Elexio: Congregation, Communication, and Church Integration Management

Elexio is a comprehensive software platform dedicated to Congregation, Communication, and Church Integration Management. The approach is rooted in embracing the diversity of the customers at Elexio. Elexio understands that each church has unique needs and preferences, whether it is a focus on specific features such as Smart Check-in, Dashboards, or Workflows, or the exceptional support provided by the team. Explore the features, engage with the dedicated team, and discover how Elexio addresses the church’s specific requirements to experience the full range of what Elexio has to offer, sign up for a free trial.

The logo, featuring connected “e’s,” symbolizes the mission to Empower Everyone within the church community, including pastors, staff, volunteers, and attendees. The mission is not just a motto, it guides the development processes, shapes the support policies, and underscores the commitment to training and implementation. Starting with a free trial with Elexio, it aims to empower and achieve the ministry goals effortlessly.

Elexio offers a versatile church management system with benefits such as all-in-one communication, smart reporting, efficient check-in, easy coordination, and automation. It provides mobile accessibility, seamless giving tracking, custom forms, insightful dashboards, and smart volunteer scheduling, making it an essential tool for churches. 

The main unique point of Elexio is its all-in-one approach, offering a comprehensive church management system that integrates communication, reporting, check-in, coordination, automation, and more into a single platform, simplifying church operations and enhancing the church experience.

Elexio was founded in 2002 when two church technology companies specializing in websites and databases merged to better serve churches. Elexio expanded to offer a wide range of church tech solutions over the years. The mission of Elexio is to simplify church operations with intuitive technology, and their team comprises church professionals dedicated to supporting ministry. Elexio is committed to helping churches achieve their goals, offering a single point of contact for support and services.

The relevance of Elexio to Amplify lies in the integration and synergy between the two platforms. Elexio is a comprehensive church management system that offers features such as communication tools, reporting, check-in systems, and more. Amplify is an evangelism and outreach program designed to help churches engage with their communities and share their faith effectively. Churches enhance their outreach efforts. For example, Elexio’s communication tools are used to reach out to community members and invite them to participate in Amplify’s evangelism initiatives. Elexio’s reporting capabilities help track the impact of these outreach efforts and monitor the engagement of community members.

Elexio’s pricing plan is indicated in the pricing table below.

People in the ChurchPriceInclusions
1$35.13 per monthNo Setup Fees
No Contact FeesIncludes all the premium features
10$36.27 per month
20$37.27 per month
Try for free

Elexio Pricing and Full Access Features

Elexio offers straightforward pricing based on the space needed, ensuring it has full access to their suite of features. There are no setup fees, contract fees, or hidden charges. The base pricing starts at $35.13 per month for a church with one person. Elexio provides a custom quote for a larger congregation with many records.

Elexio offers pricing as low as $35 per month for church plants or reboots. Elexio provides 1000 free text messages per month as part of the package, along with the MinistryOne mobile app, ensuring it has all the tools needed for effective church management and communication without any extra charges.

The included premium features of Elexio plans are listed below.

