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As we navigate through the year, churches are working on continuing to maintain their vision and support their ministry. As a church leader, you understand there are different giving trends throughout the year. People may start off strong in their giving and then drop off as attendance fluctuates.

One reliable method to sustain ongoing generosity and increase overall giving is to coach people to commit to recurring giving. This simple one-time setup allows for a scheduled recurring donation directly from a credit card or bank account. Donors can determine the amount and frequency of their contributions and manage these settings from their online giving account.

By establishing a recurring donation schedule, people can ensure their support continues regardless if they’re attending in person, viewing from home, traveling, or feeling unwell.

Also, it’s noteworthy that recurring donors are 75% more likely to make additional one-time donations throughout the year. So, the more people who give recurring gifts, the more likely they are to give to additional initiatives throughout the year.

Here are four strategies to kick-start an increase in your recurring donations today:

1. Leverage Online Platforms.

Not all donors prefer a recurring donation schedule, and that’s perfectly alright. However, no one will opt in if the option isn’t provided.

In fact, even without promoting recurring donations, many churches discover that people choose this method because it simplifies their contribution process. That’s because many people already use automated payments for other transactions, and it’s something they are used to doing. Why should their giving be any more complicated?

With Ministry Brands Amplify, there are two straightforward methods to make recurring donations an obvious choice.

  1. Whether your congregation prefers donating online, via their phone, or through text, include a recurring donation option on your donation form. This way, when members submit their one-time donation, they can effortlessly tick a box to commit to recurring donations if it suits them.
  2. Encourage donors to convert a one-time donation into a recurring contribution after they’ve donated. Simply enable this feature and configure the number of donations a member makes before seeing this option.

2. Acknowledge and Express Appreciation.

Invite your congregation to join your church’s recurring donation program by expressing gratitude. A small token of appreciation goes a long way. While these tokens should be enjoyable and designed to thank the donor, they should also inform them about the impact of their donations. Consider these ideas:

An annual event

Organize anything from a summer barbeque to a formal dinner. Acknowledge how the recurring donations have enabled your ministry to achieve yearly objectives, and personally thank everyone for their dedication.

A monthly video update or newsletter

Offer detailed information on how recurring donations have benefitted the church and the local community.

A personalized handwritten thank-you note

Demonstrate appreciation to recurring donors with a custom, handwritten message. You could send these on the anniversary of their signup or schedule all notes to go out on the same day annually.

For first-time recurring donors, consider setting up automation in your church management software that expresses gratitude for their support and shows them how they’re positively impacting your mission.

3. Highlight the Impact of Recurring Gifts.

People want to give their resources to help accomplish a vision. Often, they’ll contribute once or twice, then move on, assuming their contribution has made a difference. While they may know what recurring donations are and how to commit, they might not fully grasp the ongoing influence of consistent donations.

During the giving moment at your church service, share stories of how your church has utilized recurring donations to impact your community. Emphasize your plans for using future recurring donations. The more straightforward and transparent you are, the more likely donors will transition from one-time donations to an automatic giving schedule.

4. Send Communication Strategically.

Engaging donors becomes more successful when you customize communications to match their donation journey. Utilize these 4 email templates, created to specifically engage first-time, casual, consistent, and recurring donors, while guiding them towards the next step in their generosity journey.

These email templates not only assist you in expressing gratitude and increasing recurring donations, but they also help you retain donors.

Increase Recurring Giving at Your Church

Boosting recurring donations requires strategic planning and an understanding of your congregation’s makeup and needs. By implementing these strategies, you can simplify the process for your people, build a sustainable and reliable source of resources, and ultimately strengthen your church’s mission. Remember, consistency, transparency, and gratitude are key elements in this process. 

The journey towards increased recurring donations begins with a single step, so why not start today? Discover firsthand how Ministry Brands can help your ministry thrive in ways you could only imagine. Schedule a free live demo or sign up for a free trial.