Some of Our Key Solutions

Our mission is to empower churches, ministries, and faith-based organizations with leading technology solutions so that they can succeed in their mission to serve others and their communities.

Online Giving


Holistic Solutions to Reach Your Goals

At Ministry Brands, our online giving tools are designed to help encourage, streamline and manage secure contributions.

Church Management


Streamline Your Ministry

At Ministry Brands, we know that technology alone will not grow your church. We understand your world and strive to provide you with the valuable resources you need to streamline your church operations.

Background Screening


Creating Peace of Mind

We focus on keeping churches, non-profits and organizations safe. Our background screening solutions reduce risk and help you maintain compliance in your organization.



Accounting Software Built to Work for Your Church

We understand the importance of being responsible financial stewards for your organization. Our GAAP-compliant Accounting software solutions include unique features for ministries, headquarters, and other faith-based organizations.

Donor Management


Engage and Build

As a nonprofit ministry, engaging donors and building a dedicated volunteer group can be challenging. Our donor management tools help set your organization up for success.

Graphics, Media & Content


Build Your Brand

We give you all the resources you need for worship and outreach.

Equip the entire ministry team with cutting edge media and technology solutions.

Live Streaming


Go Beyond Your Church Walls

Easy-to-use, all-in-one live streaming solutions give you all the resources needed to safely connect with your community.



Leading Edge Communications Solutions

Enable targeted and authentic communications within your communities by utilizing automated text, email, and voice messages, and increase member engagement with notifications and reminders.

Website Services


Engaging Your Community

Build a stunning website that reflects your ministry and vision to help your organization attract, engage and develop your community.


Good Works. Great Jobs.

For more than four decades, Ministry Brands has been advancing missions, driving efficiencies, and building engaged communities for our customers. We are always looking for new passionate and dedicated people to join our team!

Ministry Brands is committed to acknowledging and valuing our employee differences and to creating an environment in which every individual’s unique strengths and abilities are developed and valued. Our employees share in the responsibility for creating this environment and demonstrate mutual respect and acceptance in the workplace. We welcome everyone and are dedicated to creating a culture where all our employees have equal opportunity to be heard and reach their full potential.