  • Online Giving: Online Giving refers to the digital platform or method that allows individuals, generally church members, to make financial contributions or gifts to their church or nonprofit organization through the Internet. Donors support their preferred charities or efforts online using a simple way that offers secure transactions and flexibility.
  • MinistryOne App: The MinistryOne App is a mobile application developed to help churches and religious organizations communicate with their congregation members. It enhances involvement and communication throughout the church community with features such as sermon access, event notifications, and handy mobile donation options.
  • Contributions: Contributions are the monetary gifts or donations given by people, members of the congregation, or supporters to support the goals, operations, and projects of churches and nonprofit organizations. These donations are necessary for religious or nonprofit organizations to continue operating and expanding.
  • Group Management: Group management is the process of setting up and overseeing several groups inside a church or other religious institution. It covers tasks such as organizing, running, and supervising ministries, small groups, and other smaller organizations inside the wider congregation, frequently made easier by platforms or software.
  • Church Check-in: Church Check-in tracks who attends church-sponsored activities, services, or programs. It entails using tools or software to track people’s whereabouts. It is helpful for organizing childcare, lessons, and security precautions during church events.
  • Calendar: A calendar is a tool or feature churches and religious groups use to plan and coordinate different events, services, meetings, and activities. It allows the church community to plan, communicate, and coordinate effectively.
  • Workflows: Workflows are predetermined sequences of operations and processes used in church management software to streamline and automate administrative and operational functions inside a church or religious institution. These workflows involve member participation, communication, event preparation, and other procedures unique to the church.
  • Interactions: Interactions are the numerous ways church members and leaders interact with one another and the larger church community. It involves using digital tools and platforms to facilitate communication, teamwork, support, and participation in church activities.
  • Mobile Management: Mobile management refers to the ability to manage and control church-related duties, communication, and operations through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It allows church leaders and people to stay connected and involved even while they are on the move.
  • Forms: Forms are electronic documents or templates churches and other religious institutions use to get data from members and participants, such as registrations, comments, and donations. They are completed online for convenience and efficiency and are frequently tailored to meet the needs of particular churches.
  • Event Management: Churches easily plan and arrange events using event management. Its features make event planning more effective and user-friendly by providing tools for registration, promotion, and logistics.
  • Church Health Dashboards: Church Health Dashboards offer a thorough, visual summary of the most important performance metrics and health indicators for the church. Church leaders use Church Health Dashboards to monitor the health and growth of their congregation and make well-informed decisions, ensuring that ministry endeavors align with the church’s vision and goals.
  • Multi-Campus & Group View: Churches with numerous campuses or smaller group ministries manage and coordinate their operations with the help of Multi-Campus & Group View. Multi-campus and group views improve the church community’s cooperation and cohesiveness by streamlining communication, organizing events, and allocating resources between different church sites or groups.
  • Volunteer Schedules: Volunteer schedules make planning and overseeing volunteers for church functions such as services and events easier. Volunteer Schedules raise volunteer engagement and participation rates by making scheduling easier and guaranteeing that volunteers are assigned to their jobs effectively.
  • Glance: Glance are quick visual cues within software that allow users to quickly identify vital information or activities. Glance improves usability and user navigation, making the system more intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Background Check Integration: Background Check Integration makes it easy for churches to perform background checks on employees and volunteers, protecting the congregation’s safety and security. The feature streamlines the screening procedure and assists churches in choosing qualified candidates to work with vulnerable groups.
  • People Management: People Management is an all-inclusive solution for managing attendance, guests, and church members. People Management contains profiles, contact information, and interaction history, allowing churches to develop meaningful relationships with their members and provide individualized support.
  • Online Directory: The Online Directory function provides a virtual space for churchgoers to exchange contact details and establish connections. The Online Directory promotes community engagement by facilitating communication and relationship-building among congregation members.
  • Church Communication (Email and Text): Church communication technologies facilitate efficient and timely communication by allowing churches to deliver notifications, bulletins, and messages to their members via text and email.
  • Reporting: Reporting gives churches access to powerful reporting and data analysis tools. Church administrators use the Reporting feature to create comprehensive reports on donations, attendance, and other essential metrics.

12 Benefits of Elexio

The 12 Benefits of Elexio are listed below.

  • People Management is the top benefit of Elexio. Elexio helps churches efficiently manage and organize church member profiles, making it easy to access and update vital information.
  • Church Communication, which streamlines communication within the church community through email and text messaging, ensuring everyone stays informed and connected.
  • Church Group Management helps to easily organize and track various church groups, ministries, and classes, facilitating better coordination and engagement.
  • Check Attendance helps simplify the process of tracking attendance during services, events, and classes, allowing for accurate record-keeping.
  • Church Calendar Management, which manages and coordinates church events, activities, and meetings with a user-friendly calendar tool.
  • Church Workflow helps to automate routine church processes and tasks, improving efficiency and freeing up time for ministry.
  • Church Interaction, enhances engagement with church members and visitors by keeping track of interactions, follow-ups, and engagement history.
  • Mobile Management, access important church information and manage tasks on the go, ensuring users are not tied to the desk.
  • Forms and Event Management, create and manage custom forms for church events, registrations, and surveys, streamlining administrative tasks.
  • Church Health Dashboards, gain valuable insights into the health and performance of the church through informative dashboards and reports.
  • Volunteer Scheduling, which efficiently schedules and coordinates church volunteers, ensuring that tasks are adequately staffed.
  • Worship Planning helps to simplify the planning and organization of worship services, including scheduling volunteers, selecting songs, and managing resources.

1. People Management

People Management in Elexio refers to efficiently and effectively handling church member information, benefiting churches by reducing administrative workload and providing easy access to member data from anywhere. The benefit of People Management in Elexio is that it simplifies the organization of church member information, making it accessible, up-to-date, and manageable, reducing the administrative burden on the church staff.

Elexio functions as a smart church management system, enabling access to member information from any device, regardless of location or time. The capability ensures that church staff stay connected and retrieve member data even when they are not in the office, enhancing accessibility and convenience.

Elexio enhances church management by offering an integrated mobile app that empowers users to effortlessly update group member information with a few taps. It supports the automation of workflows and follow-ups, enables the review of giving and interaction history, facilitates picture uploads, and allows for the attachment of notes or documents to individual profiles. It streamlines the entire process of managing member data and interactions, making it efficient and user-friendly.

