Shelby Systems Helps Local Ministry

Shelby Systems has been partnering with Orange Mound Outreach Ministries (OMOM) since 2010 to help reach out to unchurched youth in our hometown of Memphis, TN. OMOM is a “Taking Our Children Back” program that targets youth specifically in the Orange Mound Community. Rev. Reginald J. Tucker, Director, and Mrs. Mary Tucker, Program Director, are the leaders and alongside them there are 4 adult volunteers and 4 youth volunteers that have come through the ministry. Their mission: “We strive to teach our youth, respect, self-control, and education. We teach them how to walk the Christian walk in their everyday lives.” Their purpose is to take children back from drugs, gangs, alcohol, killing, stealing, and anything ungodly. In order to do that they focus on equipping their children with the tools to participate in everyday life. To equip them they offer, homework help, tutoring, real talk groups for boys and girls, youth church which include skits, choir, and praise dancing. They also offer club nights, discipleship groups, bible fun groups, bible study groups, movie nights, camping, and social outings. In Orange Mound they are the only structured, faith based organization for children that is set up to cater as a safe haven for youth.

Over the years we have been working with the Tuckers and OMOM, we have:

  • Built out a computer lab for the kids;
  • Printed and given out OMOM t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and more that help their students get the word out about OMOM;
  • Helped with work days at their facility;
  • Moved a local family back into the neighborhood so their kids could be ministered again by OMOM;
  • Raised money for their general operating fund; and
  • Helped with their social media, website and newsletters.

We have been blessed by Mary & Reggie and the kids at OMOM far more than we have been a blessing to them, and we look forward to continuing to support this local ministry as they do work in the Kingdom.


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