without incurring extra costs. Clover Give supports file-based export profiles for interoperability with various ChMS, including Shelby (Arena & Legacy), Church Office Online, ACS Technologies, The City, HelpMate, and PowerChurch. The adaptability enables enterprises to choose a ChMS that meets their unique requirements, resulting in a customized solution.

Clover Give is integrated with QuickBooks for people who use accounting software. The procedure entails creating a custom import/export profile to ensure a smooth flow of financial data between Clover Give and QuickBooks. The capability offers another level of simplicity for companies who want to seamlessly link their contribution management and accounting systems.

5. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integration

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration with Clover Give refers to the seamless connection between Clover Give’s online donation and fundraising platform and CRM systems. CRM integration entails connecting Clover Give’s data and functionalities with the CRM software of a church or nonprofit, resulting in a unified system for managing both financial contributions and constituent relationships.

The primary advantage of integrating CRM with Clover Give is the comprehensive view it provides organizations. Churches and nonprofits gain a thorough understanding of their supporters by synchronizing donation data with CRM systems. The integration simplifies donor management by enabling organizations to track giving patterns, preferences, and levels of engagement. These insights facilitate focused communication, individualized outreach, and enhanced control of donor relationships.

Organizations typically follow steps to integrate Clover Give with a CRM system. They must initially determine which CRM software is compatible with Clover Give. Many CRM platforms provide integration options or have Clover Give-specific plugins. Organizations configure the integration settings after selecting a compatible CRM. It includes establishing the data synchronization process, mapping fields between the two systems, and ensuring the smooth flow of information.

Organizations must conduct exhaustive testing to ensure the accuracy and completeness of data transfer between Clover Give and the CRM following configuration. The process of testing aids in detecting and resolving any potential problems before the complete implementation of the integration. Organizations benefit from a single system where donation data is automatically updated in the CRM, offering a consolidated and real-time view of donor interactions once the integration has been verified to function correctly.

Does Clover Give belong to Amplify?

No, Clove Give does not belong to Amplify. Ministry Brands owns Clover Give, and Amplify is one of the affiliates of Ministry Brands. Clover Give is a separate online donation and fundraising platform to help churches and nonprofit organizations raise funds. Clover Give and Amplify help churches, but they are different organizations with different owners and roles. Clover Give specializes in providing tools and features specifically for online giving and fundraising, whereas Amplify is typically used to refer to church management software. Organizations use Clover Give and Amplify to create a comprehensive solution for managing operational and financial aspects, but they are separate products and services.

What is the Term and Privacy Policy of Using Clover Give Software?

The terms and privacy policy of using Clover Give Software are governed by Ministry Brands Holdings, LLC’s Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy clarifies how Personal Information is gathered and processed through various websites, including and other affiliated websites and mobile applications linked to the Policy. The Policy aims to inform users about how Ministry Brands collects, uses, and protects information obtained through these Sites. Users are encouraged to read the Policy to make informed decisions using the Clover Give Software. Some Ministry Brands sites, like background check sites, have extra privacy notices that only apply to the Personal Information they collect. These additional disclosures are accessible to users when interacting with the relevant sections of mentioned Sites.

What is the Customer Support Number of Clover Give?

The customer support number of Clover Give is (805) 527-8900, and it is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern time. Support inquiries are directed to Clover Give has merged with Amplify. Users are able to contact the support team for help with Clover Give and its integration with Amplify due to the merged customer support system.

Clover Give prioritizes a customer-first approach to support. The team comprises people who have learned Clover Give from the ground up and is available to help users. They offer technical support, live assistance, and a thorough understanding of the platform.

Clover Give’s support team is dedicated to making it simple. The team remains easily reachable to respond to emails, assist users during the startup process, and provide guidance beyond that, despite the platform’s intuitive design and extensive introductory tutorial content.

Clover Give provides users with excellent resources in addition to direct assistance. These resources cover various topics, from understanding the software’s functionality to configuring features such as recurring giving, text-to-give, and on-site kiosks. The goal is to provide technical assistance and to assist users in convincing their congregations to use Clover Give effectively.