The platform Elexio simplifies the administrative workload by providing tools for organizing members into families and offering options for members to update their own profiles. Its features significantly alleviate the administrative burden on the church office, eliminating the need to manually handle each address or name change. Members proactively maintain and update their information, contributing to data accuracy and reducing administrative overhead.

2. Church Communication

Church Communication in Elexio involves the seamless integration of various communication methods, allowing churches to connect with their congregation effectively. The primary benefit is the convenience of consolidating voice, text, and email communication into a single platform, simplifying outreach efforts, and keeping everyone informed and engaged.

Elexio performs Church Communication by offering a unified communication hub. Elexio Community provides a comprehensive solution where all communication is managed from one place instead of using separate platforms for voice, text, and email communications. It streamlines the communication process, making it more efficient and eliminating the need to switch between multiple tools. 

One of the key features is the ability to contact the entire congregation or specific groups within the church in a matter of seconds. It ensures that important messages reach the right people promptly, fostering better engagement and communication within the church community.

Elexio allows churches to schedule future messages for specific dates and times, providing the flexibility to plan and automate communication efforts. The software enables push notifications through its mobile app, making it even easier to keep people notified and engaged. Church staff tap, type, announce, invite, and send messages with ease, ensuring that important information is effectively conveyed to the congregation with Elexio.

3. Church Group Management

Church Group Management in Elexio refers to efficiently organizing and overseeing various groups within a church community, offering benefits such as improved communication and engagement. 

The primary benefit of Church Group Management is the optimization of group organization. Elexio allows for the creation of unlimited groups, enabling churches to categorize people effectively. The flexibility provides several advantages, including sending targeted communications to specific groups, tracking attendance metrics for classes or small groups, and managing volunteer teams seamlessly. It simplifies the process of organizing and coordinating various aspects of church life, enhancing efficiency.

Elexio performs Church Group Management by offering a range of features and tools. Users easily deliver tailored messages to specific groups or the entire congregation, ensuring that communications are relevant and reach the right audience. The software enables the assignment of individual tasks and roles within a group, facilitating efficient collaboration and communication among group members.

Elexio includes a Group Finder tool, allowing attendees to discover and join groups that align with their interests and spiritual growth goals. The tool fosters real human connections within the church community, making it easy for people to find Bible studies, volunteer opportunities, and other group activities. Elexio’s Church Group Management capabilities streamline the organization of church groups, improve communication, and promote engagement among members.

4. Check Attendance

Check Attendance in Elexio refers to the system’s capability to efficiently record and manage attendance for church services and events, offering benefits such as streamlined check-in processes and enhanced convenience.

The primary benefit of Check Attendance in Elexio is the implementation of Smart Check-In. The feature enables families to check in swiftly and efficiently, making the process convenient for parents and children. It simplifies the check-in experience, reducing wait times, and providing an extra reason for parents to smile.

Elexio’s Check Attendance feature incorporates Pattern Learning. The platform learns attendance patterns based on historical data, including the day of the week and recent check-in history. The information is then used to pre-populate check-in pages, making the process even more seamless. Parents need to accept these pre-populated selections or make changes if necessary, eliminating the need to search through lengthy lists of groups week after week.

Elexio’s Check Attendance feature offers an additional convenience factor for people running late to church. It allows individuals to check in using their mobile phones from the parking lot, ensuring that even late arrivals easily record their attendance. Elexio’s Check Attendance feature streamlines the check-in process, enhances convenience for families, optimizes attendance recording, and accommodates people who are running late to church services or events.

5. Church Calendar Management

Church Calendar Management in Elexio involves the effective organization and coordination of various church events, activities, and reservations through a centralized calendar system. The primary benefit of Church Calendar Management is the improvement in coordination and organization within the church community. Elexio allows churches to schedule and manage all aspects of ministry, from coordinating ministries to handling church reservations for facilities and equipment rentals. The centralized calendar system ensures that all church-related activities are well-coordinated and are tracked efficiently.

Elexio performs Church Calendar Management by offering a comprehensive calendar tool that streamlines scheduling. Users manage reservations for facilities, equipment, and specific room setups all within one calendar interface. It simplifies the process of organizing events and ensures that there are no scheduling conflicts. Elexio provides integration with personal calendars, allowing users to sync church-related events with their own calendars, helping them stay organized in their personal and church life.

A bonus feature of Elexio’s Church Calendar Management is its integration with church websites. Calendars are seamlessly integrated with and displayed on the church website, eliminating the need for redundant data entry. It ensures that the church’s online presence accurately reflects the scheduled events and activities, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

Elexio’s Church Calendar Management simplifies the scheduling and coordination of church events, improves organization, and enhances the integration of church calendars with personal calendars and church websites, ensuring that everyone is informed and well-coordinated within the church community.

6. Church Workflows

Church Workflows in Elexio refer to the creation and automation of processes and tasks for various situations within the church, offering the benefit of streamlining operations and ensuring that important actions are not overlooked.

