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The worship flow plans are just as important for your team as they are for you. And without a tool that can accurately capture the details of your plans, your team will be left wondering what you have in mind (or worse, making assumptions).

We designed our worship flow editor for you to specify details however you want - drag and drop, inline editing, or pop-up window. You can start with a blank slate, or a worship flow "template" that awaits the details specific to that service. When you add a song to the flow, all of the song details from your library come with it, including lyrics, tabs, files, and the song map. Go even further with notes for the entire team, or specific people.

Worship Flow Editor Notable Features

  • Search and include SongSelect® songs, right on flow page.
  • View song details (including last performed date) before adding to flow.
  • Drag and drop songs directly into the worship flow.
  • Set each song's key (and any modulation) for that service.
  • Define the song's "songmap" (order of the song parts).
  • Create pre-service elements to be followed before the service starts.
  • Add colored dividers to visually organize your flow.
  • Provide element-specific notes for teams or individuals.
  • Schedule practice(s) on the rehearsals page.
  • Create and apply worship flow templates.
  • Manage just one worship flow for multiple services.
  • Attach files to each service.
  • Use the PDF Builder feature with a tablet to make a virtual music stand.
  • Manage who can see and/or edit the worship flow.
  • Print a variety of ways, including notes for specific people.
  • Listen to the music playlist from Spotify, YouTube, or MP3s.
  • Share worship flow publicly with short-link.

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