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We came together to help churches thrive with great technology solutions

Faith Life

Living the Mission

Before we’re professionals, we’re Christians. We’re pastors and small group leaders, volunteers and worship team members, Bible study leaders and committee members. This is who we are as Ministry Brands, LLC and how we’re able to build software that speaks directly to the needs of our customers. We are our customers.

“Never have I worked at a place where the work of the ministry is so directly supported”

Many Brands, One Team

"Once a month a group of us stay after at the office and play a bunch of video and board games. I can't wait for Game Night!"

We Take Fun Seriously

Who doesn’t love a little fun? We are a team of many teams across the U.S. and we all make it a priority to make our work fun. From surprise free lunches to baseball games to video game tournaments, there’s no one way to wind down. But we try ’em all!

"I love being a part of this company. We've grown so quickly, but I still feel the fire of day one"


Living the Mission

Our vision to grow the church doesn’t end with creating groundbreaking faith-centered software. Throughout the year at various locations, we join together to spread God’s love through local community outreach programs. From coat drives, to guiding at-risk youth, to cleaning up our community streets, we support our team members in a wide variety of service-centric initiatives under the Ministry Brands, LLC family.

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