The primary benefit of Church Workflows in Elexio is to automate tasks and processes for different scenarios, enhancing efficiency and reducing the risk of human error. Workflows allow churches to set up automated actions and communications for various situations. These situations include welcoming new members or first-time visitors, reminding VBS registrants of start dates, contacting individuals who have not attended for a certain period, or sending “thank-you” messages for substantial donations.

Elexio performs Church Workflows by offering a “set-it-and-forget-it” automation system. Users create custom workflows to address specific scenarios and then automate the associated tasks and communications. It means that once a workflow is set up, the system automatically handles the defined actions without requiring manual intervention.

For example, the system performs the task automatically whenever such a donation is recorded if a workflow is set up to send a “thank-you” message every time a donation over a certain size is received. The system initiates the call without the need for manual tracking if a workflow is created to schedule a phone call to someone who has not attended for a certain duration.

Elexio’s Church Workflows feature streamlines church operations by automating various tasks and communications for different scenarios. The “set-it-and-forget-it” approach ensures that important actions are consistently executed, preventing individuals from slipping through the cracks and enhancing efficiency within the church.

7. Church Interaction

Church Interaction in Elexio involves the facilitation of communication, task assignment, and notification processes within the church community. The primary benefit of Church Interaction in Elexio is the streamlined communication and task management within the church. The feature ensures that tasks are assigned to anyone within the church, whether they are staff or volunteers, and they receive notifications without needing to log in to the system. It simplifies task assignment and notification, making it easier for individuals to stay informed about their responsibilities.

Elexio performs Church Interaction by offering a straightforward process for task completion. Individuals need to reply to their reminder emails once individuals complete their assigned tasks. The email reply triggers the automatic updating of the assigned Interaction within the Elexio Community ChMS. The automated process ensures that interactions are marked as completed in the system without requiring additional manual steps or data entry.

Elexio’s Church Interaction feature enhances communication and task management within the church community. It allows for the assignment of tasks, automatic notifications, and simplified task completion through email replies, streamlining the overall process and ensuring that interactions are accurately recorded in the system.

8. Mobile Management

Mobile Management in Elexio refers to managing and accessing church information and operations from mobile devices, ensuring that church staff and volunteers effectively oversee various tasks and functions even when they are not at their desks. The primary benefit of Mobile Management in Elexio is the flexibility and convenience it offers. Church staff and volunteers are not always at their desks, and Elexio recognizes that the Church Management System (ChMS) must be accessible and fully functional on the go.

Elexio performs Mobile Management by providing a free mobile app, the Elexio Community mobile app, which is available for download on Android and Apple devices. Users perform a wide range of tasks from their mobile devices with the app, including adding and editing member profiles and groups, recording attendance, sending messages, syncing contacts, and more. It means that critical church operations are managed, and important tasks are completed remotely, ensuring that church staff stay connected and productive even outside the church office.

Elexio’s software is mobile-responsive, meaning that users access and manage church information from their mobile phones or tablets without losing any functionality. The mobile responsiveness essentially turns a mobile device into a “tiny church office in your pocket,” allowing users to handle various church-related tasks with ease and convenience.

9. Forms and Event Management

Forms and Event Management in Elexio encompass the creation and management of forms for various purposes, including registrations, surveys, and event planning. The primary benefit of Forms and Event Management in Elexio is the ease and efficiency it offers in creating customized forms and managing events. The feature empowers users to craft professional registration pages, share them on social media, or embed them directly into their websites. There is no limit to the number of forms that are created, providing flexibility for a wide range of church-related activities.

Elexio performs Forms and Event Management by offering a smart form builder that simplifies the form-building process. Users customize their forms with elements such as drop-down menus, images, text fields, payment options, and more. The system even allows for the collection of event payments, making registration and payment processes seamless. The form builder includes features such as limiting the number of registrants and offering early-bird discount codes, providing additional flexibility for event planning.

Elexio’s event management tool ensures the successful organization and planning of events. It offers features such as tracking event attendance, obtaining accurate counts of attendees and their contributions to potluck-style events, and real-time messaging to attendees for important announcements. It streamlines event management and enhances engagement with event participants.

Elexio’s Forms and Event Management feature simplifies the creation of customized forms, making event planning, registrations, and surveys effortless. The smart form builder and event management tool offer flexibility, customization options, and real-time engagement, making them valuable assets for church activities and event planning.

10. Church Health Dashboards

Church Health Dashboards in Elexio refers to the visual and organized representation of essential church data and metrics that provide insights into the well-being and performance of the church. The primary benefit of Church Health Dashboards in Elexio is to monitor and assess the health of the church by accessing critical data and metrics at a glance. These dashboards provide church leaders and administrators with a comprehensive view of key performance indicators, allowing them to make informed decisions and track progress toward their goals.

