Employee Lead Referral Program

We'd like to introduce a new program available to all Ministry Brands employees that are currently not compensated for product sales. You can now help a church in growing their ministry, while assisting in our cross-sell efforts AND putting a little extra cash into your pocket — the Ministry Brands Employee Lead Referral Program!

Here's how it works:

Simply complete the form below with your and the church contact's information, and if that organization turns into a customer — voila! — we'll put an extra $100 into YOUR pocket for each product category sold (ChMS, Accounting, Websites, Giving, Protection, etc.)!

We have even put together a simple guide to help you talk to and cross-sell to clients. Go HERE to view the guide.

Terms and Conditions

There are no limits as to how many lead referrals an employee can submit. However, employees will only receive $100 for referrals that become customers and are not already in the system as potential customers. Employees that are currently not compensated for product sales are eligible for the referral program. If multiple employees submit the same church/organization, the first employee to submit the information will receive the $100 payment. Employee must still be employed by Ministry Brands at time of payment. Company reserves the right to modify this program at any time, for any reason.

You must submit this form from an incognito window each time or you will not get credit for each separate referral! You must also leave a minimum of 5 minutes between each submission of this form IF you are submitting multiple referrals using the same customer's email address. This gives that customer time to complete the workflows that process the referral, as the same email address can't enter the workflows twice. Thank you!

Date of Submission

You MUST include your first and last name in the Notes field of this form if you select "Other" from this list or you will not get credit for the referral.

What brand are you aligned with?
[MIB] [REF] Team
Estimated Total Weekly Attendance
What brand would you like this lead sent to?
Product Category
Notes (such as Company ID or other relevant info)