Helping Churches, Non-Profits, and Organizations Stay Safe

Background Screening

Our background screening solutions reduce risk and help you maintain compliance in your organization.


Background Checks

Screen volunteers and employees to ensure they are who they say they are, and that you're aware of any criminal and sex offender history.


Child Safety Training

Implement a comprehensive child safety program for all ministry employees and volunteers.


Continuous Criminal Monitoring

Continuous Criminal Monitoring provides real-time alerts to churches whenever there is a reportable change in an individual's criminal record history, without waiting for a scheduled re-screen. The best part? It's an affordable way to maximize the safeguards that protect your ministry.


Creating Peace of Mind


Drug Screening

Our program covers pre- and post-hiring needs and our coverage is national in scope.


Employment Verification

Our Basic Employment Verification service has a 24-72-hour turnaround time and uncovers false information provided by an applicant.


Driving Records

Understand the driving history for those volunteers and employees who may use a company or personal vehicle for transporting people or goods.

Software Solutions Aligned to Your Mission

Ministry Brands is dedicated to empowering churches, ministries and faith-based organizations in a digital world. To learn more about our Background Screening solutions, please visit one of our brands:

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