Elexio performs Church Health Dashboards by offering customizable dashboards that provide insights into the day-to-day well-being of the church. Users view data in an organized and visual format, making it easier to understand and analyze critical information. These dashboards include widgets, graphs, and other data visualizations, allowing each administrator to tailor their dashboard to their specific preferences and goals.

Church leaders quickly check the health of the church by monitoring factors such as church attendance growth, event sign-ups, and giving trends with the Church Health Dashboards feature. It enables them to make data-driven decisions and take proactive steps to enhance the health and vitality of the church community.

Elexio’s Church Health Dashboards provide church leaders and administrators with a powerful tool to monitor and assess the well-being of the church through visual and customizable data representations. The feature empowers informed decision-making and helps ensure the church remains healthy and aligned with its goals.

11. Volunteer Scheduling

Volunteer Scheduling in Elexio involves the efficient coordination and management of volunteers within the church community. The primary benefit of Volunteer Scheduling in Elexio is the simplification and optimization of the volunteer recruitment and scheduling process. The feature addresses common challenges such as volunteers committing and then forgetting to show up, which is a recurring issue without a streamlined system in place.

Elexio performs Volunteer Scheduling by providing tools and features that alleviate the stress associated with volunteer scheduling. The software streamlines the process by enabling churches to schedule volunteers with ease and send follow-up reminders to people who have enlisted. It ensures that volunteers show up as planned, reducing the likelihood of no-shows.

Elexio allows for the optimization of volunteer requests. Churches easily send requests to qualified volunteers, making it simple to find the necessary help if a specific number of volunteers are needed for a particular task or event. Administrators put limits on the number of applicants they accept, saving time and ensuring that each volunteer is utilized effectively.

12. Worship Planning

Worship Planning in Elexio involves tools and features designed to facilitate the planning and execution of church worship services and activities. The primary benefit of Worship Planning in Elexio is to access key information quickly and efficiently, allowing church leaders and worship planners to stay well-informed and organized.

Elexio performs Worship Planning by introducing Glance Icons, which provide at-a-glance information about a member without the need to delve deep into the database. These icons offer a quick and convenient way to access essential information and keep it prominently displayed.

The customization aspect is a significant feature of Elexio’s Worship Planning. Users have the flexibility to decide which information matters most to them and assign Glance Icons and Badges to these key details. For example, they choose to display icons indicating small group membership, volunteer status, worship attendance, and more. The customization empowers church leaders and planners to tailor their information views to align with their specific needs and priorities.

Elexio’s Worship Planning feature enhances efficiency by providing quick access to key member information through Glance Icons. It offers customization options, allowing users to focus on the information that matters most to them, ensuring that they stay well-informed and organized in their worship planning efforts.

How to Use Elexio?

To use Elexio, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Sign up and get access. Contact Elexio or visit their website to sign up for their services. Receive login credentials to access the platform once registered.
  2. Visit the Elexio login page and enter the provided username and password. Click the “Login” or similar button to access the account.
  3. Explore the dashboard. Users are directed to the Elexio dashboard after logging in. Familiarize the layout and available features.
  4. Input or import the church’s member data into Elexio, including names, contact information, and other relevant details. Organize members into groups, if applicable.
  5. Customize various features such as forms, workflows, and event management settings depending on the church’s needs. Configure church communication channels.
  6. Use Elexio to create and manage church events, including registration, attendance tracking, and event communications.
  7. Employ Elexio’s volunteer scheduling tools to coordinate and manage volunteers for church activities.
  8. Access the Church Health Dashboards to track attendance, giving trends, and other key metrics.
  9. Utilize Elexio’s communication tools to send messages, notifications, and updates to the congregation or specific groups.
  10. Create workflows for various scenarios, such as welcoming new members or automating follow-ups.
  11. Use Elexio’s attendance features to record and manage attendance for church services and events.
  12. Organize and manage church groups efficiently, including tracking attendance and communicating with group members.
  13. Download the Elexio Community mobile app to manage church information and operations on the go.
  14. Use Glance Icons to access key member information quickly and customize icons based on priorities.
  15. Create and manage forms, registrations, and events using Elexio’s tools.
  16. Regularly update and maintain data. Ensure that member information and data are regularly updated to maintain accuracy.
  17. Train staff and volunteers on how to use Elexio effectively to maximize its benefits.

How to Login Elexio?

To login to Elexio, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Open the web Browser. Launch the preferred web browser, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari.
  2. Visit the Elexio login page. Type the URL for Elexio’s login page in the address bar of the browser. The URL is provided by the church or organization.
  3. Enter the username and password. See the fields for entering the username and password on the Elexio login page. Make sure to enter login credentials accurately, as passwords are case-sensitive.
  4. Click “Login” or a similar button. Click the “Login,” “Sign In,” or a similar button on the login page once the login credentials are entered.
  5. Access the Elexio account. Log in to the Elexio account, and be directed to the Elexio dashboard or the landing page of the account if the username and password are correct.

How to Create an Account for Elexio?

To create an account for Elexio, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Receive an invitation. The church or organization’s administrator sends an invitation to create an account in Elexio. The invitation is sent via email or through another communication method.
  2. Open the invitation. Locate the invitation in the email inbox or through the provided communication method.
  3. Click the invitation link. There must be a link that directs to the Elexio registration or account creation page in the invitation. Click on the link to get started.
  4. Provide the required information. Be prompted to provide certain information to create the account. The information includes name, email address, and other relevant details.
  5. Choose a username and password. Create a username and password for the Elexio account. Make sure to follow any password requirements or guidelines provided.
  6. Complete the registration form. Fill out additional registration forms or fields as required by the church or organization. It includes providing contact information, family details, and preferences.
  7. Submit the registration. Submit the registration form once an individual has provided all the necessary information and created the account.
  8. Access the Elexio account. Log in to the Elexio account using the username and password after successfully registering.

How to Organize Online Giving with Elexio?

To organize an Online Giving with Elexio, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Log in to the Elexio account with a username and password.
  2. Find the giving section on the Elexio website. Look for the part of Elexio that handles donations or giving. It is called “Online Giving.”
  3. Set up online giving. Configure online giving options like connecting Elexio to a payment processor, providing bank account details for receiving funds, creating different donation categories, and specifying accepted payment methods.
  4. Customize the Giving Page. Make the online giving page look like the church’s brand by adding the logo and a description. Ensure it is easy for donors to use.
  5. Test the whole process by making a test donation to confirm everything works as expected.
  6. Promote Online Giving. Let the congregation know about online giving through announcements during services, emails with instructions, and links or buttons on the church website.
  7. Monitor and report. Keep an eye on online giving transactions and generate reports to track donations. It helps users understand giving trends.
  8. Show appreciation to donors for their contributions. Gratitude encourages continued support.
  9. Ensure that online giving follows security and financial rules. Protect donor information and keep the process secure.
  10. Regularly check the online giving process for ways to make it better. Listen to donor feedback and make updates as needed.

Is it possible to find Church Volunteers with Elexio?

Yes, it is possible to find Church Volunteers with Elexio. Elexio offers various tools and features that make it easy to find and manage church volunteers efficiently. The congregation into different groups based on interests, roles, or ministries, including specific groups dedicated to volunteers with Elexio. It makes it easy to identify and manage volunteers for various church activities. Assign tasks and responsibilities to individuals or groups of volunteers, ensuring clear coordination and accountability.

Elexio’s communication tools enable users to reach out to volunteers, inform them of opportunities, and coordinate their involvement effectively. The platform provides volunteer scheduling tools, streamlining the process of assigning volunteers to different church events and activities while sending reminders to keep everyone on track.

Elexio includes a group finder tool for volunteers seeking opportunities, allowing them to search for and join volunteer groups that align with their interests and skills. The feature helps volunteers discover opportunities that match their preferences. Elexio offers reporting capabilities, enabling tracking of volunteer engagement and performance through generated reports. Volunteers conveniently access Elexio through its mobile app, making it easy for them to check schedules, receive notifications, and manage their involvement from various devices.

Elexio integrates with other volunteer management or church management software, depending on the church’s setup, enhancing the ability to find and coordinate volunteers seamlessly. Elexio provides a comprehensive solution for finding, coordinating, and managing church volunteers, ensuring that the church’s activities run smoothly with the support of dedicated volunteers.

What to know about Elexio?

The things to know about Elexio are listed below.

  • Address: 1090 N Charlotte St, Suite 2, Lancaster, PA, United States, Pennsylvania
  • Contact number: (888) 997-9947 Ext. 1
  • Email: support@elexio.com
  • Website: https://www.elexio.com/
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/elexio/
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElexioChurchSoftware
  • Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/elexio
  • Company Merge: Elexio significantly enhanced its presence in the religious finance management sector by strategically merging with Amplify. The merger resulted in expanded services and a broader reach, allowing both companies to offer comprehensive financial management solutions to churches and religious organizations. The merger strengthened their market position and better equipped them to support the financial needs of their clients in the religious community.

What are the Integrations with Elexio?

The integrations with Elexio are listed below.

  • Church Accounting Integration: Church accounting integration involves linking Elexio with church accounting software such as QuickBooks or specialized church financial management tools. The integration allows for the seamless transfer of financial data between Elexio and the accounting software. The benefit of church accounting integration is the efficient and accurate management of financial records, including donations, expenses, and budget tracking. It reduces manual data entry and the risk of errors. The specific steps for integration vary depending on the accounting software used. Configure settings within Elexio and the accounting software to enable data synchronization. Consult the documentation or support resources provided by both platforms for detailed integration instructions.
  • Church Management Integration: Church management integration involves connecting Elexio with other church management software to streamline various administrative tasks such as attendance tracking, member communication, and event management. Integrating church management tools enhances the efficiency of church operations, allowing seamless data sharing between Elexio and other management software. It results in better organization and communication within the church. The steps for integration depend on the specific church management software users are integrating with Elexio. Set up data synchronization, mapping fields between the two systems, and configuring access permissions.
  • Church Streaming Integration: Church streaming integration involves connecting Elexio with live streaming platforms or services used by the church to broadcast services and events online. Integrating with streaming services allows the church to reach a broader audience by broadcasting services and events live or on-demand. It facilitates remote participation and engagement. The exact steps for integration depend on the streaming service the church uses. Obtain streaming credentials from the service, configure Elexio to connect to the streaming platform, and set up streaming schedules or links within Elexio for easy access by members.
  • Church Website Integration: Church website integration entails linking Elexio with the church’s website, allowing for the display of event calendars, online giving forms, member directories, and other relevant information on the website. Integrating with the church’s website enhances online communication and engagement with members and visitors. It provides a centralized platform for accessing important church information and resources. Integration steps vary depending on the website platform and how it supports Elexio integration. Embed or link Elexio modules or widgets into the website’s pages, ensuring that they display relevant information from Elexio in real time.

1. Church Accounting Integration

Church accounting integration involves linking Elexio with church-specific accounting software or general accounting tools like QuickBooks. The integration enables the automatic transfer of financial data between Elexio and the accounting software, streamlining the financial management process for churches. It connects the donations, expenses, and budgeting aspects of church finances with the broader financial record-keeping system.

The benefit of church accounting integration is the efficient and accurate management of financial records within the church. The integration offers several key advantages. Church accounting integration ensures data accuracy by eliminating the need for manual data entry, reducing the risk of errors, and ensuring that financial data remains consistent and up-to-date in Elexio and the accounting software. It saves significant time for church administrators as it automates data transfer, eliminating the need to double-enter financial transactions. Integration enhances financial transparency by providing church leaders with real-time access to financial data, facilitating better decision-making and budget management. Accurate financial record-keeping aids churches in remaining compliant with tax and regulatory requirements.

Churches must start by selecting compatible accounting software to initiate the integration process, such as QuickBooks or specialized church accounting software. The software must be capable of integrating with Elexio. They need to set up the chosen accounting software by configuring financial accounts, charts of accounts, and relevant financial settings. The integration of Elexio and the accounting software commence once it is complete. It involves accessing integration settings within systems, and authenticating and connecting them, by providing API keys or access credentials. Data mapping is another critical step, aligning financial data fields in Elexio with the corresponding fields in the accounting software. Testing the integration is crucial before full implementation, ensuring that test transactions from Elexio accurately and automatically reflect in the accounting software.

Staff members responsible for using the integrated system must receive training to ensure they input financial data correctly and troubleshoot any issues that arise. Continuous monitoring and maintenance of the data transfer process are essential once the integration is live, promptly addressing any discrepancies. Security measures and access controls must be implemented to protect financial data, ensuring that authorized personnel access sensitive financial information. Maintaining documentation of the integration setup and seeking support from the software providers as needed is essential for the successful ongoing operation of the integrated system.

2. Church Management Integration

Church management integration involves connecting Elexio with other church management software, streamlining various administrative tasks within the church. The integration facilitates the sharing of data related to attendance tracking, member communication, event management, and more between Elexio and the chosen church management software. Church management integration aims to create a unified and efficient system for managing various aspects of church operations.

The primary benefit of church management integration is the optimization of church operations and administrative efficiency. Integrated systems offer several key advantages. Church management integration centralizes important church data, promoting easy access and data consistency across administrative functions while reducing duplicate efforts. Integration streamlines communication with members and groups, facilitating efficient dissemination of messages and updates. It enhances member engagement and fosters meaningful interactions. Integrated systems simplify event and ministry management, supporting scheduling, resource allocation, and volunteer coordination for smoother church operations.

Start by selecting compatible software options such as Planning Center or Church Community Builder to integrate church management software with Elexio. Configure the church management software once chosen, including profiles, groups, and communication channels, ensuring it supports external integration. Access integration settings in Elexio and the church management software, and authenticate the connection with API keys or access credentials. Ensure data mapping is configured correctly to align data fields. Thorough testing is essential to verify accurate data synchronization before full implementation. Train staff members to use the integrated system effectively. Ongoing monitoring and maintenance are critical to review data accuracy, implement security measures, and maintain access controls. Maintain documentation and seek support for any needed assistance or updates, ensuring a seamless and efficient integration process.

3. Church Streaming Integration

Church streaming integration involves connecting Elexio with church streaming software or platforms to enable live-streaming of church services, events, and content to a wider online audience. The integration allows churches to broadcast their services in real-time and engage with members and viewers who do not attend in person, extending the reach of their ministry through digital channels.

Church streaming integration offers churches the opportunity to connect with a wider and more diverse audience, regardless of geographical location. The integration provides several key benefits, including the ability to reach viewers worldwide, and expanding the congregation’s reach and accessibility for people unable to attend physical services due to various reasons. Live-streaming fosters engagement by enabling real-time interaction through comments and participation in church activities, promoting community engagement. It ensures ministry continuity during unforeseen events, such as pandemics or extreme weather, by providing online alternatives for worship and communication. 

Start by selecting a compatible platform, configuring it to align with the church’s branding, and following the integration steps to integrate Elexio with a streaming platform, which includes authentication, testing, promotion, engagement, archiving, and continuous improvement. The integration empowers churches to extend their ministry’s reach and enhance engagement with a broader online audience.

4. Church Website Integration

Church website integration involves seamlessly connecting Elexio with a church’s website to enhance its online presence, provide valuable information to members and visitors, and facilitate various church-related activities. The integration ensures that the church’s website is up-to-date with the latest information, such as event schedules, member directories, and online giving options, all managed through Elexio.

Church website integration with Elexio offers the advantage of creating a dynamic and informative online platform that serves both church members and visitors. The integration ensures that the church’s website continually displays up-to-date information, including event details, service times, and announcements, as it syncs seamlessly with Elexio. Members benefit from easy access to an online directory containing contact information and profiles of fellow congregants, fostering community and connection. Online giving options are made secure and convenient through integration, promoting financial contributions and stewardship. Event management becomes effortless as churches efficiently organize and promote events, handle registrations and RSVPs, and track attendance, all on the integrated website. 

Steps involve selecting a compatible website platform, setting up the church website, configuring integration settings, mapping data fields, testing functionality, promoting the website’s features, training administrators, and ongoing monitoring and maintenance to achieve the integration. The integration enhances engagement, communication, and convenience for all users of the website.

Does Elexio belong to Amplify?

No, Elexio does not belong to Amplify. Elexio is a separate company that provides church management software and related services. Elexio and Amplify are two separate entities that provide software and services in the realm of church management and religious finance management. They are not the same company, but they collaborate or integrate their offerings to enhance the services they provide to religious organizations. Elexio offers church management software and related solutions, while Amplify specializes in financial management solutions for churches and other religious institutions. They have strategic partnerships or collaborations, but each maintains its own identity and operations within the broader context of serving the needs of religious organizations.

What is the Term and Privacy Policy of Using Elexio Software?

The terms and conditions for using Elexio software are governed by a set of standard terms and conditions. These terms apply to any purchase or procurement of Elexio’s products or services by the Licensee (the entity using the software) from Elexio (the Licensor). These terms and conditions encompass the Order Form executed by parties, including any attachments to the Order Form, and any previous agreements related to the subject of the Order Form. These terms apply to all Elexio products, whether provided by Elexio directly or through affiliates or subsidiaries, unless stated otherwise in writing. The order of precedence is specified in the event of conflicts between different documents, with the Order Form taking precedence over these terms and conditions.

Elexio’s Privacy Policy governs the collection and processing of Personal Information through its websites, including ministrybrands.com and other affiliated websites. Ministry Brands Holdings, LLC, and its family of companies, including Elexio, are responsible for adhering to the policy. The Privacy Policy is designed to inform users about how Elexio collects, uses, and safeguards their Personal Information obtained through its websites. It is meant to help users make informed decisions when using Elexio’s websites. It is worth noting that some Elexio sites, such as sites related to background screening services, have additional privacy disclosures specific to the type of information collected through different sites. These additional disclosures are provided when users interact with the relevant sections of specific sites.

Consult directly with Elexio or the project owner involved in the procurement or use of Elexio’s products and services for further information or clarification regarding Elexio’s terms and privacy policies. The consultation provides specific details and addresses any questions or concerns related to the terms and conditions and the Privacy Policy.

What is the Customer Support Number of Elexio?

The customer support number of Elexio software is (888) 997-9947 Ext. 1 and it is merged with Amplify. Elexio has an expert team of professionals available to answer questions and to assist people with supporting Elexio and ensuring the success of their products. The platform has ways to find the answers that an individual is looking for by submitting a ticket within the Elexio platform. Elexio offers online education resources, support videos, training opportunities, and events. Visit Elexio at https://getstarted.church for Technical Support, online educational resources, support videos, and questions and answers